"Ferdie" - Thoroughbred horse for sale - Competition Prospect

“Ferdie” – SOLD! Competition Prospect – Grandson of Ferdinand

"Ferdie" - Thoroughbred horse for sale - Competition Prospect

Call Me Ferdie aka “Ferdie” is a 2010, 16+ hand tall, bay Thoroughbred gelding. He is an “A” circuit hunter mover! He is easy to ride and light in the bridle. He has a floaty trot to die for! Give this horse 30 days and you will be in the show ring. He has upper level potential.

To those buyers who say they want a competition/jumping horse…here he is. He is a total gentleman and well-bred, too.

Call Me Ferdie is a grandson of the late, great Ferninand who won the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup Classic along with other great stakes races. He was named Horse of the Year & Champion Older Male in 1987. In 1994, he was sent to Japan for stud duties where he died sometime in 2002, likely in a Japanese slaughterhouse.

Also in Call Me Ferdie’s pedigree: Glitterman, Nijnsky, Alydar, Deputy Minister, Northern Dancer, Double Jay, Raise a Native, Bold Ruler, In Reality (One of the few male-line descendants of Man o’ War. In fact, may now have only remaining Man o’ War line.)
“Ferdie” is an Indiana bred horse who now has to compete in open competition racing. He is not good enough to win at this higher level of racing and he has won too much to compete at the less competitive levels. He is sound for a second career. He is priced to sell fast. This could be the horse you are looking for for the “A” circuit.

Call Me Ferdie - SOLD!UPDATE: Call Me Ferdie aka “Ferdie” has been SOLD! Congratulations to Andie Krakovsky on the purchase of Call Me Ferdie!

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