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"Horses for sale." These words are exciting or scary depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller.

What do you do if you are a race track trainer who has a Thoroughbred horse for sale, who is sound, but just not competitive? The public cannot get onto the race track without a licensed professional to escort them. Trainers don't have the time to give tours of the race track. Trainers who care about their horse won't take it to auction or sell it for low-end racing. These are the trainers we get our horses from.

How do you find a sound Thoroughbred horse for sale?

How do you know the seller is telling you the truth? Who can you trust to find you a sound horse? This is why you need Bits & Bytes Farm to help. Learn more . . .

We always have a few special Thoroughbred horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Not all of them are listed on the site. These horses are in training and were purchased off-the-track to be trained and sold from the farm. We only bring in a limited number of horses each year so we pick the best of the best at the track to bring back to our farm near Atlanta. You are invited to call to find out more about our Thoroughbreds for sale from the farm and schedule an appointment and take a test ride on the ones that might be a match. We can tell you about a few special horses that are not listed. We are very particular about who gets one of our special Thoroughbreds. We are not a 'sales' barn and these are not rescue horses. They have been purchased from breeders and trainers that provide us with the full background on each horse. Read more about them on our Horses For Sale page. We only sell a few horses each year from the farm. Be the first to know about what is happening at Bits & Bytes Farm! Follow us on Facebook and on Instagram and Twitter!

Our Prospect Horses from the Racetrack...

...are affordable, safe, sane and sound Thoroughbred race horses that we have pre screened for second careers after racing. We offer them to you at fantastic prices on our Prospect Horses at the Track page. These are not rescue horses. These horses are offered for sale from breeders, trainers and owners who can tell us about the background of the horses we offer for sale. Thoroughbred horses, who have been well fed and well cared for, are much easier to transition to a new life as a sport horse. Unlike buying a rescue horse or a horse from a 'sales' barn, these horses have a well documented history. We check them out for temperament and soundness. These horses are not at Bits & Bytes Farm. They may still be racing or at their owners' or trainers' farms. These horses need a new life away from the race track. Give us a call and we will help match you with a horse that suitable for what you want to do. We do not sell horses for racing! We offer telephone support and training to our buyers and we will even help resell the horse if it does not work out. Many of our buyers purchase off-the-track Thoroughbreds as a project horses to be trained and resold. We help re-market these horses on our Web sites and we do not charge for these services.

Lynn Symansky to Visit Bits & Bytes Farm

Lynn Symansky is Coming to Train Us at Bits & Bytes Farm!

Bits & Bytes Farm has hosted clinics with top-level professionals this spring and summer. Our next pro is none other than Lynn Symansky, a member of the gold-medal-winning, US 3-Day Eventing Team at the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. Lynn will be doing a clinic for us at Bits & Bytes Farm in October.
Curious Zelda - OTTB Sold by Bits & Bytes Farm

7 Rules For Buying a Horse

Dr. David Ramey posted a great article on the 7 Rules for Buying a Horse. We would agree with all of them.  Read the 7 Rules and then read Dr. Ramsey's explanations.
Fred's Baby Doll - Thoroughbred horse for sale

FINALLY! A New Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

FINALLY! We have a new Thoroughbred horse for sale on our website. Fred's Baby Doll is from a family of Thoroughbreds that we know well. She is a 15.2 hand, 2017, bay Thoroughbred filly. Learn more....
Fleetwood Tioga Class C RV For Sale

2004 Fleetwood Tioga 23e For Sale – SOLD!

Dreaming of owning your own RV? Here is your chance. This low mileage 24 foot Class C RV is in excellent shape and needs only your personal camping gear to head to the mountains, the beach or a football game. It features a well equipt gallery and a full private bath with tub/shower, toilet and sink and room to sleep six. Take a tour inside and give us a call if you are ready to hit the road. SOLD!
Riding Arena at Bits & Bytes Farm - February 23

Maintaining the Riding Arena at Bits & Bytes Farm

Proper arena maintenance is important to keep the horses safe and the arena rideable. Too deep or too hard may cause lameness issues. An arena is a huge investment and it takes a lot of time and resources to keep it perfect. Read how we maintain our arena at Bits & Bytes Farm.
Street Limit - Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

No Limits on Street Limit

UPDATE February 13, 2020: Street Limit has been SOLD! Congratulations to two-time Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbred buyer Tori Sells on the purchase of Street Limit! Street Limit is a 16.2 hand, 2014 bay Thoroughbred gelding for sale from his owner trainer Becky. Becky and I have been placing horses together since 2001. Street Limit …

No Limits on Street Limit Read More »

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