April 1, 2007

These horses are NOT
at our farm.

"Blackberry" - NEW!
"Forbidden" - on WEST COAST - Oregon - AT RISK
"Mark" - NEW!
"Lightbulb" -
17 hands!
- Well priced!
"Gettin Gray"
- NEW!
"Sweep" - NEW!
"Precious" - NEW!
"Dr. Canhewin" - SOLD!
"M D Orange" - GREY Filly
"Zealous" - NEW Photos!
- NEW!
"Moneyhoney" - NEW!
"Coin" - NEW PHOTOS!
- Kind & gentle
"Alf" - Gorgeous!!

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Anthium aka "Andy"
Artic Vic SOLD!
Artic Vicky FOSTERED
Bad Hombre SOLD!
"Brett" SOLD!
My Boy Vic aka "Chap"
"Darling" FOSTERED
NEW Photos of her filly "Dottie"
Eddy's Departure NEEDS A NEW HOME
Finders Chance Now at Bits & Bytes Farm
Finders Girl
He Named Me Katie SOLD!
Hollywood Vic SOLD!
"Josh" SOLD!
Most Always a Lady SOLD!
My Sparky Boy SOLD!
Noshrinking Violet Deceased
Political Pull Now at Bits & Bytes Farm
"Pretty" SOLD!
"Skinny" SOLD!
Suzie Maewon
Violet Maewon Deceased
Viva Vicky SOLD!
Vicky Vicky Vicky


Cherish is a dappled grey horse for sale. She is four years old.

Cherish is a dappled grey horse for sale. She is four years old.



prospect horses available through Bits & Bytes Farm

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Cherish is about 16 hands and she is just 4 years old. She is a gorgeous dappled gray. She is not going to make it as a race horse because she is just too slow. Cherish is sound with no vices. She is with one of our favorite trainers who we know well and trust.

We have a van picking up horses at the track this week and we can have her brought south to Tennessee, Georiga, North or South Carolina on our van. We will have a special reduced shipping price because we are bringing so many horses south that we can hire an entire van for our load. Can we put her on the van for you? We can also arrange shipping to other locations.

Grey Filly for sale.Call for more information.


Call for more information on this gray horse for sale.


Call for more information on this grey horse for sale.



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