Elizabeth  Wood is the primary trainer at Bits & Bytes Farm

Elizabeth Wood is the primary trainer at Bits & Bytes Farm

Barry Zuber

Barry Zuber - owner and trainer at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Olypmic equestrian - Imtiaz Anees

Olympic equestrian - Imtiaz Anees trains at Bits & Bytes Farm


Imtiaz Anees competing at the 2000 Olympics in the 3-Day Eventing competition.

Imtiaz Anees competing at the 2000 Olympics in the 3-Day Eventing competition.


Elizabeth Wood on Waterloo Slew

Elizabeth on Waterloo Slew



Grayboo and Amanda Cunefare at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Former Horse for Sale Grayboo was trained by Elizabeth Wood. He now competes in combined training events with his new owner Amanda Cunefare.


Elisa Wallace and Jackson at Poplar Place Horse Trials. Photo copyright - Shannon Brinkman.

Photo copyright - Shannon Brinkman.

Bits & Bytes Farm's trainers & friends

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We have lots of help training our horses

We at Bits & Bytes Farm recognize there are many approaches to training horses and riders. Education of both horse and rider is at the forefront of what we do at Bits & Bytes Farm.

Training is not accomplished in 30 or 60 days. Training goes on forever. Our goal is to give these Thoroughbreds a chance to start a new career. They need a strong foundation for this transition to be successful. It is not enough that they can be ridden by Elizabeth Wood who has ridden and trained horses all her life. They need to have the manners and movement for a less experienced rider. Riding is part of the horses' training and so is ground work.

Our Primary Trainer

Elizabeth Wood is our primary trainer. She not only finds the horses at the track but is the first to get on them (with husband Barry Zuber holding the lunge line). She determines what type of additional training they will receive. Elizabeth starts each horse on the flat with lots of bending and dressage exercises. When the horse is ready she moves him onto grid work and eventually jumping. The horses are taken out on the farm trails as soon as it is safe. Riding these Thoroughbreds outside the arena helps them to develop balance and confidence. Learning to jump small logs in the woods, teaches them to pick up their feet. When it is determined that the horse is safe and sane, the "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm" are there to help with the horses' exercise and training.

K.C. Banner and Elizabeth Wood
K.C. Banner with Elizabeth Wood at the Montreal Horse Trials. Elizabeth trained Banner to the Prelim level of eventing including competing at the Preliminary Championships.

Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm

"Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm" are riders of various skill levels. Some are young and some are moms (youngish moms). Many of our friends have extensive training and showing experience. Our friends come from all over the world they include: Paula Gunnels from South Africa, Lise Matt from Canada, Gertjan van Roekel from Holland and Erika Hamilton who was born in Venezuela has lived in many countries.

Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm - Gertjan van Roekel
Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm
- Gertjan van Roekel

Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm
- Paula Gunnels on Joe Bear

Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm - Paula Gunnels on Joe Bear

Our friends help with grooming, exercising, feeding, training and cleaning the forever dirty tack. It would not be possible to place so many horses without their daily help. They are quick to help out when Barry and Elizabeth go out of town on a buying trip. A big heartfelt THANKYOU goes out to each one.

The "Friends" also help us assess the training level of the horse. Can he be safely ridden by a child? Or a mom? Does he like to jump? Is he nervous with a more timid rider? Will he fox hunt? Can he jump or does he prefer dressage? These are the questions that need to be answered so that we can properly represent these horses to potential buyers.

Imtiaz Anees competed at the
2000 Olympics
in Sydney Australia.



Professional Trainers

Professional trainers also come and give clinics at Bits & Bytes Farm or take the horses to their farms for intensive training. They help work with the higher level horses and move their training forward more quickly with their guidance. They also instruct our boarders and help with their horses' training. Professional trainers we have worked with in the past include: Elisa Wallace of Atlanta, Dean Graham from South Africa and Imtiaz Anees from India. Each trainer brings their own unique insights and suggestions for training horse and rider. We encourage our boarders to take lessons and attend clinics. No one will ever "know everything" about training or riding. Each trainer has their own special teaching skills. We encourage new boarders to bring their trainers to work with them at our farm.

Unlike many stables, we welcome ALL trainers.


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