Lucky B & SmalNMighty – SOLD!


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Now, I mentioned LUCKY B and by all means, the name fits him. When he was a young colt playing with another young colt by the name of SMALNMIGHTY, they would run and play and mimic each other. The only bad thing about that was that Lucky B was very tall and Smalnmighty was just that, small. Smalnmighty always thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and one day, while they were out playing in the pasture, Smalnmighty put his head through the fence rails and began eating the grass on the outside of the fence. It was not long until Lucky B did the same and when it was time to pull their heads back in to the pasture, Smalnmighty had no problem, but Lucky B was stuck.


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Fortunately, a few of us were in the barn training some other horses when we saw what happened. We went to the fence and were afraid that he would panic and really hurt himself, but he stood there like he knew exactly what we were doing and waited until we freed him and without injury, and once freed, took off in a run to catch Smalnmighty. He was a fast learner; he never did that trick again. Frequently during his growing up, Lucky B would have close calls, but always seemed to be lucky enough to avoid any injury. His name comes naturally. Lucky B went into training and went to the track, but it was at a time that I had more horses than I needed to have in training and like the cobbler and his children, I tended to my clients horses and just did not take the time needed to train and race Lucky B and Smalnmighty. Neither one won nor ran very much. Both of them are very lightly raced and came home in excellent condition with no leg or ankle problems at all. Lucky B does have a blemish on his front leg, he ended up with a bone splint, but it has set and has absolutely no effect on him. This was back in 2004 that he got it. Smalnmighty is a short 15.1 hands horse, but he really does not know that he is short; he is willing and able and will do anything for your attention.

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