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How would you feel if you had your favorite horses stolen out of your pasture with your own rig? Won't you please help?

January 14, 2005

There has been a possible sighting of the truck on Hwy. 27 in Colquitt, GA December 18 or 19th. It was seen at a local Hardy's Restaurant. If you were in the area and saw this truck and horse trailer please let us know.

January 3, 2005

Robert had a guy call yesterday that said he saw a chestnut grazing on the side of the road near Moore Haven, Florida which is about an hour from us.

The police also got a report on a loose horse but no one has seen it since. The guy saw it the morning after Christmas so it's been a week. He had to go back to the store he saw the flyer in to get our number and it was a week before his job took him there.

Robert has gone to Moore Haven to at least look around and post flyers everywhere. One of our friends has done great detective work on the suspects we have down to finding addresses and phone numbers but the police are really dragging their feet. Robert plans to meet with them in the morning and see if he can't get something going.

We really feel they could be the ones but Robert wanted me to tell you that another psychic lady is telling him Georgia so he wants to know if there is a magazine or website for georgia horse people where he could take out an ad everyone will see.

Let me know what you think. thanks again to everyone for all the help. I know we are getting close. We just need the right person in the right place. Keep praying for my girls!


Just got another call from Robert who is at a police station down in south central Florida. He was able to get the police to run rap sheets on our suspects. One lives in Cross City, Florida in Dixie County which is up in North Florida. One more reason to keep an eye out in Georgia!!

UPDATE: Evening of January 3rd.

There has been a possible sighting of the truck in Cross City! The first possible sighting of the rig was 24 hours after the theft and it was at the exit off I-75 you would take to get to Cross City so this might be a hot lead. Anyone in the Cross City area please keep and eye out for the truck. See the truck's photo on this page and print out flyers to post in the Cross City area.

UPDATE 12-21-04

We received an email from a girl in Georgia who thinks she saw Robert's rig on I-85 north of Atlanta around the Buford/Hamilton Mill area on Saturday. She didn't notice horses but the truck was flatbed with large aluminum rig. Probably nothing but wanted keep everyone looking. Thanks for everything.


Please keep your eyes open!

Anyone traveling the highways for the holidays might be able to make this a happy Christmas for the owner of the stolen horses!!

The Ford F-350 1997 Diesel White Aluminum flatbed should be very outstanding. It may not still have the trailer attached.

The truck, trailer and horses could be anywhere in the United States by this time. Please be vigilant.

December 20, 2004

Click here for a PRESS RELEASE from Stolen Horse International, Inc.


$10,000 REWARD



This is from a "Friend of Bits & Bytes Farm" who needs your help!

My truck, trailer and 2 polo ponies were stolen last night (12-15-04) in West Palm Beach. My truck is a Ford F-350 1997 Diesel White Aluminum flatbed, 47k miles. Passenger window knocked out and ignition rigged. Trailer is an Elite 28' by 7 1/2' wide with two individual partitions and two livestock partitions. Tackroom door on passenger side and full of tack. Palm Beach county plates.

Horses are a chestnut mare and dark brown mare. Both clipped manes and shod yesterday. Not sure where thieves will go but please keep an eye out for my truck, trailer and girls. Please do not hesitate to shoot the thieves, self defense!!!

The girls may try to be sold at sales out of state and for cheap. The girls have roached manes and were just shod yesterday.

Please post at will. Take care and thank you. I want my equipment back and girls!!! Thank you for all your time and help.

Robert Lyn-Kee-Chow can be reached at 561-312-4788.

12-17-04 More information:

Not sure if they went south to Dade or north of us. Know anyone around Sebring or Wachula, Florida?? Had a truckload of hay delivered and one of the young truckers liked the two that were stolen and imagine he could jump a diesel if he wanted. I am going to call the trucking company this morning to see what I can find out about him.

Truck is a '97 Ford F350 Diesel Dually with regular cab and an aluminum flatbed. The tag is Florida tag I48 ZYE

Trailer is '01 Elite aluminum 28 ft trailer with 2 individual partitions, 2 stock compartments, and a tack room door on the passenger side. tag is Florida tag I29ZYE

Stolen Horse Trailer

Horses stolen:

Brandy Alexander: 4 year old dark brown mare. No markings except her mane is shaved and still has a small tag of mane on neck in the middle. She's very kind and friendly, loves to have her head rubbed. Tattoo number is D22556. The best identifying mark is the roached mane.


Honky Tonk: 5 year old chestnut mare. She has a small star between her eyes and a small snip just below it. She also has a halter rub mark from her racetrack days just below the marks. Her mane is also shaved completely she is also very friendly and loves to visit. (Probably why those particular 2 were taken!) Tattoo number is C 35738.


Also took every piece of tack and equipment we own. All polo tack like saddles and bridles along with red bandages, red bell boots, red pro choice boots, etc. most tack was branded with "lkc". We even had red saddle pads with "LKC". also alot of mallets that had "LKC" on the heads.

We are offering a $10,000 reward for the recovery of the horses and property. Let everyone know. They are valuable horses but only to us and people in the polo community.

Thanks for everything!!

lauren and robert


UPDATE 12-18-04

Can you notify sale barns and auction in Georgia and South Carolina specifically the ones near Florida state line? We had a vague lead of a possible sighting in Gainesville, Florida about 3:15 this morning with mention of the people with the rig being very agitated so there's a chance, if it's them, they are panicking and trying to get out of Florida.

UPDATE 12-26-04

It is day 11 and the girls and equipment are not back. I am very restless to say the least!!! Hate to think how the girls are getting treated, that is if they are alive!!!

I would not have gotten all the responses if I did not have your help in Georgia, Debi's help at and Lynda's help in Broward County, Florida. The Palm Beach sheriffs have been useless except for one fellow, Mike Fincannon in Belle Glade. Sheriffs in Sebring and Auburndale have been very professional and are the type of guys a kid grows up thinking of how a sherifff supposed to be in this country.

One suspect has been detained and needs to prove he was on the road when the crimes took place. Second suspect is still on the loose and was driving with first suspect. Second suspect apparently has money problems, so he may just be the guy but need to catch him.

We have used a psychic as recommended but may try another one to get more info. Does anyone you know of a psychic named Betty? I hear she is awesome and I need some results ASAP.

The e-mailing has created a great network which could not have been accomplished any other way other than expensive media. I just need to keep up the pressure to find the girls.

Can anyone in Auburndale and/or Lakeland, Florida post some flyers there? Second suspect now resides in Auburndale and sheriffs are after him.

Will be in touch, think I need to hit the road again.














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