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Taken Chances and his new mom Lea Mueller. November 2007

Taken Chances and his first mom off-thye-track - Lea Mueller.





















OTTB - Taken Chances' Prospect Horse For Sale photo.

Taken Chances' Prospect Horse For Sale photo. Click here to see more of his photos from the track.



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Taken Chances - A former Prospect Horse

Taken Chances - A former Prospect Horse For Sale - Congratulations to Lea Mueller of Hendersonville, NC

July 12, 2008 - Taken's Chances' New Mom Checks In!

Hi Elizabeth,
My name is Laura Boineau and I have recently purchased Taken Chances from Lea Mueller. He is doing great. Chance has a great personality and attitude. I know that Lea had trouble getting and keeping weight on him, so I have been treating him for ulcers. His appetite is great now and he is easily gaining weight. I have also had Joy Baker, DVM, who does chiropractic and acupuncture, out. She has worked on him once and given us exercises to do. He already is moving better, more freely in his back and hips. Chance is going to make a great event horse, I am so pleased with him. I'll be in touch soon and will try and send some pictures.


Elizabeth's Note: We love to hear from new owners of horses we have sold. We will always help any owner of a horse (first time owner or later owner) we placed by offering advice or helping to resell if the circumstances require a new home for the horse. We encourage each buyer to keep up with the Success Stories for the horse. This lets the original breeder, owner or trainer know the horse is OK and has not gone to auction. It also adds value to the horse in the case of resale. A horse with a verifiable history is worth more than a horse with no background.

July 3, 2008 - Congratulations to Laura Boineau of Greenville, SC!

Taken Chances has found a new mom! We hope Laura will update his Success Stories with new photos!

May 15, 2008

Hi Elizabeth!

I saw Gloria at Rolex and she showed me pictures of the beautiful horses you all went to see in Lexington. I hope you were able to help some of them out. Also I was hoping to get to meet you while at Rolex! But it just didn't happen.

Taken Chances is now FOR SALE.

I am writing because I recently made a decision. A hard one at that, but I think it is the right thing for me to do. I have started back in school, for a physical therapist assistant program. My time and resources are very tight right now and so have decided to put Chances up for sale. He especially needs both those things right now and it is hard for me to provide them. He is a wonderful horse. He really has a lot of potential if under the wing of the right person. He is so smart and very athletic. He truly is someone's next great sporthorse. Although he has also been enjoying just being a horse for now.

Taken Chances is now FOR SALE.

I know that if I sell him the new owner's have to agree to your agreement and stay in touch. I think that is wonderful. Also if you can put the word out on your website that would be super - just let me know what you need from me. I can send you updated pictures of the boy - he is looking super. The sooner I can sell him the better, but he definitely has to go to the right home. For the time being he is at home with me and I probably won't have alot of time to do much with him. But soon (if he doesn't sell while at home) I will be sending him to a friend of mine so that he can continue his training.

Taken Chances is now FOR SALE.

So far, since I have had him, he lunges in side reins; We were working on walk/trot/ canter - still working on picking up his right lead but he gets it most of the time (he actaully thinks about it and tries). We were working on inside leg to outside rein, bending, and softening. Some leg-yielding. And has had a few sessions jumping cross-rails. He has a very nice, soft jump.

Taken Chances is now FOR SALE.

He can get nervous about some things, of course he is only just 4, and his tendancy is to want to bolt. It's not a huge deal and he comes right back to you. He has to have a buddy in the pasture, otherwise he is never quite settled and I think he could get along with anybody. His feet are great. He is barefoot right now with no problems.

Thanks for all you do to help these horses out. And if anything i am glad to have been able to at least be a part of Chances transition into a new life. Hopefully I can help find him the right home cause he is really a wonderful horse. When I get out of school and have a job where I can afford to have another horse I will definitely remember Bits and Bytes Farm.

Let me know if you have any ideas on how to find Chances a new home. Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Lea Mueller

February 13, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,
I just wanted to finally send you some pictures of Chances (he's acquired the nickname Barnabie). These pictures are of my second time riding him - finally! Yeah! He is doing great and is such a smart boy.

Lea's second ride on Taken Chances. Febryary 2008

We are working on steering, moving off from the leg, and some moving away from the leg. He really does catch on fast. We have also done trotting poles. He has a nice floating trot moving forward with ease, and he naturally tracks up and carries himself. He is just still unbalanced and underdeveloped.

Lea's second ride on Taken Chances. Febryary 2008

We have not cantered him yet from the saddle as he is still very weak behind, but are doing some in free lunging. As you can see he is really skinny again. He lost weight once he started in on a work schedule. But we think he is on the upside now and is not losing any more. Hope he will start gaining as spring approaches. He also loves getting dirty and rolling around in the mud. Hope all is well on the farm. I would really like to make it down there sometime for a visit.

Best Regards, Lea

January 2008

Hey Elizabeth!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Thank you for Taken Chance's papers. I've never had a horse with papers before so that is very exciting! And feels very official. Chances is doing great - living the good life. I have been very slow at getting him going with circumstances, the holidays, and weather. But I am excited to let you know he will be going to a trainer, a friend of mine, in Tryon soon to seriously begin his training. I decided that I much needed and wanted help with young Chances so that he can have a most confident and relaxing experience. My trainer says she has a barn full of 4 yr. old TBs right now so he will fit right in! I look forward to learning alot as I will be there as much as possible and will be able to work with Chances with supervision.

What I have been able to do with him are groundwork exercises such as bending his neck, and untracking his hindend while bending his neck. It is more difficult for him on the right side. Also backing softly and in a straight line from both sides. Which has also been difficult, but he has definitely improved. I just have to remember to go slow. We work on leading, stoppping when I stop, and moving forwards when I begin. We also work on lowering his head with the slightest of pressure. And good manners haltering and releasing in the pasture. He enjoys going on walks around the property. He is very curious. I also had a round pen session with him the other day and it was a beginning. His thing seems to be his attention. He wants to pay attention to everything except me - guess that's being a 3 yr old. The roundpen was great because I could get him moving forward but he also had to pay attention to me. He never quite relaxed and that is my goal for our next session. I would like for him to drop his head in a relaxed trot. So I guess, though it seems to me we haven't gotten alot done, we have been working on a lot of the little things. And better to go slow with confidence than to rush through it unsure of things.

But I know with regular work and a program his attention span and relaxation will greatly improve. He just needs a job and to know what is expected of him. He is Mr. Personanlity with lots of opinions about life. I will let you know how his progress goes in these next couple of months during his time at the trainers and will send pictures too!


November 19, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!
Here are some great pics of Chances first time out. Not the best quality photos however, but hope you enjoy. Yeah, he was feelin' good that day! His hind end may be underdeveloped but it can still pack the punch! He sure got some air! Made me think to myself, 'Oh Boy!' . . Lea

Taken Chances enjoys his freedom. November 2007

November 15, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!
I hope all is well at the Bits and Bytes Farm! Just to give you a quick update to let you know how Chances is - he's great! He is settling in just fine.

He finally got his shoes removed and his very long toes trimmed. He seems much more comfortable. The farrier said he looks to have a good thickness to his soles for a thoroughbred so he is barefoot for the time being. He was a little nervous about the farrier, but I think mostly because he was on the side of the barn where he really hadn't hung out before. Where as inside the barn he has been working on ground tying and has been doing very well.

I haven't been able to do a whole lot with him yet as I broke a bone in my hand a couple of weeks ago and have been very cautious. But he has definitely begun to relax into everything. Although he wasn't too happy when my mare left to go spend time at another barn for a while, he does still have his buddy, Strike, who is a laid back(most of the time) older Arab. And sometimes he has Cameo, the goat, as his neighbor.

I have been able to do a little bit of groundwork stuff. He seems very smart and willing. I think he is ready to start doing some more things. He is very curious and very affectionate. This week I hope to finally get him going on some lunging and get us into a regular routine of work. It's been a crazy month.

The vet is coming out this week to float his teeth. I have some pictures and will send as soon as my hubby downloads onto computer at work to send to me. I think he is already starting to put on some weight and look a lot better.

I just want to thank you for being very helpful with the whole process of purchasing a TB sight unseen off the internet. I was nervous but not really after talking with you and reading all of the success stories and training tips. It was quite fun! And I love my new horse! It is also so great to be able to read all of the stories and learn from other peoples experiences. It is like a support group and very helpful.

I also want to thank Darla, the contact at the track, for all her help and honesty.
I think it is a wonderful thing you all are doing to help find new homes and jobs for these amazing and talented horses!

Can't wait to visit the farm some day soon. Hope all is well.

And Happy Thanksgiving!

October 11, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!

"Chances" made it home last night about 7 o'clock. They arrived early so I wasn't there to see him come off the trailer. But my shipper said he was really nice to work around and traveled easy. He seems very relaxed but also very curious. He's a real sweety. I'm so excited to finally have him here and to meet him in person. He is very handsome and with some added weight and some lovin' I think he will be quite spectacular. I will send a picture as soon as I can get my hands on a camera.

Thanks so much and I'll be in touch.

Taken Chances was a former Prospect Horse For Sale sold to Lea Mueller of Hendersonville, NC in October 2007.

Taken Chances was sold as a Prospect Horse For Sale in October 2007 to Lea Mueller.

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