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Violet Maewon under saddle - April 2006

Violet Maewon under saddle - April 2006


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Violet Maewon

January 2007


My mother asked me to send you an update on Vi as you had asked her how she was doing.

I regret to say that Vi was euthanized December 1st, 2006 due to the infirmities of old age and some (likely) racing-related injuries that were aggravated by her reintroduction into light work. Dr. Megan made sure her passing was peaceful with strong sedatives and she was surrounded by lots of family and friends as well. It was heart wrenching, but the right decision to make for Vi. There is no burden greater that comes with horse ownership (or any other pet for that matter) than having to make this decision.

In Peace,
Kate Helms

Elizabeth's Note: Putting a horse down is a very difficult decision to make. It is never made easily. We can take comfort in the fact that the horse was loved and well cared for. It is so much better to "put them down" than it is to pass off the responsibilty by sending the horse off to auction/slaughter. Our hearts and prayers go out to Kate for her loss.

Violet Maewon was one of our 25 Special Horses. Click here to see her Prospect Horse photos.

OTTB being ridden quietly

May 3, 2006


Just a side note, I rode this mare western a couple days ago and she goes
very well that way, too! I think she likes a jog better than a trot :-) 'cause
she doesn't like to go much! My husband, who rides a gaited horse primarily,
hopped on and couldn't get over how smooth she is - we may convert him after

April 25, 2006 - Violet Maewon Under Saddle!

And there is actually PROOF this time :-)!

Violet Maewon under saddle.

Vi is a very good girl under saddle and is easily learning flexion and leg
commands. She is so funny - everything that she wouldn't look twice at when
I'm on the ground becomes a booger monster once I'm on her back. She's honest
about her booger monsters, though, and just looks with one ear on it and one
ear on me as if to ask, "is it ok?" She is looking for the bit at the walk
and we are working to keep her at the trot. I do have to say this is the only
TB I've ever been on that needed a crop to go! Just a light tap on her
shoulder and she says, " meant I should go faster." Riding her
quickly reminded me why I love to ride TBs, the soft walk and long sweeping
trot is heavenly.

Anyway just wanted all to know how well this lady is doing. I'm getting back
on sans pas cameraman tomorrow, and looking forward to a trail ride soon!


Violet Maewon

March 21, 2006

Vi is still doing well, actually better every week. She is the first horse I've had that truely hates having her mane pulled, but her protests are non-violent. So I got her mane about half done and have left it alone so she doesn't get sore and have a real reason to hate it! I will probably finish this week.

She's going nicely in the roundpen with sidereins and is working over trot poles and low verticals, altho she shows very little talent. I was hoping she could be a crossrail horse for some young riders I have, so we'll see how she goes (going to have to find her hinds as they tend to trail but it is improving). We are still debating breeding her this spring for a late foal. I will send new pictures of her as soon as my husband gets time to come out and give me a hand!

March 8, 2006

Hi Elizabeth!

It's "Spring Cleaning Week" here at Helmstead Stables and every horse is getting overhauled. Manes are getting pulled, the first soapy baths of the year being given, tails are getting dipped and rinsed. Isn't the weather beautiful!?Anyway, I will get some fresh spring photos soon, hopefully with her going under saddle! She's doing really well now - I went ahead and made a separate pasture for the older ladies so the Percheron would quit being so, well, bitchy. So, the waters are much calmer here now!

Thanks for the updates on My Sparky Boy... I can't WAIT to see new pictures of Flame!


February 3, 2006

Hi Elizabeth!

I thought I'd send this cool shot I got of Miss Violet this foggy morning out my kitchen window.

Violet Maewon was one of our 25 speical horses.

She's doing pretty well. I've been on her once and she was a good girl, took it all in stride. She doesn't like being the new kid on the block...and is even below my 19 year old App mare in status...but she's gradually getting in the groove of things. So far no horse, no matter how dominant, has knocked our Percheron mare off her throne!

I'm hoping to get more saddle time with her soon. Looks like she's going to be a nice hack horse! And no one believes she's 19 years young!


December 13, 2005

Violet Maewon finally met our Perchie mare, Marcie, yesterday. It was a real "battle of the titans". We have it all on video. Had to be done, though, and we're injury free so it went well. Of course, the one ton Marcie mare is the winner . . .but "Vi" is second in command for sure.

Violet Maewon and Kate Helms.
Violet Maewon and Kate Helms.

"Vi" is doing really well with her groundwork. I plan to get her in a surcingle when we're back from Indiana next week to begin working up those back muscles in preparation for some pleasure riding!

I am SO happy for Flame! YAY

I'm leaning towards an ApSHA stud for a 2007 foal, depending on how this mare looks in the spring.


Violet Maewon and Ben. December 2005
Violet Maewon and Ben. December 2005

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