Click here to see a buyer's check list that you can print out.

Click to see a
Buyer's Check List
that you can print out.


Austin's Wolf and his mom Laurie Flebotte of Davie, Florida at their first show.

Austin's Wolf and his mom Laurie Flebotte of Davie, Florida at their first show. We have several years of Austin's Wolf's Success Stories.


Grayboo was a horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm

Grayboo started his training at Bits & Bytes Farm. He is now a successful event horse competitng at the Prelim level with his owner Amanda. Read Grayboo's Success Stories.

Can I bring my Trainer?

Don't waste your time and ours by falling in love with a horse that your trainer does not like. If you can't make a decision without your trainer's approval - bring your trainer with you on the FIRST VISIT! We have very limited time to show our horses and we are tired of having the deal squashed after several visits because the trainer was not involved and does not want the buyer buying a Thoroughbred.

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Our Boy Darcy and his new mom Jessica - April 17, 2005

Our Boy Darcy and his new mom Jessica - April 17, 2005


OTTB Thoroughbred Stallion - Artrageous

"Look Ma, no hands!" Artrageous is calm and quiet right off-the-track and he is a stallion! He will be standing stud at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, Florida.


Brett and his new mom Judi Edwards

Brett and his new mom Judi Edwards - September 18, 2006. Read Brett's Success Stories.

Vicky Vicky Vicky and her mom Robin Cannizzaro, DVM

Vicky Vicky Vicky was one of our 25 Special Horses and her mom Robin Cannizzaro, DVM. - March 2007

buying a horse from Bits & Bytes Farm

Our horses >buying our horses

You been searching for the perfect horse for months and now you found the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site and "THE HORSE". You want to know everything about him and the people selling him. So many questions.

Fame for a Day was purchased by Gloria Coleman in April 2003.
Fame for a Day was purchased by Gloria Coleman in April 2003.

How much is he? Is he still available? Your first step should be to read through our FAQ page to answer the most frequently asked questions. Then, spend just a little more time on the site and read about who we are and where our horses come from.

You will find our Newz and Training Notes from Elizabeth pages filled with stories of our horses and their training.

Read about our feeding program to see how we feed our horses at the farm. Our Success Stories will give you insight to what it is like when you bring one of our horses home. We have a whole new site dedicated to our newest OTTB Success Stories.

Our Web site is updated regularly but we do not put a horse up as sold until after the vet check. So, it is possible that the horse you are interested in is going through the purchasing process.

If you are a serious buyer, pick up the phone and call!

Many times we have horses that are not yet on the Web site or we have some that we plan to buy but have not yet purchased. If you call, we can let you know who is here and who is sold. Often we have people offering us their horses so they can buy one of ours. We are not horse traders and do not take in other peoples' horses for resale. We will, however, pass on their information if you happen to call while it is fresh in our memory. That way everybody wins and the horse finds good home.

Please don't send an e-mail and ask for the price of a horse. We do not give out prices by e-mail. Do send an e-mail and tell us what you need in a horse: size, temperament, talent, training, etc. and tell us about yourself. We want to make sure that it will be a good match and the more we know about you - your size, training level, riding experience, discipline and comfort level -the better we can match you with a horse. We will not sell you a horse just because you can afford it and we may even lower the price if you are a perfect match and don't have the budget.

If you are a timid, beginner rider without a trainer, we recommend finding an old school master to learn on. Our horses need some help learning and they need a rider that can teach them what they need to know. We do not want you to get in over your head and buy more horse than you can handle. Even our quietest horses need help learning. If a beginner allows them to learn bad habits, then the horse will be ruined.

When you are riding you are doing one of two things:
Training or Untraining.

Do not think that you can buy a horse off-the-track and send it to a trainer for a few weeks or months of training. These horses bond with their "person" and they are easy to train if you are not fearful. If you don't have the confidence to train the horse yourself (with a trainer's guidance if necessary) then please do not buy one of these horses. The only thing these horses need is security and love with a large dose of patience. They want to please, and will, if you are confident and clear in the lessons you wish them to learn. Praise them when they give you what you ask, and they will give it to you again and again. Thoroughbreds are quick learners and YOU should enjoy the "process" of training if you want to buy a green horse. If you are looking to get in the show ring in a hurry, and your goal is points and ribbons, please seek out the trainers who have horses already competing and winning. Our horses are not the choice if you are in a rush to show.

If you have some experience and are working with a trainer, please bring your trainer with you. If this is not possible, have your trainer call us to discuss what type of horse is best for you. We have had several bad experiences with the trainer not being involved in the purchase until just before the deal was complete. Then, the trainer gets involved and nixes the sale. Both the buyer and the seller's time have been wasted. We welcome you to bring your trainer and even have your trainer give you a lesson on the horse you would like to purchase.

We have horses in all price ranges and training levels. Be realistic about your budget and don't expect a 17 hand, perfectly sound horse with a year of training for $5,000. Read our FAQ page to see how we price horses.

There are four classes of horses to meet every budget and level of experience listed on our Web site:

Bargain Barn - FREE or almost free - may be older or have an injury. Sometimes our best trainers need to find a home for a less than perfect horse and we help them by listing it on our Web site. If there is a health issue you will have access to all vet records and will be informed so that the horse is placed in the best possible situation.

Prospect Horses - Horses still in training at the track or on a owner's farm. These horses usually only have race training. Not for timid or beginner riders!

Horses For Sale - These are horses that we have purchased for resale and have at our farm in training. These horses may have years of experience and are the most expensive because of the training.

Resale Horses - Watch the Success Stories pages for stories of horses we have sold. Sometimes it becomes necessary for their owners to resell them and we mark that on their Success Stories page. These horses are great buys because you know their entire history, pedigree, race record and what they have been doing since they left the track. When you purchase a horse through Bits & Bytes Farm we will always help you resell the horse if it becomes necessary. These horses are priced by their owner who we will put you in touch with if you call. If you see one of the horses we have sold listed for sale again, please let us know. We keep copies of the Jockey Club foal papers (if they were given when we initially sold the horse). We can help you replace them if they were not delivered with the horse. Once you have purchased a resale horse, please give us a call. We will share what we know about the horse's background with you and maybe even put you in touch with his former owners/breeder. It is our belief that when a horse has a trackable history, he will have more value. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a horse through Bits & Btes Farm.

See, it's easy to buy one of our horses! We look forward to talking with you and meeting you at Bits & Bytes Farm. Now pick up the phone call Elizabeth. Talk with her about what kind of horse you are looking for:

Buyers check list.

Click here to see a buyer's check list that you can print out. The check list will help you understand the questions to ask when purchasing a horse.

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