Silverrods Kate – SOLD!

Silverrod's Kate

UPDATE: Congratulations to Kelly Wojtech of Colorado on the purchase of Silverrod’s Kate.

Silverrod’s Kate is a 2006, 16 hand gray Thoroughbred filly for sale. She is very elegant looking. She can be excited in her stall at the track but is very relaxed when she is out of her stall. While we were taking the pictures the races were running right above her about a quarter mile away and she didn’t even react. She has beautiful movement and would be a standout in the show ring. She needs to be sold ASAP because because she is out of conditions and ineligible to race at the track she is at. She needed to leave the grounds of this track. Kate’s exercise rider loves her and has taken her home to keep her safe. She will continue to train from a training center and race until she is sold.  If you buy her, invest in peppermints in BULK she will eat as many peppermints as you can feed her. She will past a vet check she is sound but slow. SOLD!

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