Bit of Heaven - Large Thoroughbred Mare for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

Bit of Heaven – Stunning Thoroughbred Mare

Large Thoroughbred Mare for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm

Bit of Heaven is a 2007, 16.1+ hand (and a half inch) tall Thoroughbred mare. She has no vices and is clean legged. She was retired sound from racing and has spent the past couple years relaxing on her breeder/owners farm. When she was retired her owner was going to turn her into a show horse — but life got away from her and mare hasn’t been doing much.

Bit of Heaven has a half brother named Izzyourstar who never made the races but is making a name for himself in the jumper would around Aiken.

“Bit” is great at turn out with other horses or by herself. She will definitely need a patient, experienced, firm but kind owner and rider. She has been slightly spoiled and allowed to do what she pleases. The first 30 days should be spent establishing personal space and a little more patience on her part. If this scares you, then look at other horses. She will quickly become a star with an experience hand.  She is currently barefoot and up-to-date on everything.

This is a stunningly gorgeous horse with beautiful movement and talent. She can do anything you ask of her. She is not marish at all. If she looks this good on just turnout how good could she look with continuous grooming and exercise?

She would probably make an “A” circuit hunter. It will not take much to get her there but she is not a horse for an inexperienced horse person because she has had too much time off and not enough work — although you can’t tell it by how fit she looks. This is a really nice horse for a competition rider.

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