Croatian Sensation & Miguel – SOLD!


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CROATIAN SENSATION was born the same year as MIGUEL and it just so happens that at that time, I had a young man from Croatia that had come to America to attend high school. He was not in any way inclined toward the equine industry, but he did enjoy seeing the babies and helping me with them from time to time. He enjoyed the frolicking and playfulness of the babies and would usually give some ideas for names. At the same time, I had a young man working for me whose name was Miguel and he was a horseman and spent many years with me training and breeding.


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Now, it is significant to let you know that the young man from Croatia, Danny, was a tall slender 6’8’’ gentleman and Miguel was a short, plump young man that was about 5’3’’. I had told them I was going to name the horses after each of them this year and each one picked out the horse to be named after themselves. Danny, the tall, slender one, picked one and named it Croatian, but since that name for some reason was not allowed, the Jockey Club accepted the second name, Croatian Sensation and Miguel picked the other baby that soon became Miguel. As time passed, it was unbelievable how the horses took on their name sakes, Croatian Sensation is 16.3 hands tall and slender and Miguel is 15.3 hands and plump much like a quarter horse.

Both Miguel and Croatian Sensation played together, grew up together and at the age of three, went off to the races. Miguel was the first to race and break his maiden in a $15,000.00 claiming race in Kentucky. He was picked to run 4th, but he did not know that and his rider believed enough in him to ride him to victory by a length. Miguel knew he won and when he came back to the barn, he strutted through it showing just how great he was. He was lightly raced and never won again. Miguel was retired to the farm in excellent condition with absolutely no problems with his legs, ankles or his mind. He is a happy, gentle horse that loves the freedom to run free in the pastures with his other brothers. However, I have had a talk with him and told him he may need to be prepared to think about a new discipline so he can show just how versatile he really is and he seemed to agree.

Now, Croatian Sensation is a different story. He has never really won a race, even though he finished ahead of all of the others in the race. You see, we could just not keep a rider on him. The poor thing had the worse luck with riders. He broke very quickly out of the gate and would always be in the lead, and that was great, except twice, he left his rider at the gate and he ran the race without a rider. The race that is the one that stands out so much is the race when he had an experienced rider on him and he was picked to win and we knew this was his day. He tracked the lead horse into the stretch and then he made his move at the rider’s request. He took the lead just long enough for the rider to move him toward the rail and as the rider tried to set her foot in the stirrup, she missed the stirrup and fell off the horse just short of the finish line. He finished first, but without the rider so it just did not count. Croatian Sensation’s racing career was much like that throughout, if he did not have bad luck, he had no luck. He came home to the farm and now runs first frequently as the geldings race down the pasture to see who gets to the pond first. He knows he is a winner and so do we. He is a very kind horse and just loves attention. He will give up food just to get attention. He wants to please and generally does. He moves very nicely and he and his brother, Lucky B, have a very elegant way of holding their heads and moving so fluidly. Either one would make an owner very happy and proud.

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