Lord Sexton is being cared for by the Equamore Foundation.

Lord Sexton is being cared for by the Equamore Foundation. Please consider donating to one of the rescue organizations on this page. Whatever the amount, it will be appreciated. You may not be able to purchase your own Thoroughbred, but you CAN make a difference in the life of one! Thank you for your support.


Knight Villain

Knight Villain - We know what happened to him "after the finish line". He is one of the lucky ones. Knight had an owner/trainer who wanted him to have a good home. She sold him to Bits & Bytes Farm so that he could have a second career as a sport horse.


Knight Villain is happy to have a good home after winning almost $300,000!

Knight Villain is happy to have a good home after winning almost $300,000! Not all horses are as lucky. Can you donate to one of the rescue organizations on this page?


Lord Sexton - Can you donate to help him?

Lord Sexton



Fort Mason and mom Lise Matte. Fort Mason came to us from New Vocations.

Fort Mason and mom Lise Matte. Fort Mason came to us from New Vocations - one of the race horse adoption organizations listed on this page.


Daring Deeds is one our our Thoroughbred horses for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Daring Deeds was a former Thoroughbred horse for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm.


Corporate Action - Summer 2003 - A former Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbred horse for sale.



Cherokee Big

Cherokee Big - A former Bits & Bytes Farm Thoroughbred horse for sale.


Heather's Best

Heather's Best is a former steeplechaser.


Chouette Player is a son of Dynaformer so he is the half brother of Barbaro.

Former Bits & Bytes Farm Horse for Sale - Chouette Player is a son of Dynaformer which makes him the half brother of Barbaro!

Make no "Bones" about it, this is the best Web site to find Thoroughbred Horses for Sale or information about Thoroughbreds.

Make no "Bones" about it, this is the best Web site to find Thoroughbred Horses for Sale or information about Thoroughbreds.



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If you feel bad about Barbaro and want to make a difference in the lives of Thoroughbred race horses - DONATE to one of the Thoroughbred Rescue Groups listed on this page. They help the horses that no one else will. Donate today in the name of Barabo. Spread the word on all the online forums. Donate in honor of Barbaro!!!!

Thoroughbred Adoption & Rescue Organizations

Retired Race Horse Project

Retired Racehorse Project (RRP)

RRP exists to facilitate placement of Thoroughbred ex-racehorses in second careers by increasing demand for them in equestrian sports and serving the farms, trainers, and organizations that transition them.


A unique affiliation of 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing retiring racehorses with opportunities for new careers after the finish line.



New Vocations
Standing in the gap for retired racehorses providing a safety-net through rehabilitation, education, & placement iIn qualified, caring homes. Over 1,800 have been placed since New Vocations was founded!



The Equamore Foundation was established "for the love of horses".

It is a non-profit organization supported entirely by donations and volunteers.


Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation



The Exceller Fund is an Internet group that raises money to rescue Thoroughbred horses who would otherwise be sent to slaughter. We do this in memory of Exceller - a racing legend on two continents - who died an untimely and undignified death in Sweden.


Thoroughbred Charities of America ("TCA"), is the largest non-profit organization of the Thoroughbred industry. TCA's sole mission is to raise money for distribution to over 150 organizations in Thoroughbred rescue, retirement, retraining, research, education, backstretch and therapeutic riding programs.


The major goal of "Old Friends" is to draw attention to retired Thoroughbred athletes by promoting famous racehorses that are no longer in service.



The purpose of this resource is to highlight OTTBs in the hopes that more people will recognize the value in owning an OTTB. This resource is part of a marketing program for off-track thoroughbreds (OTTBs)


Thoroughbred and Pedigree Research Sites



Free pedigree look up for Thoroughbreds and Quarter horses. Also, fee based services.



Jockey Club look up for pedigree and race records. Small fees.



Register for free and watch racing videos. Type in a horse's name and you will get a list of videos to watch for free.



Equine Vision Virtual Stallion Guide - Stallions are showcased with 360-degree photography, conformation videos, past performance race footage and directory-style stallion pages.



News, biographies and photos of Thoroughbreds.



Thoroughbred Times Interactive Stallion Guide and current news.



Bloodlines Net provides pedigrees, family tables and racing results for Thoroughbred horses



CLASSIC BLOODLINES.COM is an extraordinary foundation from which to research the modern Thoroughbred, traveling backwards, forwards and sideways, via the best horses of each generation, creating a springboard to breed great horses in the future.



Official race entries and race results.




PEDIGREE & PERFORMANCE explained. Do the Tutorial to learn more.


Worldwide Horse Racing Search - Locate Web Sites, Photos, or Classic Bloodlines



Your Thoroughbred Racing Community! Forums...Discussions...
Prizes... Brisnet.com...
Guests...Chat...and MORE!



A portal to Thoroughbreds online.



North American Thoroughbred Society

Report or Search for Stolen Horses


Read NetPosse's January newsletter that tells the story of Scout who was stolen in Georgia.

Brandy and Honky Tonk are still missing. Read their story on our Web site as well.

Books & Magazines & Newspapers

"After the Finish Line -
The Race to End Horse
Slaughter in America" by Bill Heller

After the Finish Line by Bill Heller

"After the Finish Line - The Race to End Horse Slaughter in America"
by Bill Heller tells you what really happens. . . After the Finish Line! 50,000 horses are slaughtered annually in America! This book should be read by all those who really care about horses. Highly recommended by Elizabeth."Read this book and you will know why we started Bits & Bytes Farm but be sure to have several boxes of tissues at hand." - Elizabeth Wood

Raceday by Max Watman


Raceday by Max Watman takes you on a tour of the greatest American tracks to meet legendary horses in their most exciting races. Highly recommended by Elizabeth.

Smarty Jones: Forever A Champion by Billy Valentine

Smarty Jones: Forever a Champion is the only authorized biography of the great racehorse, Smarty Jones. Highly recommended by Elizabeth.

"Photographing and
"Videoing" Horses
Explained" - Digital and Film

by Charles Mann

A good book to read for photographing horses.



Horse racing and breeding news updated several times daily. The Blood-Horse Interactive is the Web's leading site for information about Thoroughbred racing and breeding.



The TDN is the Wall Street Journal for the Thoroughbred industry worldwide - it is its leading daily information source.




Daily news and information from the world of Thoroughbred racing.


Eventing Web Sites


Eventing News USA is an online magazine focused on the olympic equestrian sport of three day eventing.


The Official Web site of the United States Eventing Association - USEA


Australian Eventer - Find a suitable equine partner. We guide you through finding a perfect Australian eventer.



A great Web site with animations on how bits work.



Buckeye feeds


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