Popular Five – SOLD!

Popular Five is big bay Thoroughbred horse for sale.

UPDATE: December 4, 2010 – Popular Five has been SOLD! Congratulations to Adrienne Symanowski of Canton, GA!

UPDATE: Popular Five can now be seen and ridden at Bits & Bytes Farm in Canton (Atlanta), Georgia. Go to Popular Five’s new photo page.

Popular Five aka “Bo” is a 2006, 16 hands and 3/4  gelding. He has an awesome and friendly personality. He loves to be brushed, bathed and petted on. He is fun to ride, very willing to go forward and likes to learn new things. He is not a dead head though, he does feel good and will squeal and play a little first starting out. He is the brother to Moose (Popular one) – read Popular One’s  Success stories on our sister site: www.OTTBSuccessStories.com

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“Bo” is super and I mean SUPER smooth to ride, very sure footed and he moves beautifully. He has fantastic transitions and gaits and he just floats across the ground. He is being sold because he is not going to be a stakes horse and his owner would rather see him have a career as a sport horse than to run at the bottom levels of racing. It is not feasible for her to continue on with his training as he would not earn enough to make it worthwhile. He is too nice to be run into the ground.

Popular Five is clean legged and vice free.  He loves people and loves to eat. He will eat anything,  and I mean anything you are eating. Sour patch kids, Doritos, strawberries, cookies, brownies — anything!

He will make a great dressage horse or three-day event horse. He has gotten very laid back now that he is on a farm. He is ready to begin his sport horse training if you are ready for a great competition horse.

Please read our Pricing Information and Buying a Track Prospect Horse pages before calling. There are several more pages under the Buying Our Horses button at the top of this page. Prospect Horses at the Track will only be sold to buyers with the skills and support to make it a successful transition.

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