Chilletecaux – SOLD!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jane Chance of Locust Grove, GA!

Chilletecaux aka “Chili Dog” is a 16’1 hand, 2005 gelding. He is clean legged and has no vices. He is a beautiful mover who just floats across the ground. He is very easy and quiet to ride -a complete gentleman while you are on his back. He is very willing and eager to please. He would make a great 3-day event horse. He is not spooky at all. He is a fun horse to ride and will shake his head playfully from side to side when first starting out when he feels good. He is a little bit of a punk on the ground and he needs an experienced horse person. He is not mean but tests the waters to see what he can get away with like a spoiled kid. He likes peppermints but he just isn’t a loving horse on the ground. He is ready for a new career and all information will be sent with him. The owners want a good home for him. This horse is a grandson of Danzig by Brahms who stands at the Vinery in Lexington, KY. Danzig is the sire of many great race horses and sport horses.

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