Bubba does dressage

Getting Show Experience

Bubba does dressage
June 30, 2012

We took five Bits & Bytes Farm horses to the Wilson Farm Schooling Show on the hottest Saturday in Atlanta history! The temperature in downtown reached 106! Thank goodness it was only 103 at the show.

It was a juggling act to warm up the horses for their dressage and jumping classes without causing heat stroke. Three of the horses have been off-the-farm but never to a show. The star of the day was Lynn’s Vision aka Bubba who earned a fourth place ribbon in his dressage class. That beats his former two pink fifth place ribbons. Melanie and Bubba are moving up the ribbon scale!

We took a break at noon to enjoy our traditional Bits & Bytes Farm picnic. Thank goodness we had nice cool fruit salad and lots of ice cold water. We were able to park our trailers in the shade so the horses were able to stay relatively cool. All in all, everyone had a great day. We had lots of family and friends show up to support our riders. We accomplished our goals and most of all we got positive feedback that will help us with training our Thoroughbreds.

Thank you Wilson Farms for putting on this great show.


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