Imatexan’s First Week in Training

Imatexan's second ride with her new mom Susan.

Imatexan is enjoying her first week of training at Bits & Bytes Farm. She arrived on Saturday night and on Sunday she gave her new mom Susan a wonderful ride. Monday and Tuesday were spent doing some ground training and on Wednesday her mom returned to ride her for the second time.


Imatexan was walked around the arena at the start of the ride.

Wednesday was rainy, windy and cold so the horses were kept up in the barn for the day. Imatexan was feeling good but she was always a lady. You could tell she wanted to cut loose but she held her excitement to an occasional jig and crow hop. Susan sat quiet and confidently on her and never over reacted to anything she did. Soon, Imatexan had her focus on the job of learning to walk over poles on the ground and doing walk/trot transitions.

Baroness Von River keeps an eye on the training of Imatexan

The Head Assistant Trainer, Baroness Von River, was on hand to do some despooking training with Imatexan and Spot Run who was also being ridden by his new mom Katelyn. The Baroness pounced into the arena just as both horses were passing that section of the rail. Each horse gave a little boot scoot and then went on about the business at hand.

Spot Run has settled into his new job like he has been here at the farm forever.

The real spook test came later as we were all standing and talking in the center of the arena when a 75 foot tall tree came crashing down in sections on the other side of the barn. Spot Run turned and watched as the tree fell in sections knocking more branches and tree limbs for about 15 seconds or more. Imatexan did a little jig and then turned and watched as well. Neither horse bolted or jumped as much as we humans did!


Imatexan is sensible and calm with the despook training

Thursday was another day of ground work for Imatexan. Cepharino worked on despooking her with a plastic bag. She could have cared less. He also brought out the big scary blue tarp and she said, “Watch this!” as she stepped on to it. See the video below. The nice thing about ex-race horses is that they have already been exposed to many stimulants that would upset a home bred horse that has never had race track experience. Even though Imatexan did not get to race, she spent much of her recent history at the track and in training to be a race horse. She has seen crowds, loose horses, horses galloping by her, trucks, vans and a whole host of things that would scare the average non race horse. The race track is great training for the show ring. The show ring is quiet by comparison.

Spot Run enjoyed a day off as his mom Katelyn had to ride with her equestrian team to get ready for her big show this weekend.

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