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We welcome your phone calls if you are a serious buyer or need to understand our program better. Please do not send an e-mail asking for prices. We do not give prices by e-mail. If you are under 18, please have a parent or trainer call.

We are not in the business of selling a horse because someone can afford it. If you call, we will ask you questions to see if we think we can match you with one of our horses. If you first question is, "How much is (name of horse)" we will know that you have not taken the time to understand our program. We are in the business of promoting Thoroughbreds as family and sport horses after racing. We work hard to make the right match. Please take the time to read over the FAQ's and Buying Our Horses pages to get a better understanding of what we do.

Feel free to send us an e-mail to tell us about yourself and why you feel you could help an ex-race horse find a new career. We do not want someone to get hurt because they purchase too much horse. We can match a horse to your skill level and comfort level but only if we know more about you.

When you call you will speak with me (Elizabeth Wood).

I do not sell horses for a living. It is my passion to help find homes for Thoroughbreds when they are done with their racing careers. I pay for the privilege of doing this by working at my 'real' job as a multimedia presentation specialist, Web site designer and graphic artist. When you call, I will stop my job and do my best to match you with a Thoroughbred. I am off my hourly billing rate while I talk with you so please do your homework so we can work efficiently to see if we can find a match. I am available seven days a week. Please do not call after 9:30PM Eastern time.

If you are ready to let us help you find your perfect match call me at:

* Our Prospect Horses and Bargain Barn horses are NOT at our farm. Only the Thoroughbreds listed on the Thoroughbreds at Our Farm page are located in Georgia. We have Prospect Horses at tracks and trainers' farms in Kentucky, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and possibly in other states as well.

Our street address is:

Bits & Bytes Farm
1275 Owens Store Road
Canton, GA 30115

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Please call ahead for an appointment. We are unable to show horses if you stop in without an appointment.

For information on our Horses for Sale or Boarding contact:

Send Elizabeth an e-mail:

Or give her a call at:

For information on Web site design contact:

Barry Zuber at:

Roar by the Shore with Olympic rider Imtiaz Anees

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