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OTTB - Dr. Kenny Winn has become a "family" horse

Dr. Kenny Winn has become a "family" horse with husband Adam and sons Noah and Josh all riding this OTTB.












Three year old Josh rides an off-the-track Thoroughbred for the first time.

Three year old Josh talked to Kwinn the entire time and very LOUDLY!




































4 1/2 year old Noah's first ride on OTTB Dr. Kenny Winn.

4 1/2 year old Noah's first comment was that Kwinn was SO BIG but he settled in very quickly and enjoyed his ride.















































This is a really nice horse!

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Dr. Kenny Winn former Prospect Horse "Dr. Canhewin"

March 24, 2008


Right now we are in a temporary housing situation until we close on our new home at the end of April. Once we move, Kwinn will be 10-15 minutes away. Right now, he's about 30 minutes away.

Yesterday we all went up to see how he was doing. He was outside in a large paddock by himself, but very happy to be enjoying the sunshine! For the next 10 days, he's going to be by himself in turnout. Hopefully we will find a turnout buddy for him, but from appearances yesterday, he's not going to have many issues if they don't find someone laid back to put him out with.

This week I expect to be able to speak with one of the trainers (hunter focus) about a plan to get started with training and lessons. For the first week, I'm just going to let Kwinn get settled and take him around on a lead to see all the sights at the new barn. There are two other trainers at the barn. One is dressage and the other is event training focused.

We are all enjoying the warmth and sunshine though!

I'll be taking some new pics of Kwinn and providing a synopsis of our year together. Can you believe that it's almost a year already? He's certainly changed my life for the better and well, I believe that I've changed his for the better too!

Have a great day!

Elizabeth's Note: Ronni HAS changed Dr. Kenny Winn's life - she may have even saved it! When horses are done racing there are few career options open to them because of the current warmblood fad. YOU too can make a difference in the life of a Thoroughbred. You may not be able to purchase one but you can donate to one of the rescue groups listed on our Links page. As little as ten dollars can feed a horse for a week or two.

Horses are still being sent to slaughter but now they ride even longer in trucks designed to haul cattle. Slaughter operations still go on in Canada and Mexico with the horse meat being sold overseas. Those countries don't care that these horses may have steroids and antibiotics in their systems. Our FDA would not allow the sale of this quality meat here but that is not the case in other countries. We need to solve the problem of too many horses by making Thoroughbreds popular again as sport horses. That is the mission of Bits & Bytes Farm. Share you OTTB Success Stories with everyone you meet. They are a loving, smart and sensitive breed who deserves a chance at a second career. Register your Thoroughbred Sport horse with the North American Thoroughbred Society and win prizes and gain exposure for the Thoroughbred breed.

March 22, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Kwinn arrived in North Carolina safe and sound. Many thanks for putting me in touch with Madison Meyers (Madison Equine - 859-576-4872). Though Kwinn still doesn't like to travel very much though, he was very calm once he was finally in his new stall. I think being able to see me and hear my voice when he arrived let him know that he was in a safe place. I stayed for an hour and when I left he was happily munching on hay.

I checked the website (which I do often) and read about the barn fire. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost a loved horse in that tragic fire. I simply can't imagine how devastating that must be for everyone.

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed Easter.

All best,
Ronni and Kwinn

February 29, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,
I just had to write and share this compliment I rec'd today and it really sums it all up for me. Today was my usual lesson day. As I mentioned before, Kwinn's turnout time has been limited and that has clearly made him a higher strung than he normally is. Today I lunged him before the lesson but he was still full of steam when I got on.

Now, I want to say that he didn't buck, kick out or rear up, but you can feel the power underneath and the sense that he was more horse than usual. I was determined that I'd stick it out and not get off to lunge him and then get back on. In about 10 minutes time, his head carriage was lower and he was tuned in to work. He does love to work and consistency of work is best for him. I'm used to hearing compliments about how sweet, kind, handsome he is, but today the best compliment was from our trainer.

After the lesson we were discussing things that work with Kwinn, she said 'he has a good mind'. That summed up for me the best of what you and your track contacts find sound horses both in body and mind! Buyers can be assured that these horses have been evaulated properly and are prepared to go to thier new owners ready to learn, love and be loved!

Have a great weekend,

February 28, 2008 - Dr. Kenny Winn is Moving South!

Hi Elizabeth,
Well, things continue to move along! Our last trip down to NC was to finalize schools for the boys and find a new stable for Kwinn. Let me tell you how worried I have been about finding the right place. I won't go into to some of the details as sometimes I just want to shake my head at people's thinking. Several places were ruled out pretty quickly....too far, telling me what I should and shouldn't do with my horse when you haven't seen him yet. Oh, and the best part was my husband Adam.

Every place we walked in to investigate would always start talking to both of us. Adam would quickly set the record straight that Kwinn was mine and he just wrote the checks! Well, as soon as Adam heard something he didn't like, he'd stroll past me and say..."we are not putting Kwinn here, let's go!" No one heard him, but it was so nice to know that he's as concerned as I am about Kwinn and his welfare.

Anyway, we did find a place that will be about 15 minutes from our new home. There are only 25 horses and the barn manager knows everything about each of them. The barn is new, nice turnout and the best part is another indoor ring and great trainers to work with! The only thing that could make me happier is if it was at Bits & Bytes!

Now I'm working to finalize his transport. His Coggins' needs re-done and that happens next week. He may end up coming a few weeks after we move, but the barn here loves him and will take good care of him for me. They are so sad that we are both leaving.

I can't wait to get to some warmer weather. Kwinn really misses his turnout and some of our sessions lately haven't been as good they were as a result of the limited time outside. The other day, we had to turn him out in the indoor ring (fields were too muddy), but he got himself too excited and ran around like a maniac charging at the semi open doors and windows. When I finally was able to catch him, he was blowing and snorting. He does move beautifully though....he showed off a gorgeous flowing trot with his tail held high during his antics. And, he would come over to me looking for reassurance, but would run off again. After getting him calmed down, he just laid his head in my chest and closed his eyes.

I've been reading the website routinely and love to learn from all the stories and training notes. And, of course I just love seeing all the horses getting new families to love them! It's wonderful being part of this big extended family!

Must run for now!

Elizabeth's Note: Our mission is finding good homes for Thoroughbreds when their racing careers are over. We work hard to find people like Ronni who are committed to helping these horses learn a new career. We are dedicated to smoothing the transistion from race horse to sport horse. We offer support and suggestions whenever our buyers call or e-mail. Our buyers are willing to help others learn by sharing their Success Stories and to offer their expertise. Ronnie and every buyer is a part of our Bits & Bytes Farm extended family. We all share the love and passion for our horses and the Thoroughbred breed in general. Read enough stories and you will see a pattern emerge. Thoroughbreds love their people and love to work. They are quick learners. Spread the word with all your horse friends. Send them to read our Success Stories if they have any doubts about what Thoroughbreds are really like.

December 5, 2007

Kwinn is in serious school now. We are working with the trainer separately and together.

It's funny, the first day that she worked with him, I went up to watch hoping to pick up a few more tips. He did well until he saw me. It was so funny. He wanted to get over to 'mom' in the worst way. If I spoke he really became distracted!

He catches on quickly though. We have him going over rails on the lunge line. I don't plan to do serious jumping, but you never know what you will encounter on the trail. At first he was determined NOT to go over them. Then when he was made to do multiple times, he decided that it was pointless to protest.

I've been lunging and riding with the cold weather. And, I'm getting him used to having a lot of company in the indoor ring. It's very full there now with the cold weather.

He still gets outside unless it's raining or snowing. I love watching him in the field. He's just gorgeous and LOVES being a horse! His turnout buddy retruned to the barn so he's very happy these days. He doesn't like being alone. Kwinn is definitely the dominant personality. When I show up he chases everyone away from me!

I owe you some new pictures of my handsome fellow. It's hard because he's got his blanket on and when he doesn't, it's not always easy to get a picture. I bought Kwinn a brand new fall and winter wardrobe. Everyone is always telling him he has it so good. I think he knows that. And I know it whenever he starts nickering as soon as I walk in! It's hard to believe that I've had him almost 9 months!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday! by the way, how far are you from Raleigh/Durham area??? Just in case we end up there, I want to introduce you to Kwinny!

Happy Holidays!

September 19, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
I just wanted to let you know that Kwinn's papers arrived!!!!

My heartfelt thanks for helping me to find my sweet boy and my perfect match. There are no words to express the happiness I feel at having him in my life. My hope is that more people take a chance and purchase a prospect horse. It's a wonderful experience the past (almost) six months to watch Kwinn enjoy his new life away from the track; happy and healthy.

God bless you and all the dear OTTBs you have helped and will help to find new loving homes.

Warmest regards,



Dr. Kenny Winn has become a "family" horse with husband Adam and sons Noah and Josh all riding this OTTB.
Dr. Kenny Winn has become a "family" horse with husband Adam and sons Noah and Josh all riding this OTTB. "Kwinn" came off-the-track in March of 2007. - July 12,2007

September 17, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
Well, I am happy to report that Kwinn and I seem to be back to normal! The lunging followed by riding routine is working very well for Kwinn. I've also managed to increase my riding to 3 days a week and with the nice weather, he's getting regular turnout which has helped tremendously. In a few weeks I'll add another day so that he's getting no less than four days of work a week. He's really bright and happy these days!

The trainer watched me ride on Friday and Saturday and gave me a few pointers too. It's been a huge help in just those two days of working. She's going to ride him Thursday and try a different bit on him just to see and also 'feel' what he's doing. He seems to be looking to move off my hands so we've been working very hard to get him to move off of my leg pressure more. This was a great week and we even rode in the arena outside! It was after we had already done all our real work indoors but he was such a good boy that I treated him to an outdoor cool down. He loved it!!! It's fun to see him so interested and alert. When he's turned out and I show up, he comes up to the fence nickering and just wants attention.

Hope to get you some new pictures of him soon!
Ronni and Kwinn

September 4, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
Sorry to be clogging up your email. Thought I'd share the latest. A friend from my former show days was passing through and wanted to stop in and say hello. I took the opportunity to take her to see Kwinn and capture our lunge work on film to share with you. Apparently my friend and I are technically challenged as we were unable to get the video to work.

He lunged like a perfect gentleman! No head tossing or anything else I had noticed before. So of course, now he's totally fine on the lunge and even cantered in both directions for me!

Sunday and Monday I was able to get there and ride both days. Sunday didn't work out very well. There were two other horses in the indoor ring and one horse in the outdoor ring. Kwinn was completely distracted and I hadn't lunged him first. Ugh....he was tossing his head and trying to take off with me everytime I asked for a trot. I couldn't figure out what had happened to my nice calm OTTB. I got off and checked all the equipment looking for anything that might be pinching. When I got back on, he wouldn't do anything I wanted without complete overreaction. Continuing would have been pointless. I spent some time in the evening going over in my head what to do. Adam suggested that Kwinn could just be having an off day and to wait and see what tomorrow would bring.

Monday, I got to the barn to ride before anyone else was there. First I lunged him indoors, then hand trotted him around the ring in both directions. He was fine. I made some adjustments to the bridle and then got on. We walked in both directions easily and without any of the head tossing I noticed the day before. Then I asked for a trot. Again, nothing in either direction. We finished up by lunging outside while two other horses were working in the outside ring. He was completely fine and seemed to enjoy the change of scenery. I'm not sure whether the bridle adjustments made a difference, if it was the other horses, or if he just had an off day, but he was back to his usual self. That eased my mind.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to work with the trainer so that I can ride him during some of her smaller group lessons in the evening. I think he needs to be worked with other horses more so that he gets used to them around him. And, I think he just needs more than the two days of work. I've developed a schedule to ramp up to no less than 4 days of work a week. I think it will be good for both of us.

I'm still going to try and get someone to get a video just so you can see what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Thanks again for all of your support!
Ronni and Kwinn

August 30, 2007


Thanks so much for your kind words of reassurance. It's also nice that I can be an example for people that you don't have to be an expert. We all have to start somewhere, even the experts.

I do feel better and when I went to see Kwinn this afternoon, I felt good knowing that my horse nickers and gets excited to see me. The bond and trust are there and to me, that's the foundation for everything we will do as a team now and in the future. So, I'll continue to take my time with him, have fun and enjoy this wonderful adventure we've embarked on.

Lunging is not one of Kwinn's favorite things to do. He does a lot of head shaking and from time to time when asked to go to the right will stand and give me a confused look. He knows exactly what I want him to do, he'd just rather not do it.I don't let it become a battle of wills, I just firmly get him started to the right and stop him when I want him to stop. Must be something about the way I lunge him though, my Morgan used to dislike it too. The difference is that the Morgan stallion would rear up on me, Kwinn just looks at me and I swear, it's like a kid asking 'do I really have to do that mom?'

Again, thanks! Between you and the trainer at the stable, Kwinn and I have a wonderful support system!

July 31, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

After a bit of a delay, we were finally able to get the dentist here to see Kwinn and it was long overdue. Poor guy's lips were cut on the inside from his teeth being in such bad shape. I almost cried when the dentist showed me just how bad it was. That certainly explained all the 'chewing' and pulling on the bit he has been doing. But what a sweet boy he really is to be hurting like that and never show it. I let his mouth rest a few days and decided on Sunday to ride.

The weather was absolutely awful due to a thunderstorm with torrential rain. We had gotten to the indoor arena just as the skies opened up. Kwinn was a bit uncertain about the rain pounding on the roof. While at the walk, I noticed that he hadn't been chewing on the bit (French link snaffle) and didn't seem to pull on the reins quite as much. Just was we started out on a nice trot, even tempo and again, no pulling, there was a HUGE clap of thunder right over top of the arena. Kwinn jumped slightly but quieted down quickly as I just stroked his neck and spoke calmly to him. I was able to collect him and get him into a trot again fairly easily. Unfortunately, the weather started to get pretty wicked and he just seemed preoccupied about when the next clap of thunder would occur so we called it a day. I was pleased that he was better with the bit though.

We've been working on getting ready to try riding in the outdoor arena. I've not ridden him outside yet and I think he would really enjoy it. You can see that he's much more interested when there is something else to look at. Right now, it's just hand walking outside after our ride to get used to the scenery and jumps set up in the ring. I'd love to be able to take him on a trail ride soon but I worry about how he will react to the trailer ride over to the horse park. He was so worked up on the ride from the track to home. I'm sure some of that was just the 'where am I' factor but I'd hate for him to be so upset that we couldn't enjoy the day. We may just trailer him over and see how he does and then judge whether he's up for a ride. Any suggestions to make this easier for him?

Hope all is well! Wish we were close enough to come for a visit and work with all of you. Even though we are working slowly on everything, Kwinn is happy and always seems to want to please me. He loves the hugs as much as he loves his carrots!


Elizabeth's Note: When an ex-race horse gets on a trailer his only thought is that he is going to another track. There is no way to explain to him that he is not going to have to race. Only time and patience will help him understand that a trailer ride can lead to a - fun ride. Put you horse in the trailer and feed him in there a few times. After a few days take him for a ride around the block and back to the farm. Then, take him on a short trailer ride to do a trail ride with other calm horses. A quiet experienced horse in the trailer will help your horse understand that he is not going back to the track. Make it a quiet and short ride and then bring him home. A few trips like this, and he will be pulling you to get on the trailer and go! Just remember that a horse never knows what to expect when the ramp goes down. That can make him anxious and worried. Re schooling him that a trailer ride leads to fun will make him look forward to your next trip away from home.

July 12, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

Finally here are some new pictures of Kwinn that I've been promising. He's gained some weight and filled out a bit in the three months that we've had him. His coat is looking much better too. Not sure the shine will come through on the pictures as these were taken with a disposable digital camera and not our 'real' digital camera.

Things are continuing to go very well with Kwinn on all fronts. I manage to ride at least twice a week. The last few times I've ridden we've had some company in the indoor arena. So far it's gone pretty well. Once or twice he's not been happy to be passed by the other horses. He tends to express his displeasure in that situation by pinning his ears back. My confidence with him has been growing each time and we get braver about trying new things. By fall when the weather cools down, I hope to trailer him over to one of the horse parks for some trail riding. I think we will both be ready by then. We haven't been hurrying any of this process and so far that has worked well.

I think I mentioned to you that the boys have been asking to ride Kwinn. Our July 4th weather wasn't that great so we made alternative plans that morning. Those plans included a visit to see Kwinn, or 'Kwinny' as the boys call him. Kwinn was turned out in the field when we got there but as soon as he saw me, he was ready to come in. you think he enjoys seeing me, or is it the carrots I bring with me?? Anyway, we all cleaned and saddled him up, found some helmets for the boys and off to the indoor arena we went. I rode Kwinn first while the boys waited rather impatiently for their turn.

PLEAAASE. Just one more carrot.
PLEAAASE. Just one more carrot.

Noah, my oldest (4 1/2 years) went first. His first comment was that Kwinn was SO BIG but he settled in very quickly and enjoyed his ride! Josh (3 years) was next. What you don't know is that Josh was born talking; he's NEVER quiet! He talked to Kwinn the entire time and very LOUDLY! Kwinn was not in the least bit fazed by anything that Josh did. He just walked along next to me as though he was a leadline pony. I've attached a few pictures of the momentous occasion and a few taken outside. Kwinn loves when the boys visit and is instinctively gentle with them. They even hand feed him carrots!

Dr. Kenny Winn takes his mom Veronica Berman for a ride.

Oh, and Adam rode Kwinn too! So, he's officially the family horse now! Adam was so impressed with how quiet Kwinn is. He just kept saying, 'if I didn't know he came off the track, I wouldn't believe it!' It was so much fun though to share the experience with the men in my life.

I'm getting ready to try a canter. Thanks for the tips on how to get him into a canter. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes. I don't anticipate any problems but may work with the trainer the day I try that just to have someone there.
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

And, let me stress how difficult it was for Adam and I to get Noah, Josh and Kwinn all picture perfect at the same time. It wasn't happening! You'll notice that Josh held the reins and Noah tossed them on Kwinn's neck and held the saddle instead. I've also included one of me riding Kwinn. Adam got me working to get Kwinn into a trot and not the actual trot (don't tell Adam, but I need a new photographer!LOL!). I've included one of Kwinn on the cross ties and one of him begging for a carrot.
Take care and talk to you soon!
OTTB - Dr. Kenny Winn stands quietly in the cross ties.

June 29, 2007

Hi again!
I just wanted to quickly brag about our ride this morning. With vacation last week, it's been almost two weeks since I rode Kwinn. He did beautifully and especially since we had four other horses in the indoor arena with us!! This was the first time that we have had so many horses with us at one time. Kwinn was not at all bothered by anyone passing him or coming up behind him. And his trot was energetic today. Not that he felt like he was keeping up with the other horses, just that he was happy to have some company to work with!

I'm so pumped up about it! Two of the horses were even jumping low fences and circling around us at a trot and canter. Kwinn was such a good boy!!!

I have some pictures of him too but need to figure out the new camera and how to download them. We are going out of town this evening for a family event tomorrow so perhaps I can get them to you later in the weekend. This was just a quick email to brag at how well he did today!
Have a great weekend!

Ronni and Kwinn

June 28, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

Hope you are well! We are back from vacation and now into a smooth routine. I've now got a pretty good routine set up for riding Kwinn which delights me to no end. He was very happy to see me back from vacation. I love going to see him anytime, but now that he actually nickers when he sees me, it's an awesome feeling.

And it seems he's finally found a turnout friend! This is good news!! Before that, he was going out by himself and would be fine for a short period of time (max was an hour). As soon as he became bored, he'd start pacing back and forth and they'd have to bring him in. Now he and his pony friend get out together and he can spend a few hours outside during the day happily munching on grass. I noticed a huge change in him the week I was gone. Very calm and content.

His coat is getting better every day! There are still some dry patches and some scabbing from bug bites, but it's improving. We put him on a probiotic supplement and it's helped tremendously. And, he's gaining some weight too! I know I owe you some pictures of my handsome boy. I'm going to ride tomorrow and will get a chance to take some shots of him in the cross ties. Speaking of which, he can stand there so patiently now while you scratch his back, neck or chest. He doesn't care; your choice!

Anyway, I've spoken to two people lately about Bits & Bytes and OTTBs. I've invited these folks over to meet Kwinn and see firsthand just how sweet and loving these horses are. I've sent them the link to your site so that they can check the horses out for themselves. Kwinn will do everything in power to convince them. I'm taking Noah and Josh over with me to ride him that day too! yes, I will take pictures of that ride for you to post!

Adam has seen me checking Sleight out a lot lately and it got him a bit nervous. She looks like a bookend to Kwinn!! We aren't ready for another horse yet and honestly, Kwinn isn't ready to share me either. He still lets all the other horses know I am HIS mom!

Again, hope all is well with you!
All best, Ronni and Kwinn

June 9, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
Okay, most people do not understand how great this feels or what it means in terms of our bonding process, but to me, it's like your child smiling at you for the first time!!! Knowing that Kwinn was truly happy to see me and acknowledging that fact was such an awesome feeling today!! It made my day!!!

We had a short ride today (too hot and the flies were wicked) and we mostly concentrated on bending exercises. A lot of figure eights and small turns around the jumps. He seemed to be pulling a lot today and I'm not sure it wasn't the flies that were the issue. I need to get you some updated pictures of my handsome boy.

Speaking of sons, mostly Noah, are anxious to ride their 'Kwinny". They've been asking for a few weeks now and my schedule just hasn't given me time to get them over for a ride. Kwinn just loves them and he's so incredibly gentle with them. It's cute to see them all together. A family photo might be a good idea!

Well, just wanted to share my happy news today! Hope you are all well!

Ronni and Kwinn


May 25, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
Wow! The Ed Dabney clinic is something I would love to attend and bring Kwinn, but sadly won't be able to do this time around. We are leaving on a family vacation on June 18th and have so much to do to prepare. I'm excited though that as a 'buyer', I'm on these lists and will learn of various training clinics in the future. Maybe Kwinn and I will surprise you with a visit one day!

Speaking of visits, I hope you are able to come up this way sometime and see us! Kwinn's coat is looking so much better and he's almost completely shed it out. He's going to have a gorgeous coppery coat though when it does come in!!

Riding is going well too. I'm still riding in the indoor arena....too hot in the sun to be honest. The scenery in there changes with the jumps moved around. I hand walk him past all the new jumps and he looks at them. He's not always sure of what they are, but there isn't too much balking from him. He's a very sensible horse.

We're going slowly right now; mostly walking and trotting and will try a canter soon. Almost tried that the other day but there were too many obstacles in the ring and the turns were too tight. I'm working on buying a saddle though. The schooling saddles are just so uncomfortable for me and I feel off balance in them. Kwinn's had his own bridle though since just after he arrived home.

Must run. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and hope to catch up with you very soon.

PS Please tell Lauren I said hello!

Elizabeth's Note: All buyers of our horses get informed first of any clinics held at Bits & Bytes Farm. We try to have clinics that will assist our buyers with the training of their OTTBs.

May 8, 2007

It was great to speak with you today!! I've scanned the chiropractic information on your site and I will try a few of those exercises with Kwinn to see if that helps with his kicking out during grooming.

When I think back to my decision to get another horse, I'm so glad that I made the decision to write to you and then make that first phone call. It's taken me many years to be in a position to have a horse of my own again and when I made the decision to get an OTTB, I'm glad that I found Bits & Bytes to work with! Without you and your track contacts, I wouldn't have Kwinn. He and I are fortunate that you and your contacts are so committed to the horses and their potential owners. Because of all you do, I have the perfect horse for myself and my family and Kwinn has a wonderful new life!

Thanks to all of you!
Ronni and Kwinn

May 4, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
I just got back from a lesson on Kwinn! For a variety of reasons, I haven't had a lot of opportunities to ride him but today was fun! Nothing spooks him and if he does get nervous, he's trusts that I'm not asking him to do something that will hurt him. He stretches his neck out and is very responsive. Getting him to trot was fun today...he was so laid back about the ride it took some work to get him to move. Once he figured it out, he understood the immediately. Kwinn is a quick learner! And, he loves to look around and see what is going on around him.

And, the most interesting thing about today was someone brought their young daughter and her new pony for a lesson. She knows Kwinn is a recent OTTB and was at first hesitant to bring the little girl and pony in. The trainer assured her that Kwinn would be fine. After some back and forth discussion, it turns out the woman knows of Kwinn's former owners! Amazingly small world it is! So, she can also provide them with updates and attest to how well Kwinn is doing!

No pictures today as there wasn't anyone available to man the camera for me. Soon though, I want you to see he's putting on some weight and filling out! Everyone comments on how handsome he is!

Take care and I'll talk to you soon,
Ronni (and Kwinn)

Dr. Kenny Winn's first ride with Ronni Berman. April 2007

April 22, 2007 - Dr. Kenny Winn's first ride with mom Ronni Berman

Hi Elizabeth,

Three weeks to the day of bringing him home, I finally had my first ride on Kwinn!!!

Earlier in the day, Kwinn had his first experience in the wash stall and after some initial nervousness, he settled in for a quick hose down. He was clean and ready to go! Adam went with me to take pictures and witness the big event. He hasn't seen Kwinn that often but immediately noticed how calm Kwinn has become in the time since we've had him. This was also the first time that Adam has actually seen Kwinn outside of his stall and on cross ties. His first remark was 'he's a big guy'! They got down to the business of getting to know one another.

Kwinn was ready to go as soon as the saddle was on. We got the bridle fitted easily though he wasn't too sure of the bit and chewed on it the entire time he had the bridle on. With that, we were off to the indoor ring and the start of our lead line class! LOL!

I had the trainer at the stable handling the lunge line for me. She walked Kwinn around for a few minutes to loosen him up and then it was time for me to get on first time. Kwinn walked away from the mounting block twice before I was finally able to get on him. Once aboard, he never flinched! I kept my full weight out of the saddle for a few minutes but once I put my full weight in the saddle he seemed comfortable. Obviously he's stronger on the left than the right and weak in the backside, but both the trainer and I were quite pleased to find that he understands and responds to leg pressure and will bend (again better on the left). And, he responds well to my hands. Someone has worked with him a bit.

Occasionally he caught sight of the other horses outside and would look around to see them better. Kwinn is going to love the trails!!! He would also drop his head and stretch. He would come to a halt easily but didn't like standing still. As soon as I had him standing, he'd start moving backwards and I'd have to move him forward and try to get him to stand again. This will take some work. He was good on the line and really we could have gone solo, but the trainer's next lesson started indoors and we were both comfortable leaving him tethered until we knew how he'd act. He did well! Next ride, will be untethered. We only walked and will try a trot soon too.

I'm sending a picture of us just starting off on our ride. Adam isn't an equine photographer so I'm going to ask someone else to man the camera and get some good pictures of us! I am rusty and it took a bit of thinking on my part to remember what to do. Luckily I have access to a trainer so Kwinn and I will take some lessons with her.

Kwinn stands pretty well for his grooming sessions now but he does like to turn around and watch what I am doing. Periodically he still walks back and forth depending on the action in the barn. In general he's pretty interested in everything that goes on around him. His feet are doing much better though we are still watching them closely. Everyone agrees that Kwinn is a sweet horse....good with people and other horses (now that he knows them!).

All in all, it boils down to this......I LOVE this horse!!! Kwinn has been such a wonderful addition to our family!!! Again, I can't thank you enough for helping me to acquire Kwinn!


April 15, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!
What an absolutely awful weather day it was here today! The only good thing about this Nor'easter is that it's not cold enough to be snow! We need an ark here....hope you made out okay and stayed dry!

Kwinn has had two weeks off here to get used to his new surrounding and just be a horse. There has been a lot of ground work the past two weeks and it's really paid off! Kwinn's getting used to cross ties and is standing pretty well for grooming sessions. And, I figured out that what I thought was him turning to try and bite was actually him trying to give me a reciprocal scratch! LOL! He leads pretty well and is always very interested in what goes on around him!

But, that all comes to an end this week as Kwinn goes back to work. We're starting by lunging with and without tack and if all goes as planned, I'm riding him on Friday for the first time!!! WOOHOO!! I want to get some good pictures so you can update his page!

There was one minor mishap this week. As I mentioned before, his skin is dry and itchy. We started him on oil for that this week but not before he scratched himself raw on a tree during turnout. He literally rubbed himself down to the hide and was bleeding. The wound was cleaned and treated (he didn't like that!). Hopefully he won't do any more damage to himself until the oil works and the wound heals. Ugh, with all the hair loss, Kwinn looks like he has mange. Until that spot heals and the hair grows back, we'll be sending pics of his good side only!

Today I got a call from Kwinn's former owner. I met her the day we picked Kwinn up and brought him home and promised to keep in touch with her about his progress. Unfortunately she didn't get my two email updates so I gave her the B&B website details as well my email address. I learned a bit more about Kwinn and his racing history. I've invited her to come and see how well Kwinn is doing in his new home.

Here's hoping tomorrow's weather will be better and I will be able to get over to the stable and take care of the mighty Kwinn!

Talk to you soon!

Dr. Kenny Winn will now be known as "Kwinn".
Dr. Kenny Winn (now known as "Kwinn") meets his new family.

April 6, 2007

I felt it was so important for me to spend time on a daily basis with Kwinn this week. And, I do believe that he has bonded with me. Trying to re-arrange my schedule has left little time for phone calls but rest assured, I'll call!!

Thanks for the additional tips on dealing with him. Anytime he seemed anxious, I'd move in front of him and make him move where I wanted him and also tried to alleviate his 'worry' over what was going on. The nicest thing was that at one point as I was toweling him off, he let out a huge sigh! That made me smile so much knowing he was clearly enjoying the attention and 'massage' he was getting from 'mom'!

Have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Easter to all!

April 5, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

Kwinn certainly likes to roll in the mud. I'll be getting him a turnout sheet so that he doesn't get too muddy. Not that I mind the grooming sessions, but all of a sudden Kwinn isn't as happy with them as he was.

Today I was able to cross tie him for the first time. I kept the lead on his halter and in my hand so that I had some control over him. Every time I walked to the side of him, he tried to turn or walk forward do I would get back in front of him and reposition him. He didn't seem to like the curry too much today and I'm not sure if I was too rough or what with his skin. He would alternate lifting his front feet and then hind feet as if he was agitated. Each time he would do that, I'd move back in front of him and get him settled again. Then as soon as I would go back to the side of him, I talk him through it. I did have to put him in the stall once because the horse nearest the cross ties kept charging at us which made Kwinn very nervous. We moved the other horse and brought Kwinn back out so I could finish.

Aside from feet lifting, he'd also try to turn towards me and would lay his ears back and try to bite at me. I'd move, get in front of him and redirect him each time. It honestly took me an hour to groom him but once we were finished I toweled him off which he seemed to like, gave him a treat and put him back in his stall.

He's quite mouthy though in general and we are working on that too. But, he's been a good boy otherwise. People can go in and out of his stall to give him hay, pick his stall out or whatever. I can pick his feet up for cleaning without any trouble. The only thing right now is that I think he's got some sensitivity issues (he does have a dry and thin coat) and perhaps I need to dial it down a bit.

He loves for me to rub his head with a towel. If any of the other horses get to close to his stall while I am in there, Kwinn flattens his ears back and bites at the bars.
We weren't able to do much lunging this week. They've needed to use the indoor arena to turn out one of the horses who is a bit sore footed and the outdoor rings are either too hard or too muddy for us to work in. I didn't want to get Kwinn sore since he's still barefoot. I did walk him on a lead in between lessons and he did okay. As an aside, the farrier saw him yesterday and said Kwinn's feet are in good shape overall. He didn't need any trimming and the farrier suggested leaving him bare foot until he comes back in two weeks to check him.

I guess that's about it. I've been to the barn every day to see him....I just love him!

Elizabeth's Notes: Many of the TBs have very sensitive skin. Use a soft brush and a towel to massage your Thoroughbred. I would hold a crop in my hand, and, if he turns to bite - pop him one right on the side of the nose. Use a bat with a flat leather end on it. That shows him who is boss. It should not need be a hard pop but after that pop, a deep voiced "UR UR UR" usually gets the message across. Biting is a sign of aggression and should not be tolerated. By being firm in your discipline you are showing the horse that you are in charge.

Don't let your horse intimidate you. Take him on the lead and make him move his hips away from you - first on one side and then on the other. Then, back him up by using your body and voice and shaking the lead at him. Anytime he acts like he wants to be the boss - make him move his feet where you want him to and do it with conviction. Do not be timid even if you are afraid. He will pick up your body language and take charge.

Buyers of our horses are encourage to call me if they need to discuss any issues that might come up. We offer support and encouragement to make it a successful match. I am sorry, but I am unable to offer training advice to people who have not purchased a horse through us. There are many successful trainers that have books and DVDs on training. The Internet is also a great resource.

Everything sounds normal with Dr. Kenny Winn. It sounds to me like Ronni is HIS person and he has bonded with her. Thoroughbreds are very loyal and love "their person" very much.

April 2, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
Another small update on Kwinn. It's amazing to me how quickly he's adjusting and how calm he is now. Yesterday he went out for the first time since arriving at his new home. I forgot to bring the camera but Kwinn was happy because I remembered the peppermints! He trotted around, sniffed and snorted and kicked up his heels! The sight of him just loving the freedom to be a horse was priceless. Another intense grooming session followed - this boy LOVES to roll!

I worked from home today and went to see him over lunch. He was already out when I got there. It didn't take much coaxing for him to come to the fence to see me - must have been the peppermints from the day before! I'm nearly back to 100% so we should be able to get to work in the next day or two. The best part is that you can now walk him to and from his turnout area without a chain!

And he loves to be brushed and rubbed down with a towel. Oh, and Kwinn loves to have his head rubbed! Well, I should add that as long as nothing else is going on around him. He loves to watch everything! And, he's made friends with the gelding in the stall next to him.

More to follow (and photos)!

March 31, 2007 - The first of Kwinn's many success stories

Hi Elizabeth!
Well, what a difference a day makes! Kwinn (Dr. Kenny Winn) was so much calmer today compared to when he arrived at his new home yesterday! He got himself worked into quite a sweat on the trailer ride home yesterday. His new stall is open and he can see everything going on in the barn. It was complete sensory overload for him in the beginning. As soon as the other horses started coming in, Kwinn seemed to relax a bit and started to make friends with his new neighbors.

Last night I went over to check on him and he was happily snacking away on his hay. Phew...I slept better knowing my boy was comfortable. Today I went over and spent time getting to know Kwinn. I gave him a good grooming - he loves to roll around in his stall was such a mess! I spent a lot of time in his stall and he was a complete gentleman. He never crowded me or anything. I was able to run my hands all over him and pick up his feet without any problems. I wanted him clean for our photo session. Kwinn looked not so much thanks to the start of a kidney infection!

Kwinn met the entire family tonight. My 4 1/2 year old son, Noah, was standing in front of Kwinn waving at him and it never bothered Kwinn at all. He nuzzled his head into my chest several times for a good head rub and even let the boys rub his nose several times.

I'm sending you a picture of Kwinn in his new home! I'll get better pictures of myself with him once I am feeling better. Thank you so much for helping me to get this beautiful boy! Seeing him today, I know that he and I are going to be a great match!

Looking forward to sending you many updates on his progress!

March 20, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

I can't thank you enough for your time and patience in the process of helping me to find Kwinn! It's just sinking in that he's now mine and I'm looking forward to getting him home. I've not been successful in making contact with Lauren so I'm not sure if she was bale to move him to her barn today. He's going to stay with her for a short time while I make sure all is ready for his official homecoming. I sent my close friends a new arrival announcement today!!! Kwinn has recieved quite a few welcome messages.

As you can see, I'm up late! I've been reading training information on your site and researching tack. It's been a long time since I rode in a hunt saddle but I think it won't take too long for me to get the feel of it back again. My biggest concern is doing right by Kwinn's re-training and well, we'll just take our time and do a lot of ground work in the early days while we get to know one another.

He's such a gorgeous animal and I feel so blessed to again have a horse in my life. I've missed it so much and it wasn't until tonight as I was looking at some past photos of Townie that I realized just how much. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to make this possible! Family photos will be forthcoming!


Elizabeth's Notes: Dr. Kenny Winn was a Prospect Horse For Sale in the fall of 2006 when he was listed on our Prospect Horses page under the name of Dr. Canhewin. He was purchased in March of 2007 by Veronica Berman of Newtown, Pennsylvania. Click here to see Dr. Kenny Winn's Prospect Horse For Sale photos.

Dr. Kenny Winn at the track - January 2007.

Dr. Kenny Winn in November 2006 at the track.


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