Wonder Beach - September 3, 2011

Wonder Beach aka “Beach” – SOLD!

SOLD! Wonder Beach - September 3, 2011

UPDATE: Congratulations to Karen Dudash of Marietta, GA on the purchase of Wonder Beach aka “Beach”!

“Beach” is a 2005, 16’3 hand, black Thoroughbred gelding. He is clean legged with no vices and tons of personality. He has great ground manners – ties and stands quietly for the blacksmith. He is a huge mover with tons of athletic ability. Has been with the same owner trainer team since he was two. It is time for him to be retired sound and move onto his next career which definitely should be three-day eventing. He is almost black and has a beautiful flowing way of traveling. He is a good feeling happy horse that is easy to ride but has some energy to get rid of each day. I am sure with turn out he will relax a little. Theses pictures were taken shortly after he got back from shipping eight hours from another track so he is a little on the muscle. Look no further for you next event horse cause you have found it here. This is a special horse. Call ASAP if you are looking for a tall black Thoroughbred gelding.

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