Elizabeth & Captain Arias

Elizabeth riding side saddle at the 2001 Shamrock Hounds opening fox hunt on Captain Arias-- just four months off the racetrack.



Elizabeth and Waterloo Slew

Elizabeth riding Waterloo Slew





Barry and Big Money schooling for dressage.



Retired Thoroughbred race horses get retrained for a new career at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Chouette Player and Knight Villain.

Retired Thoroughbred race horses get retrained for new careers at Bits & Bytes Farm.



Heather's Best was purchased in September 2007  by Jennifer DeGier of New Jersey.

Heather's Best was purchased in September 2007 by Jennifer DeGier of New Jersey. Click here to read Heather's Best's Success Stories.



Barbo was a Horse For Sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Barbo was a Horse For Sale at Bits & Bytes Farm. Click here to read Barbo's Success Stories.

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Bits & Bytes Farm is the home of Elizabeth Wood and Barry Zuber. Elizabeth has owned her own horse continuously since she was five years old. K.C. Banner is the first horse she trained from the start and he was born on her parent's farm in 1972. Banner went on to do local horse shows competing as a jumper, then to eventing to the preliminary level, he played polo and finished his career as a fox hunter with Elizabeth riding him side saddle. Banner passed away in 2004 on the farm. Read a wonderful poem called. "My old gelding."

K.C. Banner at Montreal
K.C. Banner at the Montreal Horse Trials

After years of competing Elizabeth and Barry found that with the demands of their multimedia computer business, Egeland Wood & Zuber, Inc., they did not need the pressures of competing and turned to fox hunting.

Barry has been riding since 1985 after meeting Elizabeth on a cruise. He soon learned, that in order to be a part of her life, he would need to become a horsman. After one month of lessons, he was fox hunting. After surviving his first fox hunt season, Barry and Elizabeth were married and Barry bought his first horse -- an appaloosa named Chocolate Chips.

Choclate Chips and Barry
Barry and Chocolate Chips

Barry learned to ride thoroughbreds when Elizabeth was injured at a fox hunt and he needed to exercise her thoroughbred Big Money. He enjoyed Big Money so much that he wanted to keep riding and fox hunting him. That forced Elizabeth to find another horse to hunt for herself. Chips was sold to a boarder and unfortunately she choose to move him after all his years with Barry.

Barry and Elizabeth's business has grown to include creating Web sites for corporations and equine businesses. They specialize in well designed sites that are optimized so that search engines can find them. It is the Web business that supports the horses they sell.

The Biltmore Estate with Big Money
Barry and Big Money at the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina.

Elizabeth & Barry enjoy fox hunting.
Barry and Elizabeth began fox hunting together in 1985 in upstate New York.

Gertjan and Big Money
Big Money and his new dad - Gertjan Van Roekel - a perfect match!

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