May 25, 2007

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"Title" - NEW PHOTOS!

"King" - SOLD!
"Tactical" - SOLD!

"Gettin Gray"- Grey Gelding!
"Zealous" - Black!
"Coin" - SOLD!
"Tommy" - Kind & gentle

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Anthium aka "Andy"
Artic Vic SOLD!
Artic Vicky FOSTERED
Bad Hombre SOLD!
"Brett" SOLD!
My Boy Vic aka "Chap"
"Darling" FOSTERED
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Eddy's Departure NEEDS A NEW HOME
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Finders Girl
He Named Me Katie SOLD!
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Noshrinking Violet Deceased
Political Pull Now at Bits & Bytes Farm
"Pretty" SOLD!
"Skinny" SOLD!
Suzie Maewon
Violet Maewon Deceased
Viva Vicky SOLD!
Vicky Vicky Vicky

"Bubba" is just turning three and already he is 15'3 hands. OTTB for sale.

"Bubba" is just turning three and already he is 15'3 hh and as solid as a rock.


prospect horses available through Bits & Bytes Farm

Our horses > horses for sale > prospects > photos -" Bubba"

"Bubba" - Not Available. His trainer purchased him to return him to racing. He will be available again at the end of his racing career.

"Bubba" is just turning three and already he is 15'3 hh and solid as a rock. "Bubba" is the kindest gentlest horse in the world. He is easy to handle on the ground. Good with the blacksmith, vet and loves his baths. He is very well behaved on the racetrack. His excercise rider is very proud of how this horse rides. He is very light mouthed and rides off your leg very easily. He doesn't care about anything, never spooks or jumps from things. When he is done galloping he will drop his head and walk home. He is a special horse with a ton of talent on the racetrack but his owner has passed away and the kids want his horses sold. This little guy has been a bright spot in his trainer's barn. He is sweet and kind. The kids pet all over him, he stands there to let them braid his forelock and mess with his face. He also loves the one barn cat and will rub all over her without bitting her, lets her lay in his stall. He is a little horse but will grow since he is just turning three. He is a beautiful mover with tons of athletic ability. "Bubba" is a very special animal and should definitely go to someone who will tap into his full potential.

Bubba is just turning three.
"Bubba" is just turning three and already he is 15'3 hh and as
solid as a rock.


Bubba is just turning three.


"Bubba" still has a lot of growing to do.
"Bubba" still has a lot of growing to do.


Bubba is just turning three.



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