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Emee and Cold Cash aka "Cadence" rode two training level tests and scored 63% and 69% and won two blue ribbons!

Emee and Cold Cash aka "Cadence" rode two training level tests and scored 63% and 69% and won two blue ribbons!


OTTB wins blue ribbons at dressage.

Emee Ermel - "Not bad for my 'Internet horse' "- as people say at the barn!


OTTB - Cold Cash aka "Cadence" and his new mom Emee Ermel of Houston, Texas


OTTB - Cold Cash makes his dressage debut!

Cold Cash aka "Cadence" makes his dressage debut!



OTTB - Cadence will be learning dressage.

OTTB - Cold Cash aka "Cadence" will be learning dressage with his new mom.

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Cold Cash aka "Cadence" - SOLD! to Emee Ermel of Houston, TX

We received two firsts our first time out - Cadence even received 8s on his canter! Not bad for my 'internet horse' - as people say at the barn!
We received two firsts our first time out - Cadence even received 8s on his canter! Not bad for my 'internet horse' - as people say at the barn!

October 31, 2007

Hi again, Elizabeth!  
We went to a dressage Halloween (and dressed for the occasion) show on the 21st! It was a great debut! Cadence was so wonderful! I am so proud of him.

He was nervous in the trailer, but once we got to the warm up arena, it was like he knew what to do. He looked at the people and other horses, but was very calm. He was relaxed and all business during our warm-up and once we entered the arena for our test, he was great! I think he enjoyed showing off in front of everyone:)

We rode two training level tests and scored 63% and 69%. We received two firsts our first time out - Cadence even received 8s on his canter! Not bad for my 'internet horse' - as people say at the barn!

OTTB Cold Cash aka "Cadence" is now successful in his second career as a dressage horse!

I think the show gave him more confidence because since then he's been so focused and enjoying our rides. I've really grown attached to him and can tell that he has with me as well. He has such a great personality - he will just put his head right on my shoulder and stand there while I'm talking to someone, like he wants to be in the conversation, too. Anyway, I think we're going to go to one more show this year, so I will be sure to send updates! 

Happy Halloween!
Emee and Cadence

Emee Ermel - "Not bad for my 'Internet horse' "- as people say at the barn!

September 25, 2007

OTTB - Cold Cash makes his dressage debut!
OTTB - Cold Cash makes his dressage debut!

Hi Elizabeth,

I have been so neglectful in sending updates...and photos. But, here are some to show our progress! Cadence is doing so well. We had almost a month back in April-May timeframe where he was lame and then again in August. Some days he would be fine and others he would be lame after flexion tests in the front left leg. I took him to a lameness specialist and the only thing he could diagnose was that he has mild arthritis in that knee he injured last year. He said that days/weeks like this will just occur, could be a misstep or something else that aggravates it, but that the best thing to do is to keep him working. So, that was good news for us!

In just the seven months that I've had him, he's gone from not knowing how to go on the bit or canter to the right to schooling solid first level movements, some second level.
In just the seven monthsCold Cash has gone from not knowing how to go on the bit or canter to the right to schooling solid first level movements, some second level.

He has progressed so nicely in such a short time. In just the seven months that I've had him, he's gone from not knowing how to go on the bit or canter to the right to schooling solid first level movements, some second level. He is a natural at dressage and has really come a long way. The pictures are of us giving a demonstration for a clinic. The photos aren't the best, but my parents came for a visit and took video clips which show him really in action. I don't have them downloaded yet. When I get those, I will send some snapshots. His canter is so light and soft now! This past week was a breakthrough for him. He'd been very heavy and unsteady lately in the canter, but this week everything seemed to fall into place. I'm so proud of him - this was his first 'public' debut and he handled it very well.

Ex-racer - Cold Cash is excelling in his new career in dressage.
Ex-racer - Cold Cash is excelling in his new career in dressage.

We've almost survived the heat in Texas - whew! He had a tough time this last round of high humidity and temperatures in August, but he's pulled through with a good attitude. We've even started a little jumping for fun, although he's definitely not a natural! It's funny to watch him when I let him out in the front arena. He did jump one on his own just for fun - showing off for us watching! His natural ability is dressage, but I want to make sure he doesn't get burnt out on it.

Hope all is well with you,
Cadence and Emee

April 13, 2007

Hello from Texas!

You would not believe what a small world we live in...I was looking on your web site yesterday and saw the training notes you just posted. Believe it or not, the YouTube clip you've shown is actually a trainer here in Houston. The grey Arabian she's included in the video (named Sabi) is actually owned by a co-worker of mine. What a coincidence!

So, Cadence has completely recovered from his infection he got from a cut near his hock. He was off for about two weeks in March, but it gave us time to get to know each other even more. He's got such a great personality and I've definitely completely attached to him. He's even trusting me to fly spray him now without too much fuss (this was a huge hurdle to cross b/c he was petrified). If I don't come to see him for a day, he'll give me the cold shoulder for a few minutes and try to ignore me. It's very funny how he reacts to me.

I've taken two lessons with him to work on going to the right and bending--it's another great coincidence that you mention the training tips on lifting the inside rein and pushing to the outside b/c that's exactly what we worked on this week. He's progressing beautifully and is definitely at a solid first level already! I will send pictures soon; it's just been raining a lot here and so it's been hard to get anything decent.

Hope all is well with you!
Emee and Cadence

April 4, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!
It's been up and down the past few weeks...I had to go on a business trip, came back, rode two days, and then got a call from the owner of the barn. Cadence's back leg had completely swollen up and he couldn't put any weight on it at all. We called the vet and put him on antibiotics. It looks like a small cut near his hock was the source of the infection. He was eating grass and putting weight on it an hour later. He was still very swollen for about five days, but by Thursday he was looking much better. The swelling had gone down significantly and he was full of energy again. Whew. I was definitely worried that it could've been something serious with his hock. A friend of mine who also owns a ex-racehorse Thoroughbred told me her horse has the same reaction to any sort of cut (immediate infection with swelling and puffiness). She thought maybe they are more prone to these reactions since they tend to have such sensitive skin. Regardless, at least now I know what to do if this happens again...

So in between the small injury and travel, I had also been searching for a different saddle. The one I had was definitely starting to give him problems and he was not comfortable. He was shortening his stride and hollowing out his back, even kicking out at times. So, I'd found a web site that advertised used Hennig saddles. They are definitely an investment, but I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a fantastic dressage saddle, especially for our higher withered Thoroughbreds. I'm not one to push products or write reviews, but I think this one is worth mentioning because it will benefit anyone with saddle issues. I recommend working with Jen from . Cadence is extremely sensitive in his back, but when I test rode a Hennig last weekend--wow! Amazing--he was so much more comfortable, his strides were longer, and his back was relaxed. If anyone has similar problems with their horses, I definitely recommend trying a Hennig and/or one of the Thinline pads. When I tried the saddle with the pad, he even moved out more. They are really thin, which is great b/c there's no bulk and you still feel close to the horse. I don't know how, but it really helps loosen their backs.

So, I've blabbed enough for a while...all in all, Cadence is still doing great and his time off has given us a chance to grow closer (as corny as that sounds!). It's been great. He's even decided that fly spray is not such a big deal! And this was a great breakthrough b/c he would throw himself into a frenzy every time he saw the bottle. He is such a character and a favorite at the barn. Everyone always admires his movements and laid back, amusing demeanor.

Hope all is well with you. There are so many great horses you have listed!
Emee and Cadence

February 1, 2007

Cold Cash aka "Cadence" and Emee Ermel of Houston, TX

Hi Elizabeth!
It finally stopped raining for a few days and so I tried to get a few pictures of Cadence outside.

He's doing so well--as usual! I've found that he prefers to be ridden daily and have a 'job' to keep him busy. The more routine we are, the happier he is. It's amazing how far he's come in such a short time. We can canter on both hands now. He's learned turn on the forehand and has started leg yielding with no problems. I rode him bareback the other day for fun and he corrected me when I asked for transitions to halt! I literally only had to 'think' halt and he would.

I look at your web site daily and can't believe how quickly you find horses new homes. I love reading the other success stories. It's a daily pick-me-up to read them!

Talk to you soon,
Emee and Cadence

OTTB - Cold Cash and his new mom Emee Ermel of Houston, TX
OTTB - Cold Cash aka "Cadence" and his new mom Emee Ermel of Houston, Texas - December 19, 2006

January 14, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!

I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year celebration! I just wanted to keep you updated on Cadence. He is such a character! He's settled in very well and gets turned out with the other horses daily. He really enjoys making new friends and getting everyone as excited as he is about running around. Just in the three weeks that he's been here, he's put on weight and is gaining muscle. It's amazing how quickly he's developing.

Yesterday, he kept calling to me whenever I would walk to the tack room because he couldn't see me. He is so personable and just wants to be everyone's friend. At one point, there was a horse standing near him and he leaned his head against the other horse's. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera at the time. It would've made a great picture...speaking of pictures, the weather has been so rainy, we haven't been able to take any good pictures, but I will as soon is this predicted sleet storm passes (can't believe it for Houston, but they're predicting it's going to be bad). We've walked, trotted, and cantered on both hands and are working slowly on transitions. No challenge is too hard for him; I just tried turning on the forehand a few days ago and he did it without any hesitation. He naturally goes on the bit, which was a huge surprise--I can't wait to take photos of him in motion.

People at the barn can't believe I bought him without ever seeing him, but are so impressed with his personality and abilities. Thinking back, I can't believe I did it either, but I absolutely could not have asked for a better horse. I have grown very attached to him and could not imagine not having him around!

Hope all is well,
Emee and Cadence

December 19, 2006

Hi Elizabeth!

I have photos! They don't do him justice and there's only one of us, but I will send more in the next few weeks. I know I just emailed you updates, but I have to tell you about tonight's ride. He's absolutely the calmest horse I've come across in a long time. I lunged him for about 20 minutes and then got on him for about 15. He was so relaxed. We did figure eights at the walk and even a few trot walk transitions. He is very sensitive to my seat and legs and stretches through his neck (and then at the end turns his head around to say, "Is that all for today?!")

Until next time,
Emee and Cadence

Cold Cash was Emee's Christmas present to herself!
Cold Cash aka "Cadence" was Emee's Christmas present to herself!


December 18, 2006

Hi Elizabeth!

Sorry it's taken me a few days to write since I called. I have been spending lots of time at the barn with Cash! I couldn't decide on a new barn name, so I took a poll. Everyone thought Cadence fit him best, so he's now known as Cadence. He's such a character. Even after only a few days of being here, he's adjusted very well. He has never spooked or anything. He's taken everything in stride, even though he's never seen a lot of these things before--indoor arena was a little strange to him at first, but he only hesitated for a second and then just walked in. I've lunged him the outside arenas, too, and he just casually looks around.

He's very smart, funny, and much further along than I thought. Eileen really gave him a good foundation b/c his ground manners are great, he knows how to lunge, and I've already been able to ride him. He likes to work, so I'm just trying to keep him engaged. He definitely favors going to the left, so we're going to work on building up his balance and muscles to the right. He's also going to learn about side reins and lunging to help him build those muscles.

He has tested me a few times yesterday about going back to the barn or turning back to the gate when he decides it's time to go vs. when I say it's time, but even then he didn't really object. A firm no and bending to the opposite side and he continued on. He stopped once and tried to back up to the gate, but I kept my seat and legs and loosened the reins, and he realized he wouldn't fool me that easily, so he just walked on.

He's definitely a one person horse. He already calls to me when he sees me and even lays his head on my shoulder when I stand next to him (and it's only been 4 days!) He's got so much personality! I definitely think this was meant to be and can't wait to send updates years from now! Thank you so much for your help--without your web site, I would've never found Cadence. You are an angel to Cadence and we cannot thank you enough!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Emee and Cadence

P.S. I took pictures yesterday at the barn, but they didn't turn out very well because no one else was around to take them. I'll take new ones tonight and send them tomorrow.

This was the information on "Cash" when he was a Prospect Horse for Sale.

"Cash" is a gorgeous 16.2hh, seven year-old Thoroughbred gelding. He was purchased as a dressage prospect for resale by the wife of a vet who works at the track. He is lightly raced. "Cash" has a big floaty trot. He is totally sound for any discipline. His owner is selling him because she is a dressage instructor and has the opportunity to get a FREE lease on an upper lever dressage schoolmaster and she needs a stall. "Cash" has a blemish on his knee from banging it on the gate. He has never been unsound on the knee and the scar is below the bend of the knee so it is only a cosmetic issue. He is one of the best priced horses on this Web site. He has great training away from the track already. He has been on a farm and away from the track for quite a while. While his owner states that he is a great "dressage prospect" his soundness does NOT limit him to only dressage. Hurry, this boy will go fast! - GONE! SOLD! to Emee Ermel of Houston, Texas.

Cash is a seven year-old gelding.


Cashwas sold to Emee Ermel of Houston, Texas.


Cash is a seven year-old gelding.



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