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Whozierhurry - Former Prospect Horse for Sale"Whosyourhoney"

Congratulations Laura Southard of Orlando, Florida and Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Whozierhurry will be training in Mexico for the next year with Laura.

April 12, 2007


I wanted to also let you know that in the last week "Who" has jumped his first jump and, when asked, did flying lead changes...3 for 3! He had been doing so well with the trot poles, we decided to see how he would react with an"X". He went right over it like a cavaletti. Then we put it up to size that he would HAVE to jump. He didn't speed up before or after, just tucked and went right over it in great rhythm. WE did it 4 times. He didn't get rattled at all. He is really smart. Are they always this smart?

Elizabeth's Note: Yes. Thoroughbreds are very smart and easy to train or untrain. That is why we do not recommend them to beginners or people without the skills to train them.


Then about a week later, Javier took him in the big arena while about 6-8 other horses were working in every direction (so far, he has worked in an adjacent arena or in the big one alone) and kind of spooked when the first one went galloping next to him,but then was fine. Javier cantered quite a bit and asked for three lead changes in the course of the work, which "Who" did with little issue! What a smart guy!!! I am REALLY pleased. Javier said we need to "come up with a plan for him!" (This is as close to a compliment as Javier gets) In total,Who has been ridden less than 15 times. NOt bad, eh?!?!?!

I read the web site everyday. It is like reality TV for me!!!! "Wonder what _______ did last week?!?!?!" So fun!!!!


March 18, 2007

Hi there!

I got your phone message! Glad you got a chuckle out of my name changing story....".Who" is such a doll!!!

......His canter is amazing!!!! The perfect canter for jumping. That sort of rhythmic, slightly jumpy pace to go into a fence with. PERFECT. Of course he is only four and just starting out, so we have much more work to do before ever thinking about going over a fence, but it is nice to know that his natural way of going favors a nice rounded canter!

Sounds like you are super busy! That is GREAT! Better than the alternative.... Know that if you have a day or a week or a month, you are welcome here! WE'll take care of you!


March 17, 2007

Hi there!

It is finally warming up there?!?! Hope so!!!!

Cute story:

(This would be filed in your I TOLD YOU SO file)

As I had written before, Whozierhurry had some issues we were working out. All minor, but noticeable. As you also know, I changed his name to the "K word" thinking this would be easier for Spanish speakers to say. Well, last week, after my daily visit from the vet, I got fed up and said the "K-word" is not to be spoken ever again. I have not ever changed the name of a horse before out of superstition, and have had healthy horses for 20 years. The ONE horse name I change, I have daily vet calls. SO, I would like to proudly announce that since reverting back to the name "WHO", the vet has not been out. YEAH!!!!!! He is moving well and his coat is growing out after we body clipped him so he is that dark bay color again. Very pretty. He has gained weight and is looking very good! You ask people not to change names on your site....Forgive me! I have paid the price! ha ha

You also suggest the chiropractor. I have not ever done this before. I also had one come out last week and it DID make a difference!

Like I said, file this email under "I told you so, Laura"

"Who" with his best friend, Loba
"Who" with his best friend, Loba.

I have attached a picture of "Who" with his best friend, Loba. Loba loves to spend time in Who's stall....He licks her and they play bite. (so far).

I will also send a picture of our house/ yard. We moved the horses to our home a couple of weeks ago. The stalls are just beyond the orange wall thing....

Whozierhurry's home in Mexico.

Best wishes,

February 14, 2007

Today was Kolibri's first ride since arriving in Mexico two weeks ago.

After the shoeing issue was resolved, we started turning out and walking everyday. Kolibri has been lunged several times (about 5-10min only) and is great on the left side (duh) and a needs a bit more help to the right. Yesterday I put the Pessoa (side reins) on him to see how he would do. We just walked with it on a few times to the left and right and he was a champ.

Whozierhurry and Joaquin Orth a member of the Mexican Olympic/Pan Am team rides him!
Whozierhurry and Joaquin Orth a member of the Mexican Olympic/Pan Am team rides him!

Joaquin Orth, our dressage trainer, is here this week so I asked him to do the honors of being the first to ride Kolibri (One, even though Kolibri is very mellow, I thought I would let a professional ride him first "por si hay causa" --just in case. Second, I thought it makes for a fun "success story" to have a member of the Mexican Olympic/Pan Am team ride him!!!!)

As you can see from the pictures, there was nothing to worry about. Kolibri went into two new arenas today (our dressage arena and our big jumping arena) without so much as a second look at anything. Carrying the weight of a large rider and new saddle was different for him, but he walked around nicely and then trotted. As expected, the trot improved as he relaxed a bit.

Whozierhurry and Joaquin Orth a member of the Mexican Olympic/Pan Am team rides him!

All told it was a 20min ride and I was pleased. Joaquin really liked his temperament. Joaquin suggested we keep doing lots of groundwork to help him build his back and hind end to make it more comfortable for him to work.

I hear the weather is brutal in the US today---stay warm!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!


Whozierhurry at home in Mexico.
Whozierhurry at home in Mexico.

February 7, 2007


A quick note to let you know that Whozierhurry (Kolibri) is doing well--- the vet has been out to check his foot and pack it everyday because of the darn nail getting too close, but we caught it immediately and it shouldn't be a big deal. Everyone that takes a look at this guy thinks he is very handsome! I am using this "downtime" to give massages (which he LOVES) and put on the bridle and saddle and generally get him used to all sorts of these new things. (But it is not seeming necessary...he lets me do anything). Everyone marvels at how quiet and well behaved he is. He makes my 6yo warmblood from Germany look bad!!! In fact, because he is SO good, it has made me realize I have some work to do on the other horse with her ground manners!

I have been reading some of the other success stories of horses recently sold and realized these people's experiences matched my own and I wanted to chime in to iterate that buying from you (from another country no less) was straightforward, easy, and most importantly, resulted in getting a wonderful horse. You and Becky have held my hand throughout everything and I feel like I have two new friends!

I check your web site regularly and am amazed at the quality of the horses....Like I said, after reading a few of the other success stories, I wanted to add my two cents for anyone out there wondering if going this route is for them. If after reading the information on your web site, they feel that an OTTB might be a good partner, I would HIGHLY recommend going through you. Whozierhurry has the looks, temperament, build and mind that I was looking for in a prospect. I am excited to start working with him!

Thank you again! I will be sending pictures this weekend!

Laura Southard
Orlando, FL
Guadalajara, Mexico

Whozierhurry has made it to Mexico!

January 28, 2007


I took pictures in the daylight today of "Kolibri" (Hummingbird is Colibri in Spanish...his other name is too hard for Mexican's to pronounce!!!). The vet checked him out and he seems to be all systems go! He'll get new shoes this week too. I walked him around the courtyard and out into the streets of our neighborhood (which is a little gated equine community) He was very mellow...then I took him a bit farther, loser to the show going on, but he wasn't so sure about that, so we went back home to the safety of his little courtyard and house. He has made friends with the horses on either side. He is really so pleasant."como un cachorro" Like a puppy . . .

Here are two pics: one of him in the courtyard outside of the stalls and one
of him in his stall!

Looking forward to giving you some updates! (Or having you here to see for


Whozierhurry is now named

This beautiful dark bay gelding is just three years old and already 16.3! He has only run once. His owner recently has had a baby and needs to redirect her time. He has only been galloped by his owner. He is a beautiful plain bay with a doe eye. He is straight and correct with a very nice shoulder. He is very lovable and should be sound enough for any career.

Whozierhurry's vet check.
Whozierhurry's (aka Whosyourhoney) vet check.

Whozierhurry's vet check.

Three year old Thoroughbred gelding. Call for more information.



Three year old Thoroughbred gelding. Call for more information.



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