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Captain Arias at Thistledown

captain's story

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Captain Arias finds a new career in Atlanta, Georgia!

- Elizabeth Wood

Captain Arias ran his last race at Thistledown on June 2, 2001 and I had the good fortune to see my next horse race. As "Captain" was led onto the track his beauty sent goose bumps up my arms. He was magnificent. He truly made the other horses look common. As he arched his head and showed his lovely set head and neck, I knew that I just had to take him home.

It was my first trip to Thistledown and with the help of Nancy Scott, the director of CANTER Ohio, I was going to choose a new horse to take home. We started early - 6 AM with Nancy guiding us around the stables and introducing us to the trainers who showed us their horses. It was almost overwhelming, but, Nancy had prepped me and I brought my notebook, digital camera and an extra set of eyes (my husband). We had spent the morning looking at over thirty horses and had narrowed the list down to about six possible horses. Captain Arias was one of the six and was set to run in the sixth race so we decided to catch it and see how he really moved. We had met with two other trainers who also had horses running in the sixth and we decided to place a few bets. It is always more fun betting when you know the players and the horses. I bet two horses to win and one to show. Captain Arias was one of the win tickets. One of the many track veterinarians was trackside watching as the horses came out. He agreed with me that "Captain" was especially well put together.

Captain Arias was in the number ten position as the gate opened. Captain Arias shot out and fell into second place. Ohhhh, I was so excited. He was going to win! As they came down the backstretch "Captain" hung on, but, little by little the other horses started passing him. I had my digital camera focused on the finish line waiting for him. The leaders crossed the line with "Captain" third -- from last. I quickly turned and caught his final finish photo--one that the track photographer would not get! My disappointment in his finish was gone when my husband informed me we won on the other win and show tickets!

Captain Arias was tired of racing but still sound and a beautiful mover. My husband, Barry, and I followed him back to the stables and met with his owners. They were ready to part with him. I was a three-time winner! Two winners on the track and one after the race to take home. A deal was struck and the vet gave him a quick look over after the race. "Captain" was quiet and sound. A full vet check was scheduled for following Wednesday.

Captain Arias passed his vet check with flying colors and I returned next week with my four horse trailer to bring him home to Georgia. There were so many beautiful horses that we had seen the last day "Captain" raced. Not one to make hard decisions, we filled up our trailer with three other beautiful thoroughbreds. Why go home with empty stalls? Two very special rescue horses from CANTER were loaded with extra special care and brought to new homes in Georgia.

Captain Arias
Captain learning dressage.

Captain Arias has a natural frame for dressage and is learning to jump. He loves it! He is quiet, calm and very loving. He free walks behind two other Thistledown thoroughbreds when going in or out of the pasture. He is almost ready to fox hunt having already done a two group rides with the fox hunt – including a spin on the Atlanta Steeplechase course!

Elizabeth teaching Captain to jump.
Elizabeth teaching Captain to jump.

Update: November 2001

Side saddle at the fox hunt
Captain Arias at his second hunt with Elizabeth riding side saddle in November 2001.


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