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Mr. Mully

Mr. Mully turned four as of March 30, 2007!


Mr. Mully at home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mr. Mully at home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mr. Mully meets Kristin's grandpa in Texas on his way to Salt Lake City.

Mr. Mully meets Kristin's grandpa in Texas on his way to Salt Lake City.


Mr. Mully and grandpa.

Mr. Mully and grandpa.


Bits & Byte Farm help to arrange the equine transportation services to get Mr. Mully to Salt Lake City.

Bits & Byte Farm help to arrange the equine transportation services to get Mr. Mully to Salt Lake City.

Mr. Mully at the track. April 2006

Mr. Mully at the track. - April 2006

See Mr. Mully's Prospect Horse for Sale page. Kristin Palmer was quick to call about this beautiful boy when he appeared on our Web site.


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Mr. Mully - He was a Prospect Horse for Sale in 2006

May 4, 2007

Hi Elizabeth!

Just a drop in to tell you that as of a few days ago (May 4th) was Mully's anniversary! We have had him a full year now, and wow that year just flew by! He is back to full work now and yesterday we trailered him out to my trainer's barn just to get him out of his home. It was his third time away from the barn, but the first time at Lynleigh Farm. He was great! He was a little nervous at first, but then settled right down. (His buddy was with him) Next weekend there is a Hunter show at Lynleigh Farm, and if Kristin can get work off, we are planning on taking him there just for the show atmosphere. He probably won't be showing until the end of the summer/fall. And I can't wait!

See ya!

April 13, 2007

Mr. Mully

Hi Elizabeth!

Here is a little update of Mr. Mully. He is now four! (as if March 30). He looks great. Mully is finally starting to fill out, he looks like a warmblood. At the beginning of February, we found that Mully had shattered his front right splint bone. Thank goodness it was only his splint bone! He ended up having surgery to remove half of the splint bone. He has been off for about two months, but now slowly coming back with light riding and staying sound. The surgeons did a wonderful job, and Kristin was there at his side the whole time! Mully took it like a champ. But even with time off he is still in shape and looks great under saddle! He will be able to jump in another month. He is recovering with no problems. So hopefully he will stay sound and will be able to jump so Kristin can take him to some shows later in the summer! Well, I hope all is well at the farm! Just wanted to let you know how Mully is usual, GREAT!

Send More Updates Sooner or Later!!
Kimi, Kristin, and of course, Mr. Mully

Mr Mully recently attended his first clinic.

January 18, 2007

Hi Elizabeth,

The clinic was great. The clinician's name was Kathy Robinson from California. She trains hunter/jumpers in San Diego. She really enjoyed Mully, she even rode him!!

Mr. Mully is learning to jump!

Although she thought we had to much frame ( Hunters) and changed some things about my riding. More equitation riding really, we learned a lot. Mully wasn't very confident at first with jumping. Some days he is more brave than others. Anyway, she thought the reason was that he really wasn't looking at his fences until he was right up to them and he was getting surprised and would try to wiggle himself out of it. He usually doesn't stop, but he runs out a lot.

Mr. Mully was a Prospect Horse for Sale in 2006

He was so well behaved. And he tried so hard. She was impressed how good his mind was and thinks he will be a very fun horse. He was the youngest in the class and definitely the most sane! I agree with her and look forward for the summer shows. Of course he will be in the baby greens but it will be a good experience. I hope the pictures worked and thank you for checking up on us. Hope things are going great at your farm.

Hope things are going great at your farm.




Roll over the image
to see Mr. Mully jump!

Mr. Mully jumps at his first clinic.

Elizabeth's Training Note: Do lots of ground pole and grid work to get your horse ready to jump real fences. Build up his confidence before jumping larger fences. A horse needs to learn to see the distance to the fence. This can be accomplished with gymnastic exercises. A good book on gymnastic training is, "Gymnastics, Systematic Training for Jumping Horses" by James C. Wofford. Never let your horse run out on a fence. Make him stop and look at it but not go around without stopping. Pretend there is a cliff on either side of the jump. Don't fall off the cliff! Stop the horse and do not let him learn there is another way around the fence. We are very proud of Kristin and Mr. Mully! Keep up the good work!

December 25, 2006

Dear Elizabeth,

Kimi and I wanted to wish you and everyone at the farm a very Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mully is doing great and getting ready for a
clinic this weekend and we will finally send pictures. Again thank you for
all the amazing work you do for these animals!!

Kristin and Kimi AND Mr Mully

October 23, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,

Mr Mully is doing great!! We moved him to my training barn and he is very happy there. He is jumping now small cross rails.

At first we thought he wouldn't have a problem with jumping when I lunged him over some fences his very first time. But, when you are on him, he tries to always run out on the left side. He is becoming more brave by the day. He loves to do ground work and ethic is amazing!!! He tries sooo hard.

I was reading Brett's story about trailer loading. Mully had some huge isssues about loading and the technique WORKS! Mr. Mully also has a stubborn streak where he can say, "No thank you, I'm not doing that!" That attitude is slowly going away. He is becoming more willing to the jumping stuff. Last week he actually jumped a small wall without looking at it.

He has been fun and he loves to state his opinion, which usaully makes me laugh. What I love most is that at my barn he is with high dollar jumping warmbloods and he is the second smallest horse there. He has little man syndrome which he thinks he bigger then everyone else. He likes to show who is boss. People tell me to sell him and buy a big jumper. I tell them to go take a hike!! I love him!!

Pictures coming soon of him jumping...he is cute little jumper.
Thanks again and more updates soon!!

Kristin Palmer

Elizabeth's Training Notes: Always start your jumping training by trotting and cantering over poles on the ground. We also like to start the horses out on our cross country trails jumping single small logs. They do not move or fall down if the horse drags his feet. This teaching the horse to lift up over the fence and not be sloppy. Watching a horse trot over a series of ground poles will give a hint to his jumping abiltity. A horse that carefully places his will be a good jumper. One of our favorite books for teaching a horse to jump is a book called, "Gymnastics - Systematic Training for Jumping Horses", by James C. Wofford. Click here to link to

July 1, 2006

Hello Elizabeth,

I just wanted to give you a little update on Mully. He was adjusted twice and after three weeks of very light work he was feeling like a million bucks! Literally!!He is a snuffleuphogus and he loves to lick your pants trying to get a treat! And he is winning the hearts of lots of people.

OTTB - Mr Mully - Hello sunshine

When a friend from the barn came with the chiropractor to see him she was very nervous that Kristin bought a horse from a Web site, unseen, but she was very impressed, and thinks that he will be a great horse for the both of us. My friend and I were doing some Parelli games with him and I had her guess his age and she said "umm 13?" We love him and he just falls asleep in our laps! He is also gaining weight and eats his special meal very politely. We just couldn't be happier with him.

Thanks and more updates like always!
Kimi and Kristin

June 7, 2006 - Mr. Mully becomes Mr. Mom

Hello again Elizabeth,

I just wanted to tell you about Mully's connection with a little foal at our barn.

Mr. Mully is Mr. Mom
Mr. Mully is now Mr. Mom to an orphaned foal named Ivory.

The filly, Ivory, is a black Quarter horse who is going to be trained to race at the right age. Her mom, who is also a beautiful black Quarter horse, was once a race horse as well when she broke her leg. She was able to be a brood mare, but the time has come to put her to sleep because her leg just keeps on getting worse.

The owners of the horse wanted the foal to become friends with somebody at the barn so that she wouldn't be so alone once they put her mom down. They picked Mully but they were very nervous. So we let them in a turnout next to each other ... and it was a success! They absolutely love each other!! The filly loves to be groomed by Mully! And she waits for him to come out of his stall.

It is so cute, I am glad it worked out. We get to see the filly grow up and become a race horse. I sent you a picture of Ivory, but I will have to send you a better one some other time. Just thought I would tell you that story.

Thank you, and more soon,


May 31, 2006

Hello Elizabeth,
It is Kimi, AGAIN! I know that I have sent you none-stop stories, but we just have too many successes with Mully to just ignore!

Today we lunged him with a surcingle. We left it loose, but tighter on the inside.To the left he is great, he even puts his head down a little and his trot is getting longer with more suspension as well.

Mr. Mullys Update

It is still a struggle to canter but he will get it. To the right he is doing soooo much better. He used to say "Forget it, I am done!" and take off with the lunge line! But today he stayed calm and walked and trotted successfully, even bringing out a nice long, relaxed trot.We didn't canter him on the right, we wanted to leave on a good note. We like taking things slow! Once he is good like that he is done working.

After today I am more excited than ever to see him progress to the horse I know he will become!

Thank you so much for helping us find such a cutie!
Kimi and Kristin
Kimi Palmer and Mr. Mully on Memorial Day.
Kimi Palmer and Mr. Mully on Memorial Day - not quite one month off-the-track.

May 29, 2006

Hi Elizabeth!
It is Kimi and I had my first ride on Mully on MEMORIAL DAY! Kristin has ridden him before me but this was my first time. Well, as expected, we have a lot of work to do! But he was soooo good. He wasn't spooky at all, and compared to all of the slow, stubborn horses I am used to, he was very forward which I love! I just practiced transitions with him and he goes with my posting and body positions very well, I barely have to use the reins! And I even got him to bend going in a circle, it was soo much fun! I can't wait to ride him again!


May 26, 2006

Hi Elizabeth,
It is Kimi. Here are some new pics of Mully. He is doing great of course!

We love him to pieces. I don't have much time but I thought I would send you these of him in his home.

Mr. Mully is ready for his close up!
Mr. Mully is ready for his close up!

I found it hard to take some pictures of him in the pasture because he follows me everywhere!! Well I will send you updates soon.

Mr. Mully lives in Salt Lake City, UT
Mr. Mully lives in Salt Lake City, UT with Kristin and Kimi Palmer.

Thank you and have a nice weekend,

May 22, 2006

It's Kristin,
I just wanted to let you know how Mully's doing. Mully finally has shoes and is coming along great. I've been lunging him and doing some riding. But,, I tell you what he gets very frustrated going is to the right...and trotting is his worse gait right now. The first time I lunged him to the right he was relaxed and had a good pace. So, I asked him to pick up his trot and he goes about a hundred miles and hour. Then, I just ask him to come back to a walk and that takes a minute. He just gets so unsure of himself going to the right. One time he broke into a canter and decided he didn't want be on the circle and he took off with the lunge line and all. but, the good thing was he walked right back to me.

(NOTE from Elizabeth: This is very typical of a horse straight off-the-track. They are sore to one side and need to develop new muscles. They are not used to cantering in a small circle - the track turns are wide. The best thing to do with a horse directly from the track is to have him adjusted by a good equine chiropractor. We use Dr. Lance Cleveland. He comes to our farm every two or three weeks. We do regular adjustments on all our horses but especially the newest horses off-the-track. I think many of the problems people have with OTTBs is that they are out of alignment and in pain. Chiropractic adjustment is such an easy and quick fix. The horse will reward you for it with no resistance to your training. Find a good chiropractor!! Turning a horse out to chill after racing is OK, but be sure to get him adjusted first. A sore horse that is left alone will start to favor one side and the issue will get worse - not better. Get your horses adjusted. We swear by it!)

I couldn't ask for a better gentlemen. He is like a quarter horse, very calm and quiet. And he loves dogs!! He can't get enough of them. He isn't a spooky horse and he has a lot of heart!! We love him to death and tend to spoil him.

Oh, Mully says he loves your recipe and he says thank you!!

Kristin and Mr. Mully

Mr. Mully is now at his new home in Salt Lake City, Utah
Mr. Mully is now at his new home in Salt Lake City, Utah with Kristin Palmer.

May 11, 2006

Thank you so much for your email. It helped a lot. I thought it would take a while for him to gain the weight, but he looks better all ready!! (maybe that is just me. :) So, I have been trying to figure out how to get some pictures to you. The ones of him in a pasture is when he was in Texas. The other ones of him are with our grandpa where he met him in Ceder City and hauled him home to Salt Lake. (He was great in and out of the trailer.:) I sure hope you get them!

Mr. Mully was purchased as a Prospect Horse for Sale by Kristin palmer of St. Lake City.
Mr. Mully was purchased as a Prospect Horse for Sale by Kristin palmer of St. Lake City.

But I will tell you what is going on with him now. Mully is doing great! We are so attached to him, we just want to sit out in the pasture with him alllll day long! And he seems to be enjoying our company as well. He has a big pasture that he is turned out for about an hour and a half with lots of room to gallop, but he won't leave our sight! We have been playing with him, with balls and swimming noodles and he seems to be pretty bomb-proof. At first he hated being brushed, but now he thoroughly enjoys it. He is a FAST learner! A VERY smart horse! His previous trainer said that he used to spin around in his stall, but not once has he done that to us, he is always excited to come out and play.

Mr. Mully in Salt Lake City, Utah
Mr. Mully in Salt Lake City, Utah

Kristin hasn't ridden him yet, we are just letting him be a horse for his first few weeks here! He is learning to pick up his feet and stand quietly. We absolutely love him! He has been sooo much fun!

About the feeding, we found a sweet feed called Equine adult and he loves it! We have been mixing some Strongid in it as well. But as soon as you add something mashy he just won't eat it! "GROSS!" We will slowly start adding minerals and other things to make him look his best!

Thank you again for your time!!!
-Kimi and Kristin

p.s. I just want to say that I appreciate what you do! You must be so busy, but these horses deserve a second career. They are great animals! I can't believe how well-behaved Mully is for being an off-the-track thoroughbred! A 3-YEAR OLD OTTB!! I definitely recommend others to buy an off-the-track thoroughbred! They all deserve good homes!

Elizabeth's Note: Kristin and Kimi were concerned that Mr. Mully had dropped weight during his long trip across the country. This is not uncommon nor is it uncommon for the horse to not clean up his new feed. We were happy to help them though this with an e-mail of suggestions and advice. Mr. Mully is eating and gaining weight as he should.

Mr. Mully took chance to rest during a two day lay over at Kristin's grandpa's ranch in Texas.
Mr. Mully took chance to rest during a two day lay over at Kristin's grandpa's ranch in Texas.

May 5, 2006


Mr. Mully is safe and sound!! He showed around 7:30 p.m. at my vet clinic. I couldn't wait to get him out of the trailer!! He endured a little longer while we unloaded him at my friends house. When he got out I couldn't believe how adorable he was!! I knew I picked the right horse for me!! He is sooo cute!! He traveled well!! He was very hydrated and happy to be out and about. I sent some pictures while he was in Texas, hope you received them. I will also send some from his new home!! I'm so excited!!!

Thank you again for your help!!


Mr. Mully was a Prospect Horse for sale in

Mr. Mully was a Prospect Horse For Sale in May of 2006.

See Mr. Mully's Prospect Horse for Sale page. Kristin Palmer was quick to call about this beautiful boy when he appeared on our Web site.

He was purchased directly from his owner/trainer at the track.
Mr. Mully was a Prospect Horse for Sale. He was purchased directly from his owner/trainer at the track.

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