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Alaskan Crown was a mare for sale at Bits & Bytes Farm in 2004.

Linnea Boyce and mom Cheryl Knobloch purchased Alaskan Crown from Bits & Bytes Farm in June 2004.

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Alaskan Crown is a Horse For Sale at Fox Haven Farm, Inc. in Jennings, Florida.

Go Alaskan Crown sign. May 17, 2008

Alaskan Crown competed this past weekend at the Chattahoochee Hills Combined Training Event in Fairburn, GA. It was close enough for a group of Bits & Bytes Farm "Friends" and boarders to come out and cheer them on. May 17, 2008

Alaskan Crown was purchased from Bits & Bytes Farm in June 2004.

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Alaskan Crown is a very large rose gray mare.

Alaskan Crown is a very large rose gray mare.

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Alaskan Crown - FOR SALE!

See photos of Alaskan Crown! She is a grey mare for sale.
Alaskan Crown and Artrageous competed this weekend in the Chattahoochee Hills Combined Training event in Fairburn, GA. Click here to see their photos.

May 18, 2008

Alaskan Crown competed at her very first combined training event at Chattahoochee Hills in Fairburn, GA. She did very well and was double clean on her cross country. She has never down an eventing competition before. Alaskan Crown was purchased from Bits & Bytes Farm and has been trained by Linnea Boyce of Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, FL. This mare is totally calm at a competition and she was as quiet as a show hunter in the stadium phase. Alaskan Crown has been fox hunted. done show jumpers and now eventing. She is sensible and not at all marish. If you are looking for a beautiful grey sport horse - look no further and act fast. You will see why we say this when you see her photos from the combined training event. See lots more photos of her on our sister site:

Alaskan Crown is a gray horse for sale. May 17, 2008

May 15, 2008

Alaskan Crown is for sale.

Alaskan Crown will be competing on May 17-18, 2008 at the Chattahoochee Hills Event in Fairburn, GA. This is a good chance to see her up close and see if she is the horse for you! She has been trained and is now for sale. Contact Linnea Boyer or Cheryl Knobloch at Fox Haven Farm to schedule a chance to meet this beautiful and talented horse. See more photos of her on their Web site: /

October 21, 2007

OTTB Alaskan Crown competes in jumpers at the  Canterbury Horse Show.

Alaskan Crown competes in jumpers at the Canterbury Horse Show. October 21, 2007

Alaskan Crown competes in jumpers at the Canterbury Horse Show. October 21, 2007

December 9, 2006

We were wondering if you could put a little blurb on your website about Crown being for sale. We have some newer pictures on our site here from her first show in October. She’s been foxhunting, cross country schooling and to one show so far where she ribboned in every class. She is jumping 3’ regularly and could easily go much higher.

Linnea took Artrageous and Alaskan Crown to Canterbury last weekend. Arty needed the stadium jumping schooling for 3 days, and Crown had never been anywhere so show. Linnea rode Crown on Sat. AM in 2.3' jumper division, made a 3 jump-offs, and finished 2nd in all three classes. She was up against very fast ponies so we felt good about her finishes. They were showing on a grass course which was very slick so we chose not to push our larger, green horses for jump off times.

One of Linnea's students (her first student to show) rode Crown in three jumper classes at 2.3 and a money class and got first, second, fourth, and money back. Heat is really hard on her as she is anhydrotic; she needs to be in Canada or somewhere north. There are a few new pix on our web site. The ones on our site I took with my slow shutter camera on Sat. It was raining too much on Sunday to take any except of their warmups.

At the show, not only did Crown do really well in the Jumper arena, but Linnea took her in the indoor arena the first night we were there under the lights and she was a champ. There were little kids running up and down the bleachers and that didn’t faze her at all.

Linnea & Cheryl

June 26, 2007

Hi Elizabeth and Barry,

Foxy Dixie has been suddenly in great demand as her sire Dixieland Band is now top broodmare sire internationally for winners. She has been sold to a really neat lady and her partner in Barbados where she will live the life of a queen. There is no Dixieland Band mare anywhere in the islands. Suddenly we had calls from TX, Ontario, and CA as well so it became the first person with money in the bank. She leaves tomorrow night for a month in quarantine in Ocala and will leave with 2 two year olds in training from Miami to St. Johns, Barbados together on a "pallet". I have spent literally hours on the phone with her new owner, and she will live like royalty there in a much nicer climate than ours. We are also invited to go down to see her once she is settled in.
Look at Crown's newest pix on our site; these were taken this week. She DOES like to jump - just look at her expression. She will finally be competing this fall if she doesn't have another accident. Never have seen a horse who could find more ways to get hurt.
Haven't heard anything more, but think often of your mother and hope she is doing OK. Believe me, I know what you are going through. Linnea and I think of you both, and your enterprise, every day. Hope you are able to get the clinic rescheduled - maybe when it is cooler.......Teeny

Cheryl (aka Teeny) Knobloch, D.V.M. (Ret.)
Fox Haven Farm, Inc.

December 6, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to write to you and tell you that Crown is back to work. Her foot is completely healed and she has front shoes on again. We have started doing just dressage with her, but she will start jumping again next week. We have new pictures of her on her 2nd page. She has really filled out since last year and looks great! I hope to get her to her first schooling horse trial in January and maybe her first recognized event in February.

We also wanted to let you know that she is for sale. Since we are no longer breeding for greys, she really doesn’t fit our breeding program any more-so if you know of someone who may be interested in her let us know.

Talk to you later!


November 2005

Hi Elizabeth and Barry,

We took Alaskan Crown (Linnea) and Amber (me) cross country schooling today - 100 miles away on a farm in Tallahassee. Today, was a schooling day for a show next weekend.

Crown had been out cubbing but basically I didn't jump her except over a few logs and ditches. Today, she jumped everything. She tends to be lazy if allowed, but the larger jumps get her attention (jumped several 2.6 to 2.9) today. She lifts great and snaps her legs up - doesn't quit anything.

Alaskan Crown with Linnea - November 2005

I took her into the arena and jumped every wildly painted jump in the place after jumping cross country. I was very impressed. I figured we would do everything mild at two foot. The neat thing is she flags her tail over every fence as you can see in the pix. She will do well during the winter with more work and getting fitter. Pix are on our web site on Crown's page two.

This has been a big weekend for me. I haven't spent four hours on a horse for many years- then off again today. Things are good.

Talk to you soon.

July 2005

Alaskan Crown in July 2005 with Linnea.

Alaskan Crown in July 2005 with Linnea.

May 2005

Alaskan Crown was a  former Thoroughbred horse for sale from Bits & Bytes Farm.
Alaskan Crown (on right) at the Misty Morning Hounds hunter pace. April 2005

Hi Elizabeth,

We just wanted to give you an update on Crown. We took her to a hunter pace on April 17th at Misty Morning Hounds in Gainesville, FL along with my Anglo-Arab gelding Foster. She was a perfect lady and did great, even jumping some small logs.

We found out last week that she actually placed third in two rounds and got her first ribbons. In the first round, my mom rode the walk-trot class and I was her outrider. We did a working trot pace the whole mile and Crown led the way with no issues. The only thing she looked at was the water complex because it had a fountain in it.

We are going to start doing more jump work with her in the arena now. She has really matured and is wonderful to ride. I have attached a couple of pictures (they are terrible quality because they were pulled off my video camera). I also attached a picture of our two babies from this year. Our colt, who is chestnut turning grey, is HUGE. His withers are taller than my chest. The filly is small, but she is definitely going to be a racehorse. She likes to gallop.

Alaskan Crown (on left) at the Misty Morning Hounds hunter pace. April 2005
Alaskan Crown (on left) at the Misty Morning Hounds hunter pace. April 2005

Several of our smaller mares are for sale now (a couple of them in foal to a 17.1 grey TB, Expensive Hobby; go to to see this guy) as well as our three 2004 fillies to make room for other eventing prospects. Information is available on our Web site at:

We are getting our business going and are listed on the Horse Motel site now ( We also are about to order a 4 horse head-to-head trailer with a living quarters so that we can do transport. The farm is really starting to come together. I have several cross-country jumps built in one pasture and we have an arena with jumps that is currently grass, but we are going to finish it in sand and add lights.

Hope things are going well there. We’ll talk to you again soon,


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