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Baileysontherocks and Joshua.

Baileysontherocks and Joshua

Baileysontherocks has found himself the perfect match. Our "Bailey Boogerbutt" - his nickname because he has such a mischievous personality - has met his match with Josh Schulyer. Watch for Bailey and Josh to be kicking butt at the Pony Club and local horse shows soon! Both of them are very good boys, with that "can do" attitude. Josh has promised to keep us updated with photos of their progress.






Joshua introducing
Bailey to his new home.

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Bits & Bytes Farm wants potential buyers to know that we encourage updates on our horses from their new owners!

We take great pride and satisfaction knowing that they have been placed into a loving home. We invite owners to send photos and stories about what their horses are doing in their new careers. The trainers of these fine ex-racers want to know that the horses they loved are still being well cared for.

We will attempt to keep visitors to the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site posted on the successful transitions of our horses. Please help us by sending your photos and stories.

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Baileysontherocks and Joshua.




Freddy White Shoes and his new mom Erin. Congratulations!

Freddy White Shoes


Freddy White Shoes - SOLD!

"Freddy" is a gorgeous chestnut with four white socks. He is quiet on the trails and seems to have the talent and mind for jumping and dressage. As quiet as he is, Freddy is brave and independent. He has rocking chair gates and is a quick learner. Freddy is going to Delaware to be a show hunter! Congratulations Erin.

Click here for Freddy's pedigree.

See "Freddy's" photo pages 1, 2

Joe Kelly's Tune

Joe Kelly's Tune with new mom Rosemarie Spillane

Joe Kelly's Tune- SOLD!

Joe Kelly's Tune has a new mom! Congratulations to Rosemarie Spillane on her purchase. Joe Kelly's sire is by Bates Motel- winner of $851,050. Joe Kelly is a pleasure to ride in the arena or in the woods. He and our other new horse, Grayboo, look like a matched pair in the pasture because of the way they are built and the way they move.

See more photos of Joe Kelly's Tune.

Alaskan Crown

Alsakan Crown has two moms!

Alaskan Crown has two moms - Mom Cheryl and Mom Linnea.

Alaskan Crown

Alaskan Crown is an unraced three year old filly who is as sensible as she is beautiful. We purchased her directly from her breeder/trainer at the farm. She showed very little talent for racing. Crown has moved to Florida where she will be the center of a sport horse breeding program after competing for a few years on the show circuit.


Alaskan Crown's photo page 1.

Captain Arias  and his new mom Marla Captain Arias  and his new mom Marla

Captain Arias

You've watched his training on our Web site for two years. Captain has found a home with Marla Haddon who plans to show him in dressage. Captain is already schooling at Second Level. He is a horse with lots of talent and he has the potential to win at the highest levels. Marla will continue Captain's training with Imtiaz Anees. Read the story of how he started Bits & Bytes Farm on the road to selling Thoroughbreds. More Captain Arias stories can be found on our Newz page.

Captain's photos page 1, 2, 3

Sir Cahill and dad Bob.

Sir Cahill - August 2004

Sir Cahill and Marla - August 2004

UPDATE: Here are a couple of photos
Suzie took one afternoon while
Rose and I were pestering Cahill.
He was trying to get his afternoon nap.
After about 15 minutes Cahill
realized we were not going to leave
him alone, so he got up. He is just
a "huge baby".



Sir Cahill - SOLD!

Sir Cahill was purchased by Bob Washington and will continue to live with Captain Arias. Bob is Marla Haddon's husband who did not want to be left out of the fun of owning a Thoroughbred.

Sir Cahill was purchased directly from their breeder/trainer. He is about 16.2 hands high and has been off the track for almost two years.Sir Cahill loves to lick your face and hands and snuggle up to you. He will even allow his head to be hugged. Cahill is one of the nicest horses we have ever had on our farm. Bob has got himself a really big pet.

Sir Cahill and Captain Arias

Sir Cahill photo pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Irish and Rachel




17+ hands (and still growing), five year old unraced registered thoroughbred gelding.

Four pages of photos!
Page 1, 2, 3, 4

Irish was purchased by Dr. Rachel Black of California. Congratulations!


Lord Sexton

Lord Sexton



Lord Sexton - SOLD!

16.1 hand, five year old thoroughbred gelding.

Lord Sexton is off to California with his buddy Irish. Dr. Rachel Black could not take just one of our beautiful boyz.

Lord Sexton photos page 1, 2

RU Ready to Rumble




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Rumble - Horses for sale

RU Ready to Rumble - SOLD!

"Rumble" is a gorgeous dark bay five year old who is about 16.1 hands high. He is very athletic and has the movement for dressage and the agility for jumping. Rumble is off to be an event horse! Congratulations to Lauren McKee!

See more photos and read about his current training.

Two pages of photos!

Page 1, 2

Click here to go to RU Ready to Rumble's Success Stories page.

Te Conquistar

Te Conquistar - horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Te Conquistar - SOLD!

"Oh Tay" is five years old and drop dead gorgeous! He looks like he could be a stud. He is dark bay with a milk mustache and two white socks. He stands about 16.1+.

Read all about him on his photo page.

Swell Bell at the fox hunt Swell Bell and his new mom

Swell Bell - SOLD!

Swell Bell is a five year old 16.1 hand Thoroughbred gelding. He has a very kind eye and a loving personality. He has a gorgeous floaty trot and a quiet canter. He will stop from a canter with just a few whoas.

Swell Bell has a new career as a fox hunter. Kathi has sold Swell Bell to Charles Siler who will fox hunt and event him. Congratulations Charles on a wonderful horse.

Swell Bell (now known as Willie) has been resold to Charles Siler and is enjoying life as a fox hunter.

See more photos.

Ikon - Thoroughbred for sale
Ikon with his new dad -- doctor, doctor -- Jeff Macintire. Jeff is a vet and a medical doctor as well as the proud father of Amy who purchased Smokey. Both horses were delivered to the fantastic Foxboro Farm which is owned by Sharon Wilson and Epp Wilson, MFH in Thomson, GA. We hope to visit them regularly and maybe ride with the Belle Meade hunt and Master Wilson.

Ikon and Jeff's first ride at home
Ikon's first ride at Foxboro Farm in Thomson, GA.

Ikon - SOLD!

15.3+ hands and growing still, three year old thoroughbred gelding. Ikon has a great mind and a willing attitude. He is not easily spooked. He is quiet on the trails and in the arena.

Ikon has gone to Amy's dad. Amy bought Smokey but dad fell in love with our lovable BAYby Ikon.


See more photos and read about his current training.

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Smokey is one of the horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

This is why we work so hard at matchmaking!

Got Um Smoke Um - SOLD!

15.2 hand gray five year old Thoroughbred.

Smokey will make the perfect horse for Amy Macintire. She is from Augusta, GA and has lived all over the world. Amy learned dressage in Germany and now hopes to begin a successful eventing career with Smokey.

He is totally quiet and laid back. He already is doing trail rides and crossing streams. As far as grays go, they do not get any prettier than this gentleman.

More photos.

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Big Money and Gertjan enjoy a gallop
Marie Big Money and Gertjan

Big Money

Big Money finally found a rider who makes him look like a normal size horse. Congratulations to Gertjan and Marie van Roekel on their purchase of Big Money. Big Money continues to at live at Bits & Bytes Farm. Yeah!!!!

Broadway Joe and mom Rachel

Broadway Joe and his new mom Rachel

Broadway Joe

Broadway Joe is the prettiest horse in the barn - according to his new mom Rachel Roberts. We are fortunate to have Joe and Rachel remaining as boarders at Bits & Bytes Farm! If this keeps up we will have to build more stalls if we want to have room for more sale horses.

November 9, 2003: New photo of Broadway Joe learning to jump!

Maxwell Steel
Maxwell Steel learned to jump during his first week off-the-track.

Max and Ashley

Maxwell Steel - SOLD!

15.2 hand 4 year old Thoroughbred gelding. Within five days of being off the track (eight days from his last race) Maxwell Steel stole the heart of Ashley Miles. Max has already learned to jump cross rails and is quiet and confident on the trail. What a great example of how good thoroughbreds can be right off-the-track!

We actually went horse hunting for Ashley Miles and found this sweet boy. Ashley is an incredible rider and Max will take her far!

Roary & Toni


Roary - SOLD!

16.2 hand, six year old thoroughbred gelding.

Roary has a new mom and a new home in St. Louis, Missouri. Toni Kanne is a wonderful dressage rider who really brought out the best in Roary. He just seemed to really like the way she rode him.

Roary was our dressage king. He has the thoroughbred bloodlines that warmblood breeders look for when breeding back to thoroughbreds. Too bad he is a gelding! He moves like a warmblood for dressage and loves to jump too!

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Sandra's Squan

Sandra's Squan


Sandra's Squan (Sienna) - SOLD!

16.0 hands six year old mare. Sienna has been off the track for over a year and has won a competitive trail ride in the mountains of Tennessee. The other riders in the competition refused to believe she was an off-the-track-thoroughbred. She was that quiet and handy on the trails!

Sienna is the granddaughter of Alydar. Native Dancer, Damascus, Polynesian, Bold Ruler and Triple Crown winner War Admiral are all members of this lady's family. She is going to be a broodmare.

Click here to go to Sandra's Squan's Success Stories page.

Lylle - Horses for sale at Bits and Bytes Farm

Lylle - Horses for sale at Bits and Bytes Farm

Lylle (Lilly) - SOLD!

15.2 hands four year old mare. Lylle has been off the track resting and getting fat in Ocala for two months and has now started training. She is totally bomb proof and quiet on the trails and has a talent for jumping. Lylle's half brother is Peace Rules.

Robyn West has fallen in love with this talented mare and plans on showing her.

Click here to go to Lylle's Success Stories page.


Delta and his new dad

More photos

Delta - SOLD!

16.1 hand, twelve year old thoroughbred gelding.

Delta was one of our boarder's horses listed for sale. His mom went off to school and wanted to find him a new special person to love him. Delta had a successful show record in the hunter and jumper arena and he will continue his successful jumper career with Jordon.

Three pages of photos!
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Fame & Gloria

Fame will be living the life of the rich and "FAMEous" at the Biltmore Estate stable in Asheville, NC. Now we have another reason to go ride the beautiful trails at the Biltmore Estate!



More information and photos.

Fame for a Day aka Famous Snuggler - SOLD!

16.2+ hands three year old gelding. Grandson of Seattle Slew. Strong Bold Ruler lines. This boy has an impressive family.

Just in from the fields of Lexington, KY. This BAYby is unraced and sound. Quarter horse temperament. I have never had a thoroughbred as quiet as Snuggler. He has already been out on the trails and was totally unconcerned about anything. He walks, trots and canters on the correct lead - in or out of the arena. Fame turned three April 8, 2003. Hear him sing his birthday tune.

Three pages of photos!!
Read all about Fame and see his new mom on Fame's page 1.

Page 1, 2, 3 Fame sings a birthday tune.

Waterloo Slew

Waterloo Slew
More information and photos

Waterloo Slew

16.1 hand, thirteen year old thoroughbred gelding.

"Jesse's" new mom is Gail Wilbur of Tennessee. She lost her wonderful horse Jessie Don three years ago. I think God may have a hand in bringing her another Jesse to love. We know that our Jesse will be as loved as her former horse. Congratulations to Gail and Waterloo Slew!

Waterloo Slew will be sharing a 30 acre pasture with two buddies when he is turned out.

Click here to go to Waterloo Slew's ("Jesse") Success Stories page.

Stanley and his new mom.
More information and photos

Stanley (Registered name: STAND BACK) - SOLD!

16 + hands eight year old gelding.

Stanley has found himself his own special girl. Congratulations Gabrielle!

Hello Elizabeth and Barry,
Gabi and Stanley's first show together took home a big BLUE! You couldn't dampen their spirits today even in the cold drizzling rain as they ended the show with a wonderful shade of RED too!

'Stand Back' ...folks...Gabi and Stanley are a sure thing!
-Lynn Ciatti

Corporate Action

Corporate Action & his new mom Melissa

Corporate Action & his new mom Melissa
Corporate Action is smiling because
he has a special person to love him!

More information and photos

Corporate Action

16.1 hand, seven year old thoroughbred gelding

Corporate Action is an easy keeper with a laid back personality. He is fresh off the track and quiet to ride!

Melissa Golden of Marietta, Georgia is Corporate Action's new mom. Look for Melissa and Corporate to be competing in Area III combined training events.

Melissa has already started Corporate's jumping training by free schooling him in the arena. Corporate Action will be boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm for a few months of training.

Second page of photos!


Notes from Stephanie and French Made:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! French Made (Fred E.) is everything I've been looking for in a horse. He's smart, loving and bold. An absolute charm- he even keeps his stall nice and tidy! He has adjusted well and gets along fine with the other boys. I rode over the weekend and was able to accomplish more in two days than in two months with some others! He has no difficulty picking up either lead, he is well behaved and eager to please. I hope he enjoys his new home as much as we enjoy having him. If I ever have opportunity to recommend your farm, I will do so without hesitation. I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing for these fortunate Thoroughbreds.

French Made & Stephanie Nissen

French Made

16.1 hand, six year old thoroughbred gelding

Stephanie Nissen of Miami, Florida is French Made's new mom. Look for them to be eventing in the Florida area.

May 2005 Update

French Made ("Fred E.") has now moved to North Carolina with his mom Stephanie. His event horse training is continuing and he is doing very well.

NEW PHOTOS with Stephanie.



Rowdy & new mom Kelly

Queen's Rowdy Lad - SOLD!

16.0 hand, seven year old thoroughbred gelding

Kelly Cook is his new mom. Look for them eventing in the Atlanta, GA area. Rowdy be staying in the Atlanta are so will be able to keep close tabs on this sweet boy.

NEW PHOTOS with Kelly jumping!

Notes from Morgan & Snake Proof:

I just wanted to thank you for selling him (Snake Proof) to me. I really love him and can't wait to see him everyday! We are still working on getting our act perfect, but I really think that I couldn't have bought a better horse and want to thank you! He's the love of my life!

Hello Elizabeth!! I wanted to let you know that I took Snakers to a dressage show (M.A.D.C.T.A.) and we came home with two blue ribbons!! We entered in two classes and scored a 60 and a 69! I really love him and the judge did too (she wrote on my test -"Lovely horse! Tons of potential!") I hope everyone's doing well and give all the horses a huge kiss from me!

Morgan & Snakers 4-12-03

Snake Proof

Snake Proof

16.0 hand, seven year old thoroughbred gelding. Snake Proof has a new mom - Morgan Rehm! Look for Morgan and Snake Proof at combined training events in the Southeast. Morgan and Snake Proof live in Auburn, Alabama.

Snake Proof and Morgan have begun eventing and are doing very well at the Novice Level! Congratulations Morgan. Send more photos!

More information and photos.

Click here for Snake Proof's Success Stories page.

Cherokee Big in his past
career on the track.
Cherokee Big

Cherokee Big - SOLD!

17.3 hand, five year old thoroughbred gelding. This gentle giant has found a wonderful new mom in South Carolina. Look for Big at combined training and dressage events throughout the south. He will be fox hunting with us this fall. Congratulations Kelly Dupree!




16 hand, seven year old thoroughbred gelding. Look for DD at combined training and dressage events in the Atlanta area. Congratulations Kimberly Wikholm!

More information and photos.

Notes from Lynn & Jack:

Jack and I are doing fine, he has been jumping 2' fine and going on the flat great, a friend of mine came over Sunday to ride Jack in dressage and she fell in love with him. He is a very talented horse. He is very smart and willing.

Jack is SOLD!


Jack has found someone to love him! Thank you all for your requests for information about Jack. He has been taken to his new home in South Carolina by Lynn Brooks.



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