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Foaled: 2001
Sex: Gelding
Size: 15.3hh
Breed: Thoroughbred
Color: Bay

Fuhrluck- SOLD! Congratulations to Amanda Sharritt of Centerville, Ohio.

Thoroughbred Horse For Sale Thoroughbred Horse For Sale
June 5, 2007

Thoroughbred Horse For Sale Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Thoroughbred Horse For Sale Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Thoroughbred Horse For Sale Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Thoroughbred Horse For Sale Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Thoroughbred Horse For Sale Thoroughbred Horse For Sale
July 2006 at the track.

Thoroughbred Horse For Sale

Notes: SOLD! Congratulations to Amanda Sharritt of Centerville, Ohio.
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Fuhrluck aka "For Luck" is six years old, 15.3 hands, and very sweet and sound. He has had a successful race career but it is now time for him to retire. He is by Langfuhr. Langfuhr was the 1996 Sovereign Award Champion Sprinter and Sire of 2003 Canadian Triple Crown winner Wando, Mobil, Imperial Gesture, 2006 Canadian Oaks winner Kimchi and Lawyer Ron. Langfuhr is the son of Danzig who is highly sought after in the eventing world blood lines.

"For Luck" is with one of our better trainers who really cares that their horses find good homes. Here is what she has to say about this wonderful horse:

Most horses ( and people too) have some quirks. But I can honestly say he doesn't. He is good in the stall, doesn't walk, crib, weave, etc. He loads and rides on the trailer great. He is a happy and friendly horse who will eat peppermints, carrots, Cheeze-its, potato chips, and other snacks. We had some company come here last night to ride the older horse we have and For Luck thought they were here to see him and ran up the fence row and stuck his head over to visit. He has a beautiful jog and carries his head low rather than up high in the air like so many race horses tend to do.

We have had him here at our farm twice now since we bought him in April of last year. We have a 20 yr old gelding and a 22 yr old gelding. He gets along great with them. They never fought or had any adjusting to go other words he does get along well with others.

When we had him here in December, our daughter rode him in the field, mounted him out there by herself and he was a gentlemen. This winter when he was on his way to the track one morning, there was another rider on a two year old who was having trouble. Our rider took For Luck over there with the other horse and "ponied" him to get that horse going. Again, he gets along well with others.

He is extremely clean legged. His breeding is exceptional. He won six races and earned almost $70,000 in his career. Our vet wishes he needed a horse because he would take him. He says he is the right size, has a perfect shoulder and is sound for fox hunting and jumping , that sort of thing. I know he would make someone a very nice horse to ride and could be used many different ways. We could easily sell him as a racehorse but you don't always like the kind of people you usually sell an inexpensive racehorse to. You know what I mean? So, we would just rather he be someone's nice riding horse.

As I mentioned previously, we did bring him home to our farm because it is so much cheaper to have one on the farm than at the track. For Luck’s feet were in great shape at the track and he has no chronic hoof problems. He is without shoes now. He has never, ever had any lameness or unsoundness issues.

He has a brand new Coggins. I hope these latest photos work better for you.

Thanks for your help.

Sound and Suitable for:
Eventing, Hunter/ Jumper, Dressage, Fox Hunting

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