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Miss with Attitude at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Miss with Attitude aka "Poco" with her old trainer and her new family.


Miss with Attitude aka "POCO" is lead off the trailer by her former race trainer upon arriving at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Miss with Attitude aka "POCO" quickly settled down to enjoy the green grass at Bits & Bytes Farm in Canton, Georgia.



Miss with Attitude aka "POCO" is lead off the trailer by her former race trainer upon arriving at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Miss with Attitude aka "POCO" is lead off the trailer by her former race trainer upon arriving at Bits & Bytes Farm.



February Prospect One

February Prospect One - SOLD!


Shamrock Hounds Hunter Pace

Shamrock Hounds Hunter Pace


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Miss with Attitude aka "Pooky"

May 15, 2007

Miss With Attitude and Josh aka "Dudley" May 2007.
Miss With Attitude and Josh aka "Dudley" May 2007.

March 24, 2007

Miss with Attitude at the Shamrock Hounds Pony Club Hunter Pace. March 24, 2007
Take along some "friends" when going on a new adventure.

Miss with Attitude.

October 28, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,

We did go to the Ashland Farms Haunted Hollow Hunter Pace last weekend, and it was really fun. Maybe you guys can come next year.

I have to tell you, though, that the camera curse has not been entirely lifted. I had trouble with my battery charger before, but I thought that I had fixed it when I figured out it was unplugged (I guess an animal or someone who needed the socket). I didn't realize that the charger didn't work at all, so the "charged" batteries I put in the camera went dead pretty quickly. I'm learning! I did get a few pictures I am sending.

Artic Vic, No Shrinking Violet and Miss With Atitude - October 28, 2006
Artic Vic, No Shrinking Violet and Miss With Atitude - October 28, 2006

All three horses ( Artic Vic aka "Phillip", Miss with Attitude aka "Pooky", No Shrinking Violet aka Nellie and) did really well, especially for being in a new place doing new things with lots of new horses.

I did want to ask you - how do you carry your camera when you're riding and taking pictures? There has to be a trick to it that I don't know. I promise to do better with the camera.


CAMERA TIP from ELIZABETH: I carry the camera on a strap that goes across one shoulder to my hip. I slide the camera toward my back when I gallop. I sometimes have the strap under a coat so that the coat will keep it from flopping. If I have a small camera, I attach the camera case to the breast plate and pull it out when needed. I keep the camera strap connected to the breast plate even while shooting in case I need to drop the camera (or do it by accident). See the photo to the right. That way the camera will not hit the ground. Warning: I have lost one camera in the pond when Snake Proof decided to take me for a swim.

Camera techniques on horseback.


October 18. 2006

Hi Elizabeth,

Believe it or not, I think I might be making progress with the camera. I took a class at the UGA Griffin campus here and, as soon as I finish picking the light fixtures for our new house, I'm going to send you some pictures. I am taking Pooky and the camera to Ashland Farms hunter pace Oct. 28th. Dudley (Josh) is doing fine. He is the sweetest thing. I rode him the other day in the dressage ring. He was a little concerned about his girlfriend in the field but did well. I will send pictures soon!


September 5, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to let you know that we took Miss with Attitude aka "Pooky" and
No Shrinking Violet aka "Nellie" to Big Bear yesterday to school. We have just started doing a little jumping at home, so it's very new to them both.

Pooky went out on the cross-country course and jumped over everything (biggest was BN/Novice) I asked her to. She'd never jumped logs before but didn't blink an eye. She did look at the novice ditch, but after following Lisa's horse once, did it on her own. She went up and down banks; did look at the down but went; no problem going up. We couldn't test the water because it was dry, but she's done water before.

I jumped things on her that I really am nervous about jumping with Dawn, but it wasn't AT ALL scary! She is such a great horse! She seems to be having fun. She likes to get going fast between jumps, but comes right back when I ask her to.

Nellie did well also, but she is a little more excited by new things and places. She went over a bunch of amoeba and tadpole stuff and did fine. She is such a pretty mover and her white hind socks look really neat in her trot as they alternate. Okay, I'm done bragging for today.

I hope things are well with you and Barry.


August 1, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to let you know how the gang is doing and to ask a canter lead question. Since you helped me with feeding issues, Pooky (aka "Miss with Attitude")has gained lots of weight and looks really good. Leslie rides Nellie (aka "Noshrinking Violet") regularly and loves her. Her other TB is a 16.2 chestnut mare, so she calls them "my big chestnut TB mare" and "my little chestnut TB mare". We've started riding Dudley (aka "Josh"); he is very calm and willing. After the first time we rode him, we untacked him and turned him loose. We had another horse in the crossties, and he came in the wash rack (it is open to the outside of the barn), turned around, and stood there waiting for another turn. He always comes up for at least a pat as soon as we get there.I've been riding Pooky a fair amount and am still working on softening.

My canter lead question: do you have a suggestion for getting the right lead? She takes the canter very willingly, but rarely gets the right lead. I've tried weight in the right stirrup, small circles to the right, going over a pole, lunging... Sometimes she'll get it, and maybe I just need to keep trying, but if you have another idea, I'd love to hear it. She never gets upset and will try all day long, so that part is wonderful.

I see from your web site that you're branching out to help even more horses. I tell people about you whenever the subject comes up.

Thanks for all your help to me,

Elizabeth's Training Notes: If a horse does not willingly pick up a lead it could be a sign that the horse is out of alignment or just needs to get more balanced. A chiropractic adjustment and some lateral work usually solves the canter lead issue. Lunging on the lunge line with side reins will strengthen the horses muscles without having to balance a rider's weight. When the horse is strong and healthy, the leads will be easy to get.

February 13, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,  
We put a saddle on "Nellie" (No Shrinking Violet) yesterday and she was great.  I've been riding Pooky (Miss with Attitude - her photos are featured on our "How to buy a Prospect Horse" page) and think I'll take her to a show at Big Bear in March.  I'll get some pictures and get them to you!  Really!


September 2005

Hi Elizabeth, 

First, I wanted to tell you how great Poco (now Pooky,  I always loved Garfield's teddy bear) is doing.  She is enjoying our pastures and her new friends (we have seven other horses plus one boarder).  She has put on weight and hasn't had any problems. Leslie has been riding her and was sort of surprised at her calmness. Leslie has another Thoroughbred mare that takes no effort to get going,  if you get my drift. Pooky is very laid back and, while not initially familiar with cavaletti,  jumps, etc.,  she was not at all bothered or worried by them and is very willing to try anything. 

I know I have said this before,  but I really will get some pictures to you eventually! 

Laura Durham

February 2005

We arranged for the trainer of 2005 February Prospect Horse One to deliver the Miss with Attitude to Bits & Bytes Farm as we were having another horse brought to us from the track as well. New mom Laura Durham-Dixon, was waiting at Bits & Bytes Farm when the horse was delivered. After a "look over" we turned the horse out into the pasture to see how she moved. She was lovely. Soon she was loaded onto another trailer for the short ride home to Griffin, Georgia and the start of a new life away from the racetrack.

Congratulations to Laura Durham-Dixon on the purchase of 2005 February Prospect Horse One - Miss with Attitude aka "Poco".

From Laura:

Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your hospitality yesterday and for knowing Becky and finding Poco! We made it to Griffin without any problems-thankfully the thunderstorm held off till later. I took her to my trainer's barn for at least the first couple of days. We don't live at our land yet, and I have to work, so I will take her over to the land later this week when I can be out there and make sure she settles in alright. Our other horses out there are pretty easygoing, but you know how they have to get all excited when somebody new comes in. She made friends with my Oldenburg (that you met at Imti/Gigi last year) at Lisa's barn last night.

I really enjoyed meeting Becky and seeing Linda again. Thanks again, and I'll keep you posted on how we're doing!


Miss with Attitude aka "POCO" enjoying the pasture at Bits & Bytes Farm.
Miss with Attitude ak a"POCO" enjoying the pasture at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Miss with Attitude stretching her legs upon arriving at Bits & Bytes Farm from the racetrack in Kentucky.
Miss with Attitude stretching her legs upon arriving at Bits & Bytes Farm from the racetrack in Kentucky.

Miss with Attitude and her trainer at Bits & Bytes Farm
Miss with Attitude looks over Bits & Bytes Farm.

Checking out the Miss with Attitude a prospect horse delivered to Bits & Bytes Farm.
Miss with Attitude is looked over by her new mom and "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm", Paula.

February - Horse for Sale - Prospect One
Miss with Attitude and at the race track in Kentucky.

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