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DG Dusty - April 2007

DG Dusty - April 2007




D G Dusty - October 15, 2006

D G Dusty - October 15, 2006





D G Dusty - October 15, 2006

D G Dusty - October 15, 2006





DG Dusty arrives in Indiana - June 6, 2006

Former Prospect Horse for Sale - DG Dusty arrives in Indiana - June 6, 2006



Click here to see his Prospect Horse for Sale photos.

Click here to see his Prospect Horse for Sale photos.

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D G Dusty

DG Dusty and mom Julie Ann. May 17, 2007

May 17, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

Here is a picture of me on DG yesterday and I'll try to send this video as well. My computer is giving me fits so it may not transfer. If it does pay no attention to the "big" lady on board with the loose lower leg...gotta get rid of that baby weight and although nursing is a big help it doesn't make for a comfy ride. All in good time, I suppose.

Julie Ann

May 6, 2007

Just a quick update on DG...I started riding last week and he's been great. I feel like I can finally get things going now. I am taking him to a schooling show the first weekend in June. I will let you know how it goes.

Our barn had a little schooling show yesterday so they had a course of poles set up so when I was riding on Friday I cantered him around the course. Changing directions, swapping leads and tight jumper turns...he was really good and it was a lot of fun.

Anyway, Grace did her first lead line class so I thought I'd send you some pictures...too cute!

Take care!
Julie Ann

Grace Elmore rode at her first horse show. May 6, 2007
Grace Elmore rode at her first horse show.
May 6, 2007

April 17, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

Thought I would let you know what's going on in Indiana. Tucker Edward was born on March 9th and he is doing really well. He sleeps like a champ is isn't much of a fusser. I have been blessed with another really good baby and I couldn't feel luckier!

Tucker made his first trip to the barn at about 2 weeks. We sat in the viewing area while his big sister had a lesson. He has since been numerous times and is a champ at sitting in his car seat while Mom works with DG.

Tucker Edward Elmore

Tucker made his first trip to the barn at about 2 weeks. We sat in the viewing area while his big sister had a lesson. He has since been numerous times and is a champ at sitting in his car seat while Mom works with DG.

D G Dusty working on the lunge.

DG is doing really well. After we spoke in February I did remove his shoes hoping that his feet would benefit and they have. I've been putting Keratex on at the recommendation of my farrier and the preparation H and his feet are dramatically better. After about a week or so of being pretty tender I was able to start lunging him again indoors on the soft footing. He's muscling up nicely and I can't wait to ride. He gets his shoes on next week so I will ride after that. I am really looking forward to getting him jumping now that I don't have to worry about being pregnant. I had started him last fall but had to take it easy.

I sent a few pics. The one a bit blurry but you can get an idea of how he's looking. Then of course there is one of Tucker in his "horse outfit".

I'll send more updates now that we'll be working again.
Thanks and Happy Spring...I think it's finally here!

Julie Ann

March 9, 2007 - The extended Bits & Bytes Farm family is Growing!

Tucker Edward Elmore was born on March 9th, 2007.
Tucker Edward Elmore was born on March 9th, 2007.

Well, he's here!

Tucker was born on Friday, March 9th at 7:08pm...8lbs 12oz and 21 inches long. We are all doing really well. Here are a few pictures and I will write more later!

Julie Ann

Grace welcomes her new little brother.

Tucker and his dad.

February 7, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

Believe it or not I took some pictures of DG a few weeks ago with a new camera... long story short...this camera is so freaking advanced I can't get anything edited or emailed. So I bought a new Kodak and sold the old Olympus on ebay...I am familiar with the Kodak products and software so I can actually download, edit and email pics!

Anyway, when I can get out to the barn while a friend of mine rides him I now have the ability to take and send some pics.

DG is doing really well. I was able to ride until November and then it just got too uncomfortable. I do a lot of lunge line work with him to keep him fit and I have a girl ride him about twice a week to keep him going. It has been very cold here in Indiana lately...single digits at night and highs in the teens and 20's during the day for quite some time now. We got our first real snow fall yesterday with about 6 inches. After a very mild December winter has hit!

DG gets turned out every day and loves it although he is a bit of a nuisance. He always is biting on his turnout buddy and just being plain annoying. Luckily the guy he goes out with now just bites back. We've had to switch him a few times after coming in with booboos (even all booted up!) from some other horses. I love him but I can't say he doesn't deserve what he gets:)

I am ready to have a baby any day now. I am looking forward to being able to ride again soon...hoping that 4-6 weeks after the baby arrives I'll be able to. Maybe it will be a little warmer by then as well. Been looking at the show schedules and my goal is to take him to something at the end of April...I'll need some time to fit back in my show clothes!

Hopefully my friend is riding him I said with the cold weather it's been hit or miss with people coming to the barn. If she does I will get some pics and send them out to you.

Thanks and take care!
Julie Ann

October 16, 2006

Here are a few pics I took yesterday of DG.

D G Dusty and friend - October 15, 2006

October 5, 2006

Here are a few pics of DG on the ground. He still need a bit more weight but his shape is changing for the better. I had someone do a video of him yesterday cantering over a gate but they left the camera on so I have a seven minute video of the ground with about 45 seconds of jumping at the end. If I can figure out how to edit it I will send it out otherwise I'll try to get another in the next few days. He is a REALLY cute jumper :)

D G Dusty may be available for sale.
D G Dusty may be available for sale.

I will start advertising him for sale at the end of October. I bought DG as a prospect to play with for a year or time is now being slashed with a baby on the way...timing is everything...good or bad.

I'll try to work on the video...thanks:)
Julie Ann

D G Dusty may be available for sale.
D G Dusty may be available for sale.

August 21, 2006

My three year-old cools him out after every workout and loves helping me pick his feet and brush his mane and tail.


Sorry it's been awhile but thought I would drop a quick note on DG's progress.

The summer started out slowly, I am now 13 weeks pregnant...after 2 1/2 years of trying and a miscarriage I found out I was pregnant about two weeks after I brought DG home...that's the way it works, right?...

DG's attitude is really the best. He loves getting turned out everyday and is just the most mellow guy. My three year-old cools him out after every workout and loves helping me pick his feet and brush his mane and tail.

On this past Saturday I decided to take DG to a small schooling show about an hour away just to expose him to the atmosphere. Our day started out at 5 am loading him onto the trailer by myself. Up until now I always had someone to help and he was never bad but I definitely needed that second person to "motivate" him. Well I was on my own and wouldn't you know that he walked right up the ramp, let me throw the lead over his neck, back up behind him and close him in. The day ended up being much longer than I anticipated so we ended up doing this about five or six times at the show and he was great every time...trailer loading, check!

Like I said before, it was a long day. A whole bunch of beginners in the morning classes. We could have easily left home at 10 am and had plenty of time but I always have to be prepared. We started the morning with a walk around the grounds and a quick lunge in the indoor ring. There were two resident peacocks and a goat that roamed around which DG couldn't have cared less about. After some grazing I got on him and hacked around the indoor, walked around the outdoor where the show was and repeated this process a few times...we had plenty of time! We received lots of compliments on DG's "good looks" and behavior. Can't wait to show him off when he gains more weight!

Since it was a small schooling show I asked if I would be able to show in my chaps and a polo breeches are a bit uncomfortable due to recent weight loss...yep! I've lost about 13 pounds being pregnant (sick) but I have "pooched" out enough to require some sort of elasticity in my waist region...go figure! Anyway they said it would be alright so I entered DG...I think his show name will be two classes. A walk-trot and a walk-trot-canter class. Pretty basic but it was his first time in the actual show ring and there were five other horses in the classes. They had very nice jumps in the ring...colorful and lots of flower boxes none of which DG minded, of course. Now like I said, this was a small schooling show, nothing fancy but DG placed 2nd in the walk-trot and 1st in the walk-trot-canter. We were the top of a less than stellar crowd but that's better than being the worst in it! More than anything he was just a really good boy all around. He couldn't have been any better. He will make a fantastic show horse!

In another week or two I will be taking him up to my trainer to start working over fences with him. I ride with Wendy Newby and Tammy Provost. Tammy is one of the top hunter riders in the country and Wendy is her mother and I am excited for them both to see him so we can figure out if he's going to excel more in the hunter or jumper ring. I may have Tammy do some more of the jumping training due to my "condition" so we'll see how everything goes.

I wish I had some pictures from the show but since I was there by is a cute one of DG with my niece.

She is a horse crazy girl without a horse so she enjoyed him a lot!

Take care and I will keep in touch!

Julie Ann

Elizabeth's Note: We hope that you will show your horse with his registered Thoroughbred name. With Internet searches finding show results, the former owners and trainers will be able to follow your horse and know that he is safe and not racing or worse - gone to slaughter.

July 11, 2006

Just a quick update...DG had his first adjustment today from the chiropractor. He was very good for her and was definitely out of wack here and there so I hope this helps him feel better.

Still been doing basic flat work and he gets better with every ride. He has even been picking up his right lead!

We've also kept his shoes on for almost 5 weeks now which is great. When he threw them behind he had very little foot to work with but it's almost time for another shoeing and they're still tight. I am excited to see what this shoeing does for the shape of his "bad" foot...the last correction was so helpful it will be nice to see what we can do this time around. The foot growing out looks very healthy...the biotin and daily hoofmaker are helping.

As long as he's not too sore from the adjustment I am taking him to a schooling show to hack around the grounds this weekend. I'll try to send some pictures if I can get somebody to take them up there.

My 3 year old daughter now gets a "pony ride" on DG after I ride him. He is wonderful with her and she never wants to get off. Another horse crazy girl, perhaps?

Take care!
Julie Ann

July 5, 2006

Just thought I would drop you a quick note on DG's progress.

I have ridden him about 10 times now. His trot is so balanced already and his canter to the left is sooooo comfortable. To the right has been another story. I think he has been the most difficult OTTB I have owned to get to pick up the right lead...however, he has no problem at all going across the diagonal and doing a flying change from left to's pretty funny actually! Yesterday, he did pick it up the first time I asked him and was fairly balanced as well. Progress is good! He is getting adjusted tomorrow so we'll see if that helps him at all.

He loves being a horse out here. He is turned out all day with two lesson horses. He rarely runs around, just hangs out and eats grass all day. When he is in he enjoys his fan on his butt.

Next weekend I am taking him to a schooling show just to introduce him to the show atmosphere and hack him around. I'll let you know how it goes!

Take care,
Julie Ann

D G Dusty and Julie Ann Elmore

June 18, 2006


Got a little bit better picture of us.

DG has been great this weekend. I have been continuing the lunge line work with him, evening cantering a bit and he is doing very well. He has some pretty strong muscles under his neck but we'll get a nice topline built up in the next few months.

I rode him yesterday for the first time. I haven't been on a horse in four years and he probably thought there were two jockeys on him! We walked and trotted outdoors. Our barn is having a new fence line installed so there is construction equipment everywhere. Does not faze him a bit. Afterwards we walked around the entire property...through the woods, around a x-country field and past a small lake...he walked on the buckle the whole time. NOTHING bothers him...a great, great mind!

Today we worked a little bit on the lunge line with ground poles and eventually over some small cross rails. He is very good with his front end. Once he starts really using his back and rounding out I think he will have a beautiful jump...all in good time.

My farrier came on Thursday and we put some new shoes on him...he had thrown one rear shoe in the paddock so we took the first step in getting his feet in better shape. They look better already with some corrective shaping done but we still have a ways to go. My farrier and I think we'll see a big improvement by the next shoeing. I hope he can keep them all on until then! I've been using hoofmaker daily on his feet daily and have him on a biotin supplement so we should turn out ok.

DG loves my three year old daughter. She is his official carrot girl. Follows her around like a puppy dog when he sees her.

I'll keep you both updated with his progress and more pictures!

Julie Ann

June 14, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,
Thought I would give you an update on DG.

Our first day at the barn was a bit traumatic. I'll give you the Reader's Digest version. I am not sure if DG had ever seen a small pony before but when he saw two in the field next to him he got very excited to say the least...he reared up and came down on the fence, jumped over it and caught both stifles. Thankfully he was completely booted up and only had two minor abrasions...his rear polo wraps were pulled completely down to his ankles...don't want to think what his legs would have looked like if he wasn't protected.

Anyway, he let me catch him without a problem and has been more respectful of his "boundaries" since then. He is also now back to his quiet self and enjoying his daily turnouts munching away on grass. Living it up!

Today was day four on the lunge line. He was fantastic. I just have a surcingle with side reins and a D ring bit on him. Day one he pretty much ran around with his head in the air, a race horse :)...Today he came out, quiet as can be, stayed out on the circle, barely fought the side reins at all and was very good with my voice commands. We've only been walking and trotting. I don't think he is balanced enough yet to canter on that small of a circle but he's darn close! I am going to hop on him for the first time tomorrow and just walk him around the whole property...let him check things out and get used to carrying my lard-butt around...poor guy! He does have a fantastic mind and when he brings his head down he's not a bad mover either!

I'll be in touch.
Julie Ann

June 6, 2006 DG Dusty Arrives in Indiana

Hi Elizabeth!

We made it to Indiana. DG is a great shipper...even after a full day yesterday!

We arrived at about 8 this evening. we went for a walk and he was so quiet I put some polo wraps on him and let him loose in the indoor. He didn't really run around that much but he certainly enjoyed rolling in the soft footing...numerous times! I gave him a bath and let him graze while he dried before putting him in for the night. It was hard to pull him away from that green stuff!

I'll get some better photos tomorrow and will keep you updated!

Julie Ann

DG Dusty was a former Prospect Horse for Sale in June 2006. He was purchased by Julie Ann Elmore of Coatsville, Indiana.

Click here to see his Prospect Horse for Sale photos.

D G Dusty was a former Prospect Horse for Sale in June 2006

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