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Bits & Bytes Farm wants potential buyers to know that we encourage updates on our horses from their new owners!

We take great pride and satisfaction knowing that they have been placed into a loving home. We invite owners to send photos and stories about what their horses are doing in their new careers. The trainers of these fine ex-racers want to know that the horses they loved are still being well cared for.

We will attempt to keep visitors to the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site posted on the successful transitions of our horses. Please help us by sending your photos and stories.

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Secret is now living in Aiken, SC




Grayboo - gray thoroughbred for sale
Photo copyright Elizabeth Wood


Photo copyright Mark Walter Lehner.
Go to HoofClix to see more photos of Grayboo. Thank you Mark for the use of these beautiful photos!!!

OTTB jumping photo copyright Mark Walter Lehner.Go to to see more photos of Grayboo.


Grayboo - SOLD!

Grayboo is kind and sensible. He is a lover. Grayboo is very talented and loves to jump. He is also brave and will gallop through water without hesitation. He has the talent to go to the highest levels of eventing or jumping. He expects his rider to be as talented and sensitive as he is. Congratulations to Amanda Lynn Cunefare on her purchase of Grayboo. Look for him doing Pony Club events and combined training.

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Austins Wolf at home in Davie Florida.

Austin's Wolf won Grand Champion at his first show for his new mom Laurie Flebotte of Davie, Florida!

Austin Wolf won Grand Champion at his first show!

Austin's Wolf - SOLD!

Austin's Wolf is a joy to ride and he is the favorite horse of our dressage riders. He showed great talent and a willingness to do any thing. "Wolfie" was been ridden by beginners and advanced dressage riders and all equally enjoyed his laid back personality and talent. Austin's Wolf has the talent to be very successful as a competition horse. He is too talented to go to a beginner although he is quiet enough. Congratulations to Laurie Flebotte of Davie, Florida on her purchase of Austin's Wolf.

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El Armstrong and Jessica Crafton - January 15, 2006
El Armstrong and Jessica Crafton
- January 15, 2006
El Armstrong is a solidly built horse with a quiet easy temperment.

El Armstrong - SOLD!

El Armstrong is a big, quiet and gentle horse. He has the movement of a warmblood and should excel in hunters, dressage and eventing. He has extensive time trail riding and has been ridden with just a halter and a lead rope.

El Armstrong aka "Lance" will be boarding and training at Bits & Bytes Farm with his new family Jennifer and her daughter Jessica Crafton. Jennifer's mom Pat Bembas will assist with the training.

See El Armstrong's sale photos.

Coming soon: El Armstrong's Success Stories.


Charlie with Lana and Alyssa Hendrickson.
Charlie with Lana and Alyssa Hendrickson.
December 2005
Charlie with Lana and Alyssa Hendrickson.

Charlie - SOLD!

Charlie is almost black. He came to us as a wooly chocolate brown from being outside 24/7. Charlie slipped through the cracks and was never registered. At the age of six there was really no point in registering or racing him. We always knew that Charlie deserved to have his own "little girl". He has the heart of a golden retriever and he is very talented. We are thrilled that he has found a wonderful home with a very special family and his own "little girl" 11 year old Alyssa Hendrickson.

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Megan Brown and Irish Morning Mist

Megan Brown and Irish Morning Mist
Megan Brown and Irish Morning Mist

Irish Morning Mist- SOLD!

Irish Morning Mist is a horse we sold several years ago. Irish's mom is a doctor with two young children and not enough time for her career, her children and a talented young horse. Dr. Rachel Black asked us to help her market Irish. She felt confident that we will only sell him to a good home.

UPDATE: Irish has found his perfect partner in Megan Brown. Megan took on Irish as a project this fall and fell in love with his personality. Even though Megan is only 16, she was able to purchase Irish without help from her family. Congratulations Megan! We are very proud of you. Irish will continue to board at Bits & Bytes Farm.

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Buckeye Buckaroo and
Buckeye Buckaroo aka "Halo" with his new
buddy, Dreamer, and his new dad Stephen.
"Halo" is 17.1+ hands tall. Dreamer makes
him look like a pony. January 10, 2006

Buckeye Buckaroo has found Amy Wylly to be his new mom.
Buckeye Buckaroo has found Amy Wylly
to be his new mom.

Buckeye Buckaroo - SOLD!

Buckeye Buckaroo is by Blue Buckaroo by Buckaroo who is the son of Buckpasser. He was bred in the Buckeye state - Ohio. Whew! He is did not get his name because he bucks! This boy is a sweet gentle giant like our Knight Villain. He and Knight look very similar. There is a peaceful kindness that you will feel when you are around this beautiful boy.

Amy Wylly's is Buckeye Buckaroo's new mom. He will be moving with her to a large farm in East Tennessee.

See Buckeye Buckaroo's sale photos.

Coming soon: Buckeye Buckaroo 's Success Stories.

Artic Vic

Artic Vic and his new mom Jennifer Bliss.

Artic Vic

Artic Vic - SOLD!

Artic Vic is a diamond in the rough. He raced only seven times at three. He has been doing nothing since then but hanging out with his brothers on the farm he was born on. We purchased him from his breeder and brought him to the farm for resale.

"Vic" adjusted like he had always been here. He is quiet and easy to handle. He is a perfect gentleman going in and out to pasture. He has been ridden and he was so well behaved on the first ride that Elizabeth took him on a short trail ride.

Artic Vic is an intelligent horse who seems to learn very quickly. He is green about bending but he is not "goosey" to your legs. He is learning to take contact and reach down into the bit. He has already trotted over poles and a small cross-rail fence.

Congratulations to Jennifer Bliss!

See Artic Vic's sale photos page.


Honor and Valor
Honor and Valor will be staying at Bits & Bytes
Farm as a boarder.
Honor and Valor with new mom Dana McLean.

Honor and Valor - SOLD!

"Val" is 16.3 hands tall and still growing at just four years old. He reminds us of a Great Dane puppy. He is so happy.

Honor and Valor has found a wonderful family to love and train him. He has a great mind and a kind temperament.

He was quickly purchased by "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm" Dana McLean and her son Jordie. "Val" will continue to board at Bits & Bytes Farm. Check back for more Honor and Valor Success stories.

Congratulations Dana and Jordie!

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Painted Dancer and new mom Ashley Rogers.
Painted Dancer and new mom Ashley Rogers.
Painted Dancer and new mom Ashley Rogers.

Painted Dancer - SOLD!

Painted Dancer was a Prospect Horse who never even made it to our Prospect Horses page.

Painted Dancer's photos arrived by e-mail and he was sold within the hour to Ashley Rogers. We had been e-mailing and talking on the phone with Ashley about the kind of horse she was looking for. She was needed a big horse but had a small horse budget. We helped her solved that problem by finding her a prospect horse.

Painted Dancer is close to 17 hands tall! What a lovely match they make.

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Sand Trapper and Kristi Spivey of Dothan, AL

Sand Trapper lives up to his name - rolling in the sand.
Sand Trapper lives up to his name
- rolling in the sand.

Sand Trapper - Former Prospect Horse - April 2005 - SOLD!

Kristi Spivey is the lucky new owner of Sand Trapper who was our April 2005 Prospect Three Horse for Sale.

Kristi had him vetted at the track and shipped to Dothan, Alabama where he will be living on her beautiful farm -- and maybe doing some competitions in the near future. Kristi has the experience and training to teach Sand Trapper all he needs to know to be successful in a new career.

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Shenandoah King

Shenandoah King will remain at Bits & Bytes Farm with his dad Rob and mom Angela Jett. Watch for lots of success stories on this fancy boy!

Rob Jett and Shenandoah King

Shenandoah King - SOLD!

Shenandoah King's dam is a daughter of Secretariat. Shenandoah King's sire, King of Kings, is shuttled for stud services in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Untied States and Switzerland. He was the Champion NZ Sire of 2YOs in 2002-03.

"King" is very calm and quiet. He showed no speed for racing. He quickly became a favorite with all the "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm" wanting to ride him. "King" shows tremedous potential in dressage and jumping.

Shenandoah King as been sold to a Bits & Bytes Farm "family" member - Rob Jett, husband of Angela and father of Hoopla our dressage star boarder. It pays to have an "inside track" and a "family" connection!

Shenandoah Kings's sale photo pages 1, 2 SOLD!

Missilery at the track. - June Prospect Horse Six.
Shannon meets Missilery for the first time, at the track. He was our former June 2005 Prospect Horse Six.

Missilery was the June Prospect Horse Six.

Missilery - Former Prospect Horse - June 2005 - SOLD!

Shannon Darby was first to call on June 2005 Prospect Horse Six . Shannon loved the photos and a phone call confirmed that he had the temperament and soundness for a career in eventing. Shannon and her Mom, Mary, decided to come along for the ride to the track to pick up their new purchase.

Shannon hopes to be competing in combined training events in the near future.

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Austin's Wolf - Thoroughbreds for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Light Artillery has been purchased by Kriston Glushko of Georgia.
"Artie" is now called "Artimus" (because he's now one of the three Muskateers!).

Light Artillery - SOLD!

Light Artillery is a five year old chestnut who is calm about everything. He has wonderful free and straight walk and he is about as laid back as a horse can be. He is a gentleman.

Kriston had first purchased Austin Wolf as as a Prospect Horse. It turn out that he did not get along with her mare and aged gelding when he went home after training.

Kriston asked for help and we suggested she take home Light Artillery ("Artie"). "Artie" went home and met the other two horses -eveyone got along just fine.

On our ride home, we gave him the nickname of "Artie". "Party with Artie" was the phrase of the day. He was so fun and easy to work around and load. He is always ready to be snuggled on. It seems like nothing will upset him. Read more about how Kriston and "Artie" became a team under Austin's Wolf's description.

Light Artillery has been purchased by Kriston Glusko of Georgia.

Light Artillery's sales photo page 1

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El Piasso feels right at home at Little Venice Stables in Leesburg, VA.

El Piasso feels right at home at Little Venice Stables in Leesburg, VA.


El Piasso and his new mom Shannon Venezia
El Piasso and his new mom Shannon Venezia of Little Venice Stables in Leesburg, VA.

El Piasso - Former Prospect Horse - June 2005- SOLD!

El Piasso was a Prospect Horse for Sale on our June Prospect Horses page. We decided to buy him and bring him to the farm and we were on our way to pick him up at the farm in Kentucky.

Elizabeth call home to check messages and there was one from Shannon Venezia calling about a prospect horse. She quickly returned her call only to learn that Shannon wanted El Piasso for herself! We returned to the farm and took some more photos and close ups of him with our cell phone and sent them to Shannon for the final OK.

Shannon said she wanted him shipped from Kentucky directly to Virginia to save costs. We made arrangements for him to stay at the farm until he could be picked up by a commercial hauler on Monday. El Piasso is now in Virginia with his new mom! Congratulations Shannon on a fantastic purchase!

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Mississippi Sam

Mohave and Mississippi Sam
I have to say that the whole process of buying a horse was very stressful to me. When I bought Mohave I had the help of a trainer, but I was on my own this time, and I was really nervous about it. But every time I'm finished riding Sam, I think about how he is EXACTLY the horse I wanted. I want to think you for all of your help. I think you definently have an eye for good matches. Sam is perfect for me, and I'm thrilled with him. You know who else loves Sam- my other horse, Mohave. They are best friends out in the pasture. In the evening when they're being turned out, the workers only lead lead Mohave and just turn Sam loose because Sam follows Mohave where ever he goes. - Cecile

Mississippi Sam - SOLD!

Mississippi Sam very talented and sensitive. He has the althletisim and movement to be a top level event horse.

Sam was lightly raced a total of eight times. He retired sound and is still sound and ready for a new (more successful) career as a sport horse. He loves to jump!

Congratulations to Cecilia Roach on her purchase of Mississippi Sam! Want a gray horse? Check out Grayboo instead.

See Mississippi Sam's photo pages.

From Cecile:

Hi Elizabeth, I thought that you might like to hear how Sam's doing. We had our first lesson today, and it went wonderfully. My new trainer, named Laurel, absolutely loved him. She says she's really excited to work with us because Sam has so much potential. We had a dressage-based lesson where we spent a lot of time on a circle. He keeps amazing me by how quickly he catches on to things. He was able to really bend through the turns and reach down into the
bridle. He was even able to do a really good counter bend while on a circle. At the end we tried turns on the forehand. I don't know if he's ever worked on that before, but he was really good at it. He was also able to round up and balance really nicely while catering. Laurel kept commenting on what a pleasant expression he has. He enjoys being ridden and he's eager to learn and obey. I'm really excited about working with Laurel. I love the way she teaches. So in conclusion, we're doing great! Hopefully I can get some pictures to you soon. I'll be in touch- Cecile


Chick's Hope and Dr. Jennifer Dunlap

Chick's Hope and Dr. Jennifer Dunlap



Darcy and Jessica make a great pair,
destined for greatness!


Our Boy Darcy - SOLD!

Our Boy Darcy has found a special mom in Jessica Wyatt. "Darcy" was Barry's "Special Reserve" horse. "Darcy" has great talent and a kind and loving personality. He needed to find someone who would allow him to go on to greatness and at the same time give him the love and attention he craved. His talents were not fully utilized at our farm.

Jessica is the perfect mom for "Darcy". She will be showing him and continuing her training with him. Watch for great things to come of this match. Congratulations Jessica. Barry would not let this horse go to you if it was not such a perfect match. We look forward to lots of "Success Stories" from this pair.

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Chouette Player and his new mom Betsy Schoettlin

Chouette Player and his new mom Betsy Schoettlin

Chouette Player and his new mom Betsy Schoettlin of Los Angeles, CA

Chouette Player- SOLD!

Chouette Player is a gorgeous big boned Thoroughbred with a great disposition. He settled in quickly and became friends with Knight Villain in the pasture. They almost look like twins. He has tremendous talent for dressage and he does enjoy jumping logs on the trails.

"Player" will be moving cross country to Los Angeles to live with his new mom - world renowned chocolatier - Betsy Schoettlin of Serendipity Chocolates. Betsy tried to trade chocolates for "Player". We said no thank you because her chocolates are so good, we knew we would put on too much weight if we did that deal. We hope to get Betsy to create a line of "Bits & Bytes Farm Chocolates" for our visitors to the farm.

Betsy plans to compete with Chouette Player in dressage and plans to enjoy riding the many trails through the canyons of Palos Verdes Estates. Congratulations Betsy!!!!

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Take me to Serendipity Chocolates!
Chick's Hope and Dr. Jennifer Dunlap Chick's Hope and Dr. Jennifer Dunlap

Chicks Hope- SOLD!

We had her sold once off our Prospect Horses' page, but the trainer decided to run her a few more times, and they buyer changed her mind. That worked to the advantage of Jennifer Dunlap, DVM. You might remember that she bought Wiseguy's Out from us in January. Just like several of our buyers, she could not stop at just one Thoroughbred! Chick's Hope will live the good life on Dr. Dunlap's 80 acre farm in Tennessee. She will become a broodmare to produce Irish sport horses for eventing. In the meantime, she may do some dressage and eventing competitions herself. Chick's Hope retired sound from a successful racing career.


Miss with Attitude"Dr. Laura" has now purchased three Prospect Horses from Bits & Bytes Farm.

Prospect Horse - Miss with Attitude and her new family


Miss with Attitude - aka "Poco"- SOLD!

This miss is a Danzig granddaughter and she has the same sire as Wise Guy's Out. She is just four years old and 15'1 but still growing. She has a heavier quarter horse build. She loves to be ridden, has a great personality. Her trainer says she is very friendly, should go right into whatever you want her to do. She is sound. This horse is a character and well loved by the trainer.

Look for Poco to be doing dressage and low level eventing with her new mom Laura Durham-Dixon in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Miss with Attitude was our February 2005 Prospect Horse One. Read "How to Buy a Prospect Horse". It's the least expensive way to get one of the horses we like.

Miss with Attitude's photo page 1.

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Cloned Colony and mom Sally Thomas Congratulations Sally Thomas on the purchase of Cloned Colony!

Cloned Colony- SOLD!

Cloned Colony is a very pretty dark bay ( almost black) twin to Joe Bear. He should mature to 17+ hands. He has large feet that will carry his weight. He has bigger bone than Joe Bear but he is very similar in his movement. He was foaled March 27, 2001.

Pleasant Colony is his great grandsire on his sire's side. Pleasant Colony won two legs of the Kentucky Derby and finished third in the last leg. On his dam's side is the famous Alydar who finished second in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes to Triple Crown winner Affirmed. Alydar was the Leading Sire in North America in 1990 and the only horse to finish second in all three Triple Crown races (1978).

Cloned Colony will continue his training at Bits & Bytes Farm with his new mom Sally Thomas.

Cloned Colony's sale photo pages.

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Wiseguy's Out and his new mom Jennifer Dunlap, DVM

Wiseguy's Out and his new mom Jennifer Dunlap, DVM

Wiseguy's Out

Wiseguy's Out- SOLD!

Wiseguy's Out is a true "Black Beauty". He is well behaved for the farrier and when being clipped. He stands quietly even while his ears are clipped. Wiseguy's fox hunts! He is well mannered in the hunt field and is now jumping small fences at home.

He is a grandson of Danzig who is popular with people looking for eventing prospects. Also in his family: Alydar, Mr. Prospector, Buckpasser, Nearctic, Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Princequillo, Nashua, Sir Gaylord and Nasrullah

Wiseguy's Out's sale photo pages.

Wiseguy's Out's Success Stories page.


Straw Boy and Dr. Moore
Straw Boy and Dr. Harry Moore.
Straw Boy

Straw Boy- SOLD!

Straw Boy was born February 3, 1998. He is a 16.1 hand chestnut gelding who came to us after being off-the track for a year doing dressage and jumping for eventing. He is a solidly built Thoroughbred with very good breeding. His entire race career consists of running just three times as a five year old.

Straw Boy will continue his event training with his new owner Dr. Harry Moore of Atlanta, Georgia and Andrews, North Carolina. It is no surprise that Dr. Moore likes Straw Boy's build. He first came to the farm to try Secret and he just missed out on buying him. Dr. Moore was quick to act this time!

Straw Boy's photo page 1, 2

Bullet Again was a Throoughbred horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Bullet Again and mom Rosemarie

Bullet Again has been sold!

Bullet Again- SOLD!

Bullet Again is a 1998 model, 16.1 hand bay Thoroughbred gelding.
He is Beautifully well built and well bred. Bullet Again has a fantastic mind and a gorgeous body. Right off-the-track is was quiet and willing to ride on our trails without spooking. He is a very intelligent horse and he has already proven himselve to be a quick learner. We went searching for him for Rosemarie who has now purchased TWO horses from us.

May 2005

Bullet Again continues to board and train at Bits & Bytes Farm with his mom Rosemarie. They hope to begin his eventing career later this year.

Bullet Again's sales photo page.


Ace's Angel waiting to surprise her new mom Shelby.

Ace's Angel and her new family.
Ace's Angel's new family.


Ace's Angel waiting to surprise her new mom Shelby.


Ace's Angel - SOLD!

Dark bay, 15.1+ hand Thoroughbred mare with wonderful gaits.
Dressage, eventing, hunter/jumper she can do it all.

"Angel" blossomed into a beautiful horse this spring. We did not realize that a gorgeous horse was hidden under a heavy winter coat. She had put on weight and muscle and has become one of the prettiest horses in the barn.

Angel's got her own little girl!! Congratulations Shelby!! Watch for the story of how her dad surprised Shelby with the horse of her dreams - soon to come on her success stories page!

Ace's Angel's sales photo page.



Dueln Lit'l Joe is his registered name. He is nine years old and about 16.2 hands.




We spotted Willie on the walker with two other gray horses. It took a few months before the trainer was willing to let him go but he did, and now Willie has a wonderful non racing home in Greenville, SC.

"Willy is the ham of the barn and wants all the attention.  Because of the gross hours I have put into work since November he has been ridded lightly.  In the last month I have ridden him almost daily and he is great.  He has not had so much as a sniffle since coming here.  He is completely let down from racing and ready to move on to learn a new career besides trail riding." 


Willie - SOLD! - August 30, 2006

Willie was a request that we fulfilled for a friend from Greenville, SC. in November 2004. Candice Robertson wanted a big gray gelding that she could love on and trail ride. We found Willie for her and waited for the trainer to decide to sell him. It took about five months but Candice thinks that Willie was worth the wait.

UPDATE August 28, 2006: Candice sadly needs to find a new home for Willie after owning him for almost two years. Can you help? He is sound for any career.

UPDATE August 30, 2006: Candice has a new home for both horses! Watch for their new owner's Success Stories soon.

Willie is for sale again Willie is 16.2 hands.

He Named Me Katie is a Thoroughbred broodmare prospect who can be lightly ridden by children.

He Named Me Katie is a Thoroughbred broodmare prospect
who can be lightly ridden by children.


Candice is also sold He Named Me Katie. We placed both horses for sale on our Web site and they were sold in four days!
SOLD! August 30, 2006

He Named Me Katie

"Katie" was one of our 25 Special horses and she needs a special home. She is quiet enough for a child to ride but she is really only sound for use as a broodmare.

"Katie is one of the sweetest horses I have ever owned and my 8 year old daughter has taken over care of her. She has no problem with her what so ever. I noticed a very slight limp with her on occasion and decided to have my vet look her over. It was discovered that she has very little cartlidge left in her ankle joint. My vet says that it was probably an old injury. He suggest using her for breeding only to ensure she is never in any pain."

He Named Me Katie


Secret and his new mom Marianne. Secret - unraced Thoroughbred horse for sale

Secret - SOLD!

16.0+ hand Thoroughbred gelding with big bone and a laid back and loving personality.

Secret came to us as an unraced four year old with a wonderful temperament and attitude. We brought him in from the pastures of Kentucky where he was bred and raised. He was going a very easy horse to train.

Secret went on a three hour trail ride and he behaved like an old quarter horse trail pony. This horse will make a great fox hunter or dressage horse. He galloped with the other Thoroughbreds and then stood quietly. He learned to cross creeks and even enjoyed splashing in them.

Secret has the personality of his half brother Fame who was purchased by a beginner rider as a three year old. Read about them on our "success stories" page. Secret has found a mom!

Secret's sales photos pages.


Baileysontherocks and Joshua
Baileysontherocks at his new home
with his new best buddy.

Baileysontherocks and Joshua

Baileysontherocks and Joshua


Baileysontherocks - SOLD!

Baileysontherocks is Sir Cahill's older brother - by one year. Bailey and Sir Cahill share a famous relative - 2004 Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Smarty Jones. Their dam's sire (maternal grandfather) is the same as Smarty Jones'. Smile is his name. Read about Smarty Jones on his official Web site.

Bailey is a gorgeous chestnut who we purchased directly from his breeder/trainer. Bailey retired sound from racing and has been extremely well cared for. He will make an excellent horse for Joshua Schuyler who hopes to join Pony Club. Bailey has a "can do" personality and he wants to be a pet. His personality is a perfect match for Josh.

Baileysontherocks sales photo pages 1, 2, 3

Baileysontherocks Success Stories.


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