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Austins Wolf at home in Davie Florida.

Austins Wolf at home in Davie Florida. Click here to see his former Horses for Sale photo pages.


Austin's Wolf has made it to his new home in Florida.

Austin's Wolf has made it to his new home in Florida. - January 25, 2006




Austins Wolf and Laurie - January 15, 2006

Austin's Wolf and Laurie at Bits & Bytes Farm - January 15, 2006




Former Bits & Bytes Farm Prospect Horse for Sale - Austin's Wolf. - June 2005

Austin's Wolf begins his new life as sport horse. - June 2005


Austin's Wolf and his mom Laurie Flebotte of Davie, Florida at their first show.

Austin's Wolf and his mom Laurie Flebotte of Davie, Florida at their first show.


Former Bits & Bytes Farm Prospect Horse for Sale - Austin's Wolf. - June 2005

Former Bits & Bytes Farm June 2005 Prospect Horse for Sale - Austin's Wolf at home now in Georgia. - June 2005


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Austin's Wolf

Austin's Wolfe brings home ANOTHER Championship ribbon. - March 4, 2007
Austin's Wolfe brings home ANOTHER Championship ribbon. - March 4, 200

May 24, 2007

Hi Elizabeth;

A quick update on our last experience at the Horse Show in Tropical Park in Miami.... we had a lot of first time experiences!

I helped out a friend and Wolfie had a trailer buddy on the ride to the show! He did fine on the ride. The other horse did not want load and Wolfie did get impatient.....

He spent the night out and had his first sleep over at the show grounds! (He seemed fine, I was a wreck.)

We had our first jumping experience in the covered arena !

It was over the 'fancy hunter' jumps with flowers and walls and panels and all sorts of new things!

And it was over something closer to real jumps - the 2'3" division

He did the fences fine.... a little leary of things first time around but no refusals or knockdowns and I was pleased as we did actually place in one of the over fences classes.

Our biggest issue was the distraction of all the other horses.... he especially was unsettled with horses coming at him the opposite way schooling!

Soooo I need to get him out more 'in company' as he is a good boy all the time at home and it's just 'mileage'.... I keep forgetting he is just 5....

Josh is off in Galapagos so no photos to be had....

Hope all is well with you at B&B - my regards to all..... especially Barry!


March 24, 2007

Hi Elizabeth - a quick update but no pictures (sorry).

It was a beautiful day in Florida on Saturday. The turn out at the show was larger than last time, the new management is making a difference for the better....

We entered Training Level Tests 1,2, and 3 this time out as I wanted to challenge us. Wolfie was much better about the whole process... less neighing and calmer about things... only one horse eating thing today.....

The sequence of tests was 3 first, then 2 and 1.... We scored high 50's on 3 and 2, low 60s in test 1 and won the class for that score. We place 4th in the other two tests... not our best day but all in all a good one. He loaded well, was much less anxious about the sights and sounds and relaxed well in his stall.

Regard to all at B&B!

Here is a quote from the woman that runs the shows.... we email... thought you would enjoy this....although you may pop some shirt buttons....

"I thought he looked like a model for "hunters-r-us". He just moved so smoothly and cheerfully."

" I watched your ride, and I thought you had a lot of really good movements. Your boy is such a cutie. My only critique would be to get more "uphill" in the canter and forward in the walk trot, but that might ruin him for your hunter frame..... But he really knows his job, and does it SO cheerfully. You really scored when you bought him."

Elizabeth's Note: Austin's Wolf has shown himself to be multi-talented winning blue ribbons in hunter classes, jumper classes and dressage! Most Thoroughbred horses will do whatever you ask, as long as you patiently explain to them what is expected. Read Light Artillery's stories to see how well he has transistioned to a life of western and English riding styles.
Congratulations to Laurie and "Wolfie" - now onto eventing . . .

March 4, 2007
Well Elizabeth, you asked and Wolfie delivered . . .

We went in the Novice Hunter Division - 2'....  He schooled very well, but in the classes there was so much activity he was a little distracted. Not our best day - 4 red ribbons.... but it was good enough to get the blue red and yellow tri-color!

We are working up...  he is bored with the low fences so I need to get my act together to keep up with him.....

Next outing is dressage on the 24th...


Elizabeth's Note: Laurie set me an e-mail to let me know that she and Austin's Wolf would be attending another show - this time doing hunters. I jokingly sent her back an e-mail requesting a new Championship ribbon photo for our Web site's home page. "Wolie and Laurie" obliged. Well done and congratulations! God says. "Ask and ye shall recieve."

Austin's Wolf is an OTTB who competes in dressage, hunters and jumpers and wins at all of them!
Austin's Wolf is an OTTB who competes in dressage, hunters and jumpers and wins at all of them! March 4, 2007

February 18, 2007

Austin's Wolf at the Suncoast horse show in Florida - February 7, 2007

As planned, we were off to Planation Acres for a little Jumper schooling show.....

Of course we had not bargained for cold rain and 20-mph winds pushing a cold front through! Fortunately we were able to delay the start of the show until the rain had stopped as turnout was light (probably not helped by the rain).

With all that wind going on, there were monsters everywhere initially but after we worked for 45 minutes Wolfie was more like his normal self. I did not however need spurs.... lack of energy was not an issue today. Because it was a schooling show, we were able to school in the ring which helped put him at ease.

" We did two classes at the Beginner 2'-2'3" level... and since this is still new to him, we were not cutting for time in the jump offs.... My plan was to go clean, using this as a warm up/schooling for the Hunter Show in a couple weeks. As Aunt Elizabeth predicted, Wolfie did not knock anything down and we finished with a third and fourth."


We did two classes at the Beginner 2'-2'3" level... and since this is still new to him, we were not cutting for time in the jump offs.... My plan was to go clean, using this as a warm up/schooling for the Hunter Show in a couple weeks.

As Aunt Elizabeth predicted, Wolfie did not knock anything down and we finished with a third and fourth. I was very happy with him as none of the fences bothered him at all.... (things blowing around in the wind were a little unsettling at times). There were all sorts of new experiences.... a one stride in and out, a swedish oxer, and a couple regular ramped oxers... with of course panels and verticals..... There was a Wishing Well fence - with the wells as wings and flower pots buckets moving in the breeze and a 'skinny' that we had to get to very precisely as it was narrow - I would say 6'. All in all a good day!

I think the dressage work has helped him immensely with his balance and carriage. I plan to continue with it as it livens up the flat work to ride parts of a test and helps us develop precise transitions.

A friend was taking video and if I get a disk, I will see if we can send a copy along....

Regard to everyone at B&B.

February 7, 2007

Here are overdue pictures of "The Wolf" from our most recent adventure.  We did Training Level 1 and 2 and scored in the low 60's.  I was pleased with him considering we have not worked with anyone instructor-wise for dressage and don't have a 'real arena' to practice in at home.

He was a little animated while we were warming up and quite tense off and on in Test 1 but did better in Test 2.....  There were of course monsters in the bushes around the arena.... and he had never seen a dressage arena before.

Of course I was the only rider there in a close contact jumping saddle but that added to the fun!  There were a couple of the dedicated dressage riders with fancy WBs  and we scored better than one and tied the other!  Not bad for a baby TB coming 5...

My heart still longs for the fences but this was a nice way to get him out and about again. 

I am interested to hear what you think of him a little more grown up.

Our best to all at B&B.

Elizabeth's Note: Austin's Wolf was our BAYby and he was just the most laid back and wonderfully easy horse to train. He retired at three because he was so quiet he did not want to run races. Our Prospect Horse Geronimo has the same personality according to his trainer who was also "Wolfie's" trainer at the track. Thoroughbreds are multi-talented and Austin's Wolf shows that they can compete in hunters, dressage and equitation. Laurie has the ribbons to prove it!

We are very proud of Laurie and "Wolfie". It is so rewarding to watch our horses go on to successful careers after racing in a home that offers them the love and support they need when they first retire from racing. Austin's Wolf's body is reshaping as he grows and he is just getting better looking everyday. Read down this page and see his earlier photos.

Austin's Wolf at the Suncoast horse show in Florida - February 7, 2007
Austin's Wolf did attended a Dressage show and competited in Training Level 1 and 2. He scored in the low 60's beating out and tying some warmbloods. 

Austin's Wolf at the Suncoast horse show in Florida - February 7, 2007

February 4, 2007

Sure some pretty horses on that web site!

Anyway - my pretty horse and I are planning going to a dressage show Saturday..... Training Level tests 1 and 2 are planned. Josh is assisting so will try to get you some pictures!

Best to Barry...

January 21, 2007

Dear Elizabeth and Barry;

We had a session with Carl (Bessette) today.... Another rider and horse joined us for about a 90 minute intense flat work session..... that was good for Wolfie because we ride alone so much that going around with other horses still unnerves him a little.....

Anyway.... I am beat.... not sure about the horse! He is probably fine....

Wolfie was the model for correct turn on haunches, shoulder in, correct halt and rein back .....

The other rider (let's leave it at less than half my age) wanted to do some 3' courses so after a few low fences we cooled out to watch a more expereinced horse go around a little....

All in all a very good session other than Carl says I baby him too much... but I bet you knew that.

Hope your lecture/speech was a hit at the MD event....

Looking forward to seeing you.....

January 7, 2007

Well I had my old coach come over today - Katiea and she was quite impressed with how Wolf has filled out. Most importantly she watched carefully and thinks he is back to 100%. So my fitness program has paid off !

Hoping to take him out next weekend for a lilttle show experience.... mostly flat and maybe the 2' courses.

Virus issues have passed and according to vets were restricted to Wellington area.

Show should be starting up relatively soon there... maybe next weekend.

Looking forward to a March visit ....

November 11, 2007

Hi Elizabeth;

Just a quick note... Wolfie is going better, we're up to more normal work and today he got an adjustment....He had several things out including a hip but the vet said he was adjusting well....

Of course he was a good patient......

Hoping to have him fit for a little show in December.... they are adding Dressage..... so we'll see.

Regards to all at B&B...

November 5, 2007

Well my farrier came this AM to tack on another errant shoe and I decided to ride before Wolf could get another one off!

He was a good boy despite being out of work and the wind and all..... No acting out at all....

Still a little ouchy in the corners going one way.... but the the farrier said that might linger so at this point, I am going to put him into light work and either he will sound up or I will have the vet work him up......

If I don't ride him to keep the edge off he plays so hard that we lose shoes and tear feet up! I am in catch 22.....

That's all from the south land! I'll keep you posted.....

Regards to all at B&B...


October 28, 2006

Well we are back on track after some time off for foot to grow. We had FL summer 'foot issues' that had him in bandaged feet for a few weeks off and on. It would get mucky - he would pull a shoe - I could not ride that way so he would run around and he badly bruised his feet . . .

So now, if and when he pulls a front shoe, he gets a bandage of cotton, vet wrap, elasticon and duct tape on it.  There are coral rock remnants that work up and I think did a number on him.

We did mostly walking this week .... trot and canter to day. . . he seemed fine and even moving and ready to go back to work. Remembered most everything he had learned ..... so with a little fitness we'll be ready for Carl's return in November some time. . .

Weather has finally broken and the evenings have cooled off. . . so the horses are enjoying it. . .

Hope all is well at B&B. . .

Elizabeth's Notes: Wetness can be very bad for any horse's hooves. Try not to let them stand in wet pastures if possible. Rainy seasons play havoc on horse's feet. Sometimes just the night dew will cause the foot to unravel. Keep your horse's feet dry and you will have less problems with abscesses and thrush. Put hoof dressing all around your horse's hooves before giving him a shower or bath. This will keep the feet moist with oils and prevent expanding and contracting which loosens the nails of the shoes causing the shoe to come off. Missing shoes and soft feet will lead to bruising and abscesses. Avoiding the wetness solves many problems. This is not just a problem with Thoroughbreds. We had a Quarter horse that could not ever go out when the ground was wet or he would be lame. Venice Turpentine put on the bottom of the foot will toughen it. Do not put it on the frog.

October 8, 2006

Hi Elizabeth;

Had not emailed in a awhile so I thought I would send a hello along. Fall (as I declare it) has arrived - we finally had a night go down below 70 degrees! The horses are loving it.

Wolfie's body has matured - need to send you some pics and I continue to make progress with that recalcitrant MANE. His hair is very thick and wirey...... I keep it braided quite a bit still but I am also getting it thinned out (pull a little bit at a time...) and think I am making progress. I contemplated braiding fishing weights into it but did not get that drastic! You mentioned Kid's was looking similar..... consistent braiding and a neck slinky are the only things I have found that work.

I am still battling hoof issues with him.... I suspect it is the FL Summer Muck.... it just rots feet. We were ready to go back to work when he decided he did not like his front shoes and we think he has some bruising from having some TB moments while barefoot. There are no swellings, bumps, bruises, heat or other things to indicate anything else and the farrier said he was starting to see the bruise. So it may just need to grow out more..... He has learned how to make 'cookie face' from Lefty - his own style of course... and he also picked up the pawing habit which I discourage. He is quite personable and curious... I had some fence rails to paint and he had to 'help'. Fortunately he is not wearing paint.... but until he tired of the 'steal the brush; pick up the roller tray liner, sniff the bucket' game it was up in the air. I threatened him with having to go in the barn and he left me alone....

The great thing about him is that we will be really able to pick up where we left off - he remembers well.... so it will be just getting him used to regular work again. My schedule has not been the best either so that has not helped. I think I'm going to see if my horse sitter can bring them in for me 3-4 nights a week so I can plan on riding now that it has stopped raining every afternoon! I think I am feeling (dare I say) my age a little.....

I hope all is well at B&B... Please give my best to Barry and the regulars at B&B.

Hunter/jumper -Austin's Wolf wins again at a local Florida horse show. He is just four years old and racking up the ribbons already. June 11, 2006
Austin's Wolf wins again at a local Florida horse show. He is just four years old and racking up the ribbons already. June 11, 2006

June 11, 2006 - "Wolfie" Wins Again!

Dear Elizabeth and Barry and other interested friends;

We had SUCH a good day yesterday at Wolfie's second show!

He loaded like a champ at 5:45 in the AM and after turning out the retired crew of Lefty and Lucky we were off for Miami Tropical Park.

We arrived in plenty of time to let him have some water and make use of the facilities before we schooled to get him used to the place. He was much calmer than last time although was still VERY vocal whinnying to the other horses and I suspect wondering where his buddies were.

We had a good school and hosed him to cool off and got in a little hand graze before putting him in his stall with some water and hay to relax as our classes were about midway through the event.

We warmed up without issue and went into 3 OF classes and 2 flats. The OF classes were low fences and a simple course with 2 changes of direction. He nailed the leads at each instance and put in lovely quiet rounds. The medal class had a couple of gentle roll back turns in it and he got the correct lead for that as well.

OTTB Austin's Wof is ready for bigger fences.
OTTB Austin's Wolf is ready for bigger fences. His mom is taking him slow as he is still only FOUR! June 11, 2006

As the flat class was starting we got a T-Storm, with wind that was blowing jumps over and he remained nonplussed by the whole thing despite other horses getting excited. The class was called and moved to the indoor arena.... He had never been in the arena so I was a little concerned but we had time to walk around a few laps and by the time the class actually started - he was like he'd been doing it all his life.....

We had a great day and I'm looking forward to bigger and better things next season as he is clearly OVER such small baby fences. I have to keep reminding myself he is just 4.....

Some folks wanted to know what kind of WB he was and I happily said - he is an OTT TB, want one? Go to the bitsandbytesfarm web site!

Please give my best to everyone at B&B

April 6, 2006

Wolf is loading into the trailer well. This morning I threw the lead line over his neck, put his breakfast in there and he walked right in like it was home.  I don't always have someone to help me so it's important that he self load - at least from home.... usually once we are somewhere I can recruit an assistance if needed.


March 19, 2006

Hi Elizabeth;

Well Carl (Bessette) came down today from West Palm Beach and gave us a good workout! Finally got consistency in the teacup canter that Wolf can do and of course we had to do some basic lateral work..... Turn on forehand, leg yields, etc. Wolf picked it up quickly as usual..... although I did finally need that crop to reinforce the leg for the lateral work. Then we did some gymnastic fences and Wolfie was great! I'm a tad out of practice because I am not jumping much..... but we'll get there.... All in all a good day .....

Carl seems to be liking Wolfie each time he sees him and complemented his mind and temperament especially......

Thank you again for this treasure of a horse.... More chapters to follow as we make progress !


Wolfie cleaned up at his first show. March 12, 2006
Wolfie cleaned up at his first show. March 12, 2006

March 12, 2006 - Wolfie attends his first horse show!

Austins Wolf was entered in six classes at his first show - ever. Out of the six classes in entered, he won four blue ribbons and two reds. He was the Grand Champion of his beginner divisions! We are so proud of Wolfie and Laurie!!!!

March 3, 2006

Austins Wolf at home in Davie Florida.
Austins Wolf at home in Davie Florida.

Austins Wolf at home in Davie Florida with mom Laurie Flebotte.

February 6, 2006

Hi from sunny FL!

Just a quick note to let you know that after two days of yuck weather, we got a ride in and Wolfie has mastered walk to canter - well 90% there... but it 'clicked' for him and he got it both directions. We have not yet needed crop or hooks..... he is learning to go forward...


January 30, 2006

Yup - he was fine under the problem, so we had a nice little ride tonight.  My lights are still a little off kilter from the storm winds so we stuck with the basic  WTC. It's also warm here..... still 71 at 8:15.... so I did not work too hard. More later! 

Wolfie sends slobbers and says he likes alfalfa.....  He eats the alfalfa and leaves the Timothy!


January 29, 2006

I took the Wolfman out yesterday into the area I use to ride and he was convinced that palm trees in the wind were monsters and if they weren't for SURE—bicycles were. As I live on a very popular cyclist route - this could be problematic. We had an OK ride after a little lounging - he was a little jacked up which made me nervous which did not help him... so we walked and trotted discretion being the better part of valor and I was 'Home Alone'.... I try not to get too brave when I am home alone ... and yes I know I should not ride when I'm alone but then I would NEVER ride so we deal with it.

So then I said well if he wants to think there are monsters there - I think he needs to get turned out there so that is what I did and he had a great time doing laps - it is bigger than his regular turnout area. OK so I was a wreck checking him every five minutes...... But he got the spooks out and the monsters disappeared.

This AM I turned him out there and he had a good run while I did stalls etc. And then we had a GREAT ride. WTC no problem.... ground poles, no monsters, no egg shell walking... Of course I also did trade in the close contact jump saddle for the Wintec 2000 with the suede (better stick) and rigged up a bucking strap with an old browband just in case... which was way overkill for today...

I think I just forgot how much healthy, sound, young horses need to run and play..... my other guys are like the geriatric ward .... so all is well, I just need to get Wolf out in that bigger area before I ride.

Wolfie had a bath today, leaving some GA clay behind from what I could see - it was upper seventies and I shampooed deep conditioned his tail. It is all smooth and silky now..... and the mane is braided again.... progress made but still more UP than OVER! He is shedding - big surprise there eh?

Elizabeth, I am hoping to be able to ride him in the evenings this week - has he gone under night lights before?


January 25, 2006

Austins Wolf and his new mom Laurie Flebotte.
"Wolfie's" first morning in Florida. His look says, "I don't think I'm in Georgia any more!"

Hi Elizabeth,

Wolfie arrived in warm Florida Tuesday, just as planned although the wait seemed long. Because of the size of the rig, we had to unload him on the swale and he backed out like a champ while I was holding up the few cars that were going by. He was immediately greeted in the stable area by Lefty, Lucky and Jake - his new stablemates. Everyone was very excited to see 'the new kid' as they had heard so much about him.

After walking around the paddock for awhile, Wolfie decided a good roll was in order after the ride down from Ocala so sure enough..... he had a roll in everyone's favorite sand pile and looked at me like "OK, so where's dinner?" Of course I had to comply with that request so we settled him into his stall.

His first morning was a little eventful but after a few minutes of nose sniffing over the fence everyone quieted down as there was hay to munch.....

Today was even better as everyone is settling into their turnout routines....

I'm planning some rides tomorrow and on the weekend so more to come from your 'nephew Wolfie' and the "OC" (aka Older Chick 2).


January 23, 2006

Austin's Wolf has a new mom! Laurie Flebotte of Davie, Florida has purchased "Wolfie" and will continue his training. We expect great things from Austin's Wolf. Watch for update to his success stories here.

Austins Wolf and Laurie Flebotte. January 16, 2006
Austin's Wolf and Laurie Flebotte. Laurie spent the weekend at Bits & Bytes Farm trying horses. "Wolfie" was her favorite. - January 16, 2006

Austin's Wolf and Laurie Flebotte of Florida. January 15, 2006
Austin's Wolf and Laurie Flebotte of Florida. January 15, 2006

Elizabeth says goodbye to Austins Wolf as he is getting ready to leave for Florida. January 23, 2006
Elizabeth says goodbye to Austin's Wolf as he is getting ready to leave for Florida. January 23, 2006

July 2005

Austin's Wolf was purchased as a Prospect Horse by Kriston Glushko in June but he did not get along with her mare and aged gelding when he went home after training.

Kriston asked for help and we suggested she take home Light Artillery ("Artie"). "Artie" went home and met the other two horses -everyone got along just fine. "Artie" is now called "Artimus" (because he's now one of the three Musketeers!).

"Wolfie" has had five weeks of professional training. Elizabeth has continued his training and "Wolfie" is now doing gymnastics and poles on the ground with low cross rails. He has proven to be quiet (you sometimes need a crop) and well behaved. He has also shown great talent as a sport horse. He has a fantastic attitude and he loves attention. He is extremely big boned and solid for a three year old. He will turn four on April 15, 2006.


Austin Wolf and his new mom. June 19, 2005
Austin Wolf and his first new mom Kriston Glusko (AKA The Older Chick). June 19, 2005

June 19, 2005

Dear Aunt Elizabeth,
Just wanted to fill you in on what happened today after you left. You might remember that I was in your arena with my new mom, The Older Chick, and that pretty, skinny girl. (Trainer Eliza Wallace)

Well, I was just trying to talk to my buddy "Val" cause he was asking me what it was like in your arena. Well, the skinny girl wouldn't let me talk! It was like she was my boss or something. Anyway, I finally shut-up just to appease her and it seemed to work. But then she just kept making me do stuff. And I was having to think and move all at the same time. I was really working hard and totally forgot about my buddy. Oh, sure. They kept saying "good boy" and all that kind of corny stuff but they weren't the ones running around getting hot! So, after a while I guess I did a good job and we started heading towards the shade and the gate.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. The Older Chick threw all this stuff on me and hopped up like I hadn't punched out yet. I let her do what she wanted for a while knowing I could tire her out since she's older and all. We finally quit and she had this dopey grin on her face. I guess that's a good thing.

We finally went back to the barn and I got a nice cool bath. Almost fell asleep it felt so good! Anyway, I survived and that's all that matters. This just isn't quite what I pictured when you told me I was starting a whole new adventure in Georgia.

Your Nephew "Wolfie"
P.S. I hope you got a lot of cash out of that Older Chick cause I'm worth it!

Austin's Wolf giving his new mom her first ride. June 18, 2005
Austin's Wolf giving his new mom (AKA The Older Chick) her first ride. June 18, 2005

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