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Shelby's Hill was a Prospect Horse For Sale in January 2007.

Shelby's Hill was a Prospect Horse For Sale in January 2007.



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Shelby's Hill aka "Ping"

OTTB - Shelby's Hill with his mom Sarah Farnham.

January 6, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,
I have an update on Ping, aka Shelby's Hill.

We had a rocky summer with soundness. He was foot sore and then compensated and was body sore... the vet said he was sound, just sore and drew up an exercise program for him, gave him a few shots of Adequan and we were on our way. He is sound, we were just victims of the Maine weather... Then he had an abscess... pulled off his shoe twice... so when winter came around and he was really sound, I opted for the indoor arena. He is doing really well there.

There is no question he had some really good training before he went to the track. Someone broke him very nicely. Other than a hard time getting the left lead canter ( like he's never done that...:0) his flat work is really good. He is quite supple laterally also. His challenge is his self esteem (can you tell I teach middle school?). He gets really really worried when other horses call or move about. We are working on that this winter. It's getting better and better.

I love this horse. It was a cold morning at the barn and the horses were fed late and not turned out when I arrived... I saddled up anyway, led him into the ring and got on.. We had a great ride. How many 4 year olds can you lead out of the stall, not lunge and have a nice ride on? He has a great mind. not spooky. He has grown some and filled out a lot, but I'm still hoping for another growth spurt!

If I can get him out next summer to a few events, on the trails etc. He is going to make an amazing kid's horse. He loves people. Runs over to you in the pasture... follows you around. Not girthy, very goofy, no fear. He is training up more like a QH than a TB. Except he does move out. He has a walk that endurance riders would die for.

I can't wait for my instructor to see him. I've been basically working alone since May. I am very happy that I bought my "Internet horse". I have never worried about him. I know that if he didn't suit my needs he was such a quality horse that I could sell him easily, and try another one from you! As it is, it will take quite a check for me to part with him now.


Happy New Year!
Sarah Farnham and Ping

OTTB - Shelby's Hill enjoying a ride with his mom Sarah Farnham.
OTTB - Shelby's Hill enjoying a ride with his mom Sarah Farnham.

May 3, 2007

Shelby's Hill at the track. January 2007.


Good morning,

I must say as I read through your training notes that Ping has been following what you say on your website to the "T". I have to add though, that I don't think it is important to get on them right away. He told the animal communicator he needed a month and I scoffed a bit, but true to his word :) a month later he was ready. Maybe it was the testosterone or whatever it is they inject at the PA tracks. I even told the vet that his vet check was 100% accurate. No surprises.

Would you mind if I wrote an article about my wonderful experience getting Ping, and about your website? We have a Horse Newspaper here in Maine.


Sarah Farnham

April 23, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

Just an update on Ping.

He is just the best horse ever. When I first got on him in my arena I thought someone had sold me an old lesson horse. He tries so hard. He haven't cantered yet, and are working on getting stronger as a riding horse. He is quite nervous in the crossties when tacking up, but I think this will get better as he realizes his job doesn't require racing. He is getting along with his other two gelding buddies quite well, although they do have to reprimand him frequently as he is playful. I was glad to get the papers to see that he is not yet four. That leads me to believe he has some growing yet to do. He is still very thin. Right now his movement is average but he has a huge overstep at the walk and I have hope that the trot will float more as he gets stronger. He is a beautiful horse to look at ( in spite of his ribs) and when he fills out and grows he will be just gorgeous. I am so glad I took him from the racetrack!

Sarah Farnham

March 4, 2007

The vet thought Ping's "ouch" was in his foot... but I think he maybe rolled over a snowball or something and just tweaked something. It is coming along.

A question... when I hand walk him he is very nervous and part of this is he is in my face. a baby would do. He shakes his head and tries to rub continuously on my hand holding the lead. When he comes in my space I poke him but he just doesn't get it.

He is out in a small paddock 9 hours a day but he seems pent up... is he detoxing?

He was much quieter when he first came.

And third ... he is ravenous. He nearly goes through the roof when it is grain time. He gets hay hay hay... all he wants and he has been wormed... just keep feeding him I guess? Thanks a lot.
Sarah Farnham

Elizabeth's Notes: When horses come off-the-track they do not know what to expect. Their only experience has been race training and racing. It is not uncommon for a horse to either be "hyped up" or really quiet when they first come home. The true personality of the horse will come later when he is no longer sore from racing and he has a full belly. The more love and discipline you give the horse from the start, the more he will bond with you. The horse is nervous and scared like a kid at summer camp for the first time. He will look to you for comfort and support if you take charge. This is where understanding the principles of Natural Horsemanship will help with the ground work and teach him to respect your space.

February 26 , 2007

Picture of my daughter, Elizabeth 5 and Ping
Picture of my daughter, Elizabeth 5 and Ping.

February 18, 2007


Lauren mentioned that this barn didn't cater much to their horses... not a lot of bedding, rough coats etc. He was not abused, he just needs some help as do most of them I guess.

He's just so young looking.

He hasn't eaten his grain ( just gave him a bit) I just think he is tired and confused.

So I don't think he was uncared for, just not catered to.

Yes, will get the vet and farrier etc. I think he might have a funny tooth...

Thanks for making this simple. Ping and I have already bonded more than my mare and I ever did... I have hopes of fun times ahead.

Will keep you posted.

Ping thanks you!

PS Lauren said that the barn people.trainer etc were so excited that he was going to a good home and said I was going to love him....

February 18, 2007

Hi Elizabeth.

Ping arrived here about 3 am, tired, a bit cold and nervous.

When we walked in this morning at 6 am he was out cold ...snoozing and I caught a picture of him covered in shavings and bleary-eyed. Last night he was very stallion-like but this morning not as much. My other OTTB told him through the window just how things were,so that might have knocked the testosterone right out of him.

He seems very sweet but he does need a lot of work. He is quite thin, teeth smell funny and his feet... what WERE they THINKING? Even the vet didn't know... so those need to come off ASAP.

Yes, he is small... between 15.2 and 15.3 by my measure. That is my only disappointment so far and I have hope.. since my Scooby horse came to me at almost the same age and I think was 15.2 and he is now 16h and wide and filled out. plus personality counts for a lot and I think Ping is going to be great in that department.

We are supposed to get more snow and that will mean I won't be able to get on him for a while. That might be OK because he has to be sore. I've never seen a horse so tucked up. I turned him out and he just stood there, shrinking into himself and shaking.
I think when he settles in he will be very happy. Will send a pic when I find the connector for the camera.


PS He is named after my Cambodian friends's baby... Ping.

Shelby's Hill was a Prospect Horse For Sale in January 2007. Click here to see his Prospect Horse For Sale photos.

Shelby's Hill was a Prospect Horse for sale in January 2007.
Shelby's Hill was a Prospect Horse for sale in January 2007.


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