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Cherish the Groom - greyThoroughbred  mare

Cherish the Groom

Cherish the Groom remained on the trailer to continue to Florida.

Cherish the Groom remained on the trailer to continue on to meet her new mom Cindel Alles in Florida.


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Cherish the Groom - Now For Sale - October 2008

Grey Mare For Sale - Thoroughbred OTTB - Cherish the Groom.

October 17, 2008

Hello Elizabeth.
Please remove my horse from your website as she is currently in training for barrel racing. We will see how she does. She turns fast, runs fast and is very bright so who knows. Thanks for putting her on your website. I did get two people who responded to her pictures so I thank you. We will see.
Thanks again, C
indel Alles

October 1 , 2008

Hi Elizabeth. Remember me, Cindel Alles from Wewahitchka, Florida? I bought Cherish the Groom through you. Anyway, I have come to the sad conclusion that I want to sell her. You had once told me, that because of her looks, to notify you if I ever wanted to sell her. I just love her so much, she is such a sweetheart, but I just don’t want a horse that requires so much riding to be quiet and easy!

She was in training for six months last year, being ridden every day and she was great! I brought her home where she continued to do well. But I have learned that in order for her to continue to do well that she needs to be ridden 5-6 days a week. She hasn’t one mean bone in her body, she is just shall we say “spirited”. I also do not have a trainer down here, due to my location, which makes it extra hard.

What I really want is an easily ridable horse, preferably TB, that is not so high maintenance. I know that it does come with the breed but I have been told that she is exceptionally high strung, even for an OTTTB.

She is as sound as Rocky Mountain trail horse and is one of the most lovable horses I have known. Ground manners, with the exception of trailering and clippers, are great. She fell in the trailer a while back and since that time does not like to be loaded. She eventually goes in but sometimes takes a while. She has never seen a vet, at least since I have had her. We do all our own shots, worming etc. and her teeth get done 2X a year. She is very healthy.

Let me know what you think. I think that she has excellent jumper potential. Your website continues to be great!!

Cindel Alles

FOR SALE: Cherish the Groom - UPDATE - No longer for sale.

7 year old registered TB gray mare. By Groomstick and out of Bob’s Little Gal. 16H.

This is a beautiful gray mare with a very sweet disposition. Her coloring is actually darker than photos but she has lightened up because she has been turned out 24/7 since spring.

Judging from her confirmation and training, this horse makes a great jumper prospect. Last year (2007), she received 7 months professional training and did well. She was started over fences while in training but has not been jumped since last fall as I did not have any jumps! I have ridden her mostly on the trail until recently. She does well on the flat.and knows leads, backs, and is learning side pass etc. Just recently I purchased jumps and she has done quite well. I wanted to start showing her but there are no English shows within a 3 hour drive for me.

I am selling her only because I live in a remote area of northwest Florida and the only riding around my area is Western and barrel racing. For now I have decided to give up English for barrel racing.

She is a very pretty horse. She can be a handful to ride however, especially in cooler weather. She would do best with an experienced rider or even with a trainer to get her quieted down. But her confirmations and color would really be a standout in the show ring.

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March 5, 2006

Cherish the Groom was a former grey prospect horse for sale.


Here is one pix.  I will send you more.  I am now riding her bareback on a
regular basis.  I am too lazy to saddle her up and she is so well behaved!
She still remains a real traffic stopper.  Everyone who sees her comments on
her great looks.

Cherish the Groom - March 2006

 I had one man ask me yesterday "Where did you get her?
She is definitely not from this area".


Cherish the Groom. Still growing! - January 2006
Cherish the Groom. Still growing! - January 2006

January 31, 2006


I am still learning to take pix, put them in the computer and so on. I am technologically challenged. But here is one picture of Cherish. She is doing great and looks fabulous. She is 16 hands and still growing!

I will send you more photos as I take them.

— Cindel

December 30, 2005


I gave my husband a digital camera for Christmas, so we should have some pix for you soon.

I have ridden Cherish several times. I have taken her out on the trail three times and she does terrific! Her third time was a charm. She was calmer than my 15 year old trail horse Arab that my son rides. He was so fed up with her (the Arab), that he wanted to ride Cherish to take a breather. I imagine that. Of course, I said no.

We are building a ring on our six acres so she will start her formal training within 30 days. She is a very sweet mare with no vices that I can see. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for a great horse.

— Cindel

From Cherish the Groom's
Prospect Horse for Sale page - November 2005


Cherish is about 16 hands and she is just 4 years old. She is a gorgeous dappled gray. She is not going to make it as a race horse because she is just too slow. Cherish is sound with no vices. She is with one of our favorite trainers who we know well and trust.

Grey Filly for sale.Call for more information.


Call for more information on this gray horse for sale.


Call for more information on this grey horse for sale.



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