"Kallie's Right"

16.3 Hand Thoroughbred Mare Could Be “Wright” For You

"Kallie's Wright"

Callie’s Wright is a 2004, 16.3+ hand bay Thoroughbred mare for sale from her race track owner/trainer. As she has matured she has mellowed out to the point that she is too laid back to be competitive racing. She is easy to ride at the track. “Callie” is easy to handle and her trainer loads her by herself and takes her to the different tracks to race without anyone to help her. She is clean legged and has no vices. Nothing upsets her. She is not maresh and you would not even know when she is in heat. This is a very well bred mare who is believed sound for any career. See more photos and learn more about Callie’s Wright on her Prospect Horse for sale page.

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