May 11, 2010

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So Romeo is a bay Thoroughbred horse for sale.

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Bounced is our newest BAYby at the farm.

Bounced - SOLD!







Aly's Alpha Boy has been SOLD!

Aly's Alpha Boy - SOLD!





Classic Casey is a Thoroughbred gelding for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Classic Casey - Not Available






Pride of the Fox has been SOLD!

Pride of the Fox - SOLD!




Lucky - Horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Lucky - SOLD!

How much do our horses cost? Check out our FAQ page for answers to your questions.

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These were the horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm in 2010. They are no longer available. Check the newer part of our web site or go directly to our Thoroughbred Horses for Sale website.

They are sweet, talented, well-mannered and athletic. We are matchmakers not horse traders! Each Thoroughbred is carefully selected at the track with resale in mind. We prepare them for multiple disciplines such as three-day eventing, dressage, hunter/jumper and pleasure riding. These Thoroughbreds are looking for someone to love and teach them more. They will give you their heart and soul in return. Read the Success Stories of former Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbred horses for sale.

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See So Romeo on the new Newz section.

Bounced - SOLD!

Foaling date: April 10, 2003
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Gelding
Color: Dark bay
Size: 16.1 hands and growing
Comments: Extremely sweet and kind. He is an easy horse
to ride. He has the movement
for "A" show hunters or even
dressage and eventing.

Bounced is a 16 hh, dark bay gelding. He should mature to about 16.1 or 16.2 hands tall. He is quiet,sweet and ELEGANT! This beautiful boy just has no desire to run. He is sound enough for any career - he will do any thing you want.

"Bounce" has no vices or problems. He is sound, clean legged and has a nice head carriage when he works. Nothing bothers this boy. He is not spooky. He is a gorgeous mover. This is an "A" show hunter prospect. SOLD!

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Aly's Alpha Boy - SOLD!

Foaling date: April 27, 2001
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Gelding
Color: Bay
Size: 16.1
Comments: A wonderfully kind and talented horse who has the soundness to excel in any disipline.

Aly's Alpha Boy is a very sweet and he has had a successful racing career and he is still clean legged. He was pin-fired in the past. The hair on his legs are black and you really have to look for the pin-firing spots. He has a great hip and shoulder, which moves very freely. He should make a great 3-day eventor, show hunter/jumper or dressage horse. This is a horse with lots of class and presence. SOLD!

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Classic Casey - Extreme talent. Serious riders only.

Foaling date: March 11, 1999
Sex: Gelding
Color: Bay
Size: 16.2+
Comments: This horse has the movement and the mind to be very successful at eventing or as a hunter/jumper. He has a very loving personality and a great work ethic.

Classic Casey

Classic Casey is a very athletic horse. He will excel at any sport for which he is properly trained. He has a very willing and bold attitude. "Casey" was quickly started on the trails and learned to jump his first week here. Now he will cross water, jump drop fences and ditches without asking questions.

"Casey" has already proven himself to be honest and bold with excellent ground manners as well. This is a very special horse who has great potential.

Classic Casey's photo page 1, 2, 3 See Casey roll in the mud!


Pride of the Fox - SOLD!

Foaling date: February 4, 1997
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Gelding
Color: Bay
Size: 16.3 +
Comments: Big and beautiful. Sweet and kind. "Foxy" knows
who he is and is very happy. He is easy to ride. This horse has presence!

Pride of the Fox came to us from his owner/trainer at Philadelphia Park. He had been racing for six years with hardly a break and his tendons look like those of a two year olds. "Foxy" has been started in dressage where he is showing great talent. He is also a good jumper and a quick learner. He is bold and brave and can take a larger rider. He loves jumping our small cross country course. SOLD!

Pride of the Fox's sale photos page 1, 2


Boltoflighting aka "Lucky" - SOLD!

Foaling date: June 6, 1994
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Gelding
Color: Chestnut
Size: 15.3++
Comments: Brave and bold with the movement for dressage or jumping disciplines.
Boltoflighting aka "Lucky"

"Lucky" has quickly worked his way into our hearts. He is not afraid of anything. He loves to trail ride. He jumps any type of jump without hesitation including banks, ditches and combinations - in and out of the arena. He does it with enthusiasm so he is not for a timid rider. Lucky has a wonderful carriage and is very light in your hands. He really responds to your seat and legs. His personality is sweet and kind. See how he loves to roll in our shavings pile.

Lucky needs someone special to love him. He really wants to please. He wants a fearless kid to play with him. Lucky would also make a great barrel racer or open jumper. He can turn on the speed and he turns it off just as quickly when asked.

Lucky's photo pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and a slide show.



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