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Artrageous - March 9, 2007

Artrageous - March 9, 2007

Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007

Former Prospect Horse for Sale - Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007

OTTB Thoroughbred Stallion - Artrageous

"Look Ma, no hands!" Artrageous is calm and quiet right off-the-track and he is a stallion! He will be standing stud at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, Florida.

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OTTB Artrageous is safe!

Artrageous is safe!

The trainer wanted this horse out ASAP. We found him at home at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, FL. SAFE AT LAST!!





Artrageous is very beautiful bay color with four white socks and a star.

OTTB Artrageous - will stand at stud at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, FL

OTTB - Artrageous - will stand at stud at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, FL



Former Prospect Horse for Sale - Artrageous is a gorgeous mover.

Former Prospect Horse for Sale - Artrageous is a gorgeous mover. We hope he will pass on his good looks and movement to many sport horses in the future.

Artrageous was a former Thoroughbred Prospect Horse for Sale.

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December 13, 2007

Artrageous stands at stud in Jennings, Florida. December 2007

December 20, 2007

Artrageous will be attending this showcase of stallions, January 5th, 2008, Sport Horse Stallion Expo at the James B. Hunt Horse complex in Raleigh, NC. He will be shown on the flat and over fences. If you are looking for a big, beautiful stallion to breed to, don't miss this show.
Artrageous is standing at stud at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, Florida. Click here for a flyer or visit Artrageous' Web page on the Fox Haven Farm Web site. Artrageous is a well bred Thoroughbred stallion. Click here to see his pedigree.

November 10-11, 2007

Linnea and Artrageous rode in the Training level group at the Phillip Dutton Clinic at Cedar Ridge Farm in Athens, GA and had a fantastic confidence building weekend. Not only did we jump Training level cross country fences, we also jumped several Prelim fences! Videos on the Stallions page.

October 28, 2007

Hi Elizabeth and Barry,

Linnea took Arty and Crown (Click here to see her photos on the Fox aven Farm Web site) to Canterbury last weekend. Arty needed the stadium jumping schooling for 3 days, and Crown had never been anywhere to show. Linnea rode Crown on Sat. AM in 2.3' jumper division, made a 3 jump-offs, and finished 2nd in all three classes.

She was up against very fast ponies so we felt good about her finishes. They were showing on a grass course which was very slick so we chose not to push our larger, green horses for jump off times.

Arty went in 2.6 division against mostly all ponies, made all the jumpoffs, but did not place. He also went in the 2.9 division and pulled ribbons in each of 3 classes. Linnea showed him "in hand" as experience for both on Sunday, judge thought he was a warmblood, and he got blue. Absolutely no one believed he is a stallion. He stood around all afternoon Sat. sleeping or quietly watching everyone's jumping. One lady even leaned down to check that he really is intact. Wish we could hang a sign on him that he is a stallion as literally everyone turns to look at him when he goes by.

Artrageous finished the 2.9 division on Sunday with ribbons and the Reserve Championship. He enjoyed himself, and was as good as gold all day. Just for training, Linnea entered him in a hunter class which was under roof. He had never set foot under a covered arena, on a synthetic surface, and every jump with flower boxes. He went so well that we decided to take him in all 3 classes in the division, and he pulled 2 seconds and a third - and he is very clearly NOT a hunter-type. All of the other horses competing were very push button, hunter types. I was really surprised. Talked to the judge, and she said he was obviously an eventer, but has a lovely jump - also couldn't believe he is a stallion as she saw him standing at the ingate for over an hour.

One of Linnea's students rode Crown in 3 jumper classes at 2.3 and a money class and got first, second, fourth, and money back. She may lease Crown, would show her, take lessons on her at Andrew Harbison's (dressage), and still allow us to market her. She is finally filling out - as is Arty. (he gets three meals/day)There are a few new pix on our web site. The show photographer took some beautiful pix, but we can't afford to pay those prices so have very few show pix. The ones on our site I took with my slow shutter camera on Sat. It was raining too much on Sunday to take any except of their warmups.

All of Arty's babies are growing well in their respective dams. We have one potentially white or paint baby from white TB Glory coming in March, and Bucky finally figured it out and has one baby coming next August. I know - very late for a TB but this will be a show horse, not a race horse anyway.

Sorry to not get to talk to you. Just thought I would catch you up on things here. You guys are selling great guns - good for you.

Bye for now. Teeny

Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 9, 2007

March 2007

Hi Elizabeth,
No one at Rocking Horse can believe that Arty:
1. is a stallion
2. has just started jumping
3. is so "cute".

Linnea and he had a cross country lesson with Ralph Hill who said "I just love working with beginner novice horses who aren't really." He jumped a whole course including many wildly painted jumps and a gymnastics of "skinnies". He just loves to jump and is gradually learning not to over jump. He has a dressage lesson with Andrew Harbison tomorrow morning. Linnea had him in a dressage arena on the buckle just to look around. Perfectly quiet and the perfect gentleman even when standing under saddle in company.

Keep your fingers crossed for the weekend.

Elizabeth's Note: Artrageous competed at the Rocking Horse Horse Trials on March 16th - 18th. After a slow start in dressage, Artrageous was one of four horses that went double clean in cross-country! Unfortunately, he had a rail down in stadium with two time penalties but in the end, a 6th place finish is not bad for a very first competition! Artrageous it seems has great talent as an event horse. He is a stallion so keep an eye on this beautiful boy if you have a mare you are thinking of breeding.

Elizabeth had the pleasure to get to finally meet Artrageous (and ride him) when she took a recent trip to Florida.

Elizabeth had the pleasure to get to finally meet Artrageous (and ride him) when she took a recent trip to Florida.

Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007

Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007

Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007
Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007

Artrageous and him mom Linnea Boyce. March 2007

December 31, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,
Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to give you a quick update on Artrageous. He had his first jumping lesson today and did it like he does everything else-like a total pro! He continues to amaze us with his temperament and willingness. We started with ground poles and moved up to cross rails. Then to cool him off I hacked him down the road and he did his first small ditches (he's very brave!). Mom took a bunch of pictures and they are up on our site.

We still totally love him. Can you believe that he is currently turned out with two geldings, our other 5 year old stallion and Bucky our coming 2 year old stallion??!! He gets along with them great! Yes, we are soooooo very happy with Arty; he is so special in so many ways. Hard to believe he is a stallion, but he will have more opportunity to prove that in a couple of months. :)

I will hopefully be taking him to get a dressage lesson with Andrew Harbison in the next couple of weeks. He needs to be ridden daily for a couple of weeks to get "legged up" for an Andrew lesson.

Hope you all have a great New Year's! We'll talk to you again soon.

Thank you,
Linnea Boyce
Fox Haven Farm, Inc.

September 20, 2006

OTTB Thoroughbred Stallion - Artrageous

OTTB Thoroughbred Stallion - Artrageous

August 24, 2006

Artrageous is safe at his new home in Jennings, Florida
Artrageous is safe at his new home at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, Florida with his retired vet mom - Dr. Cheryl Knobloch.

Arty is moving sound today with his reverse shoe on. Linnea just soaked his foot while she pulled his mane. He is so good; just about the best ground manners on the place. He will be fine with a bar shoe until his hoof grows out. He and Bucky already are bosom pals, quite content.

Thanks again. Talk to you soon.

August 23, 2006

Hi Elizabeth, We LOVE this boy (er - man). He is as awesome in person as in picture, and his disposition ...... well, it would be easy to forget he is a stallion.
We discovered why he went so cheap shortly after he arrived.

He feet were terribly neglected with shoes that were much too small. He has cracks in three, which are manageable. He has really bad seedy toe in his right front, and has gotten more and more sore. Farrier today put a reverse shoe on him and cut out lots of the wall on his toe. We will keep a boot on him and treat with bleach/iodine twice/day until next week when he will get a custom bar shoe. Our farrier is really good and thinks we will get him sound to ride within a few months - maybe two.

Stallion Prospect - Artrageous
Stallion Prospect - Artrageous at home at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, FL.

He is just such a LOVE - he begs for attention and stands quietly with his foot in a bucket while his mane is pulled. He has a very Arab-like forelock which makes him even more handsome. Does it sound like I like him?!!!

We were hoping to get on him this weekend, but will now wait until he is going better. Our farrier thinks once he is comfortably supported and balanced, we will be able to ride him without any problem. We will play it by ear, with great anticipation. You can see how he moves the one day he really felt good. He could go to the top in dressage, his movement is that good.

And .....if he likes to jump......the sky is the limit. I think he will like two jobs. :)

Artrageous is enjoying the green grass of Florida.
Artrageous is enjoying the green grass of Florida.

We will keep you updated. Now that we have his rear shoes with caulks off his feet, we have our yearling buckskin colt in with him. They were already buddies over the fence, from a distance. They are both content. Nature is such a great thing! Bucky made baby faces at him, and they started eating hay together.

Talk to you soon. You did a REALLY good thing.

Cheryl (aka Teeny) Knobloch, D.V.M. (Ret.)
Fox Haven Farm, Inc.

August 19, 2006 - Artrageous is safe!

He was purchased by Cheryl Knobloch and her daughter Linnea (who also purchased Alaskan Crown and Foxy Dixie). She loves his color and his breeding. Artrageous will remain a stallion and stand at stud at Cheryl's Fox Haven Farm, Inc. in Jennings, Florida. He will be bred to sport horse mares of color and Thoroughbred mares to produce racing stock.

Hi Elizabeth,

I know my mom will probably write you as well, but I just wanted to send you a big hug and THANK YOU for helping us get this boy. He is AWESOME!

I drove down to Ocala to get him and he came off of the Sallee van very quietly, looked around and started to graze right away. I decided to give him a couple of minutes before I loaded him on our trailer for the ride home and he was such a gentleman. All I had to do was show him the feed bucket and he walked right up the ramp into our trailer and backed into his stall quietly. He rode home like a champ!

We put him on the round pen for a little while to see how he would behave and he was great, so we put him into the paddock we use for foaling. There were mares right across the fence from him and he was interested, but still well behaved, so we left him in there until right before the sun went down then put him back in the round pen for the night. We got some great pictures of him and they are up on our web site already. He is sooo gorgeous. Not to mention that we had the pleasant surprise of finding out that he IS a sabino (white on his lower lip, white hair in his tail)!

Thanks again and we’ll talk to you soon,

Thank you to everyone who offered to help get this horse off-the-track!

OTTB success story.
Artrageous is safe and enjoying his new home at Fox Haven Farm in Jennings, FL


Artrageous was an "At Risk" horse purchased directly off the track in August 2006. Here are a few of his Prospect Horse for Sale photos.

View his Prospect Horse for Sale Page here.

Artrageous at the racetrack in August 2006.

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