Adrienne rode side-saddle to the alter

A ‘Family’ Wedding at Bits & Bytes Farm

A Wedding at Bits & Bytes Farm

A Wedding at Bits & Bytes Farm with a mini horse flower gir.

Adrienne Symanowski (Popular Five aka 'Bo') and Romney Scott tied the knot at Bits & Bytes Farm this weekend.

It was a Bits & Bytes Farm 'family affair' putting on this wedding for our friends Adrienne and Romney. We had lots of boarder and buyers of our Thoroughbreds at the party and our flower girl, Abby, and page boy, Braden, were the children of one of our race horse owners who we sell horses for (Absolute Charm, Mi Chabela, Katiejake's Journey and others).

Jenn purchased our mini flower horse, Lacy, when rescuing two Thoroughbreds from a kill auction. Lacy was in the kill pen because no one bought her at the sale. She almost stole the show with her kids at the wedding.

Adrienne's OTTB Popular Five was 'best horse' while Adrienne rode side-saddle to the alter on her older horse, an Ango-Arab, named Argo. Pickles the dog (a rescue dog) was the ring bearer who escorted the groom to our makeshift church in the lower pasture. Even the pets are a part of the family.

Mason jars with flowers lined the runner to the alter . . . until Dancin' Dan came along!The night before the wedding, everything was set up in the pasture and ready for the wedding when Dancin' Dan (a Paso-Fino) sneaked into the pasture and rearranged the whole setup. He ate all the flowers hanging from the shepards' hooks, tossed hay bales and knocked over chairs. We think he was jealous of the Thoroughbreds.

Country style sign pointing the way to the 'Horse D'Oeuvers'After the ceremony, the guests walked up to the barn for cocktails and 'Horse D'euvres' provided by Cindy and Katelyn Oliver owners of Political Pull and Spot Run - two more former B&B OTTBs.

The barn interior was transformed to a fairy tale with white lights, tulle with balloons, antiques and equine decor. Boarders Diane Prosser and Lisa Holton worked side-by-side with the bride and her best friends, Amy Wright and Wendy Hartley, to totally transform the barn. It was necessary for our in-house electrician/boarder Bobby Holton (Dancin Dan's owner) to add more outlets because we had so many strings of  lights hanging from the walls and ceiling. Last minute electrical fill-in,  Blake Richardson, illuminated the antique bar as Bobby Holton was busy lighting the hundred plus tea lights hanging in trees around the tent where dinner was served.

A portrait of Saint Lawrence by Melanie Eberhardt stands guard over the dining room table.Dinner followed in a magical tent on the front lawn that had more electric lights and tea lights hanging in mason jars. A buffet was served from the main dining room where an original Melanie Eberhardt portrait of Saint Lawrence aka 'The Baby' stood watching over the table to make sure no one left Bits & Bytes Farm hungry.

Save the Date Card for the Wedding

The 'Save the Date' cards and the invitation designs were created by our in-house NickerDoodle artist and mom of Bubba - Melanie Eberhardt.

Another of our talented team at Bits & Bytes Farm - artist and trainer Kathy Duke painted one of our white Thoroughbreds to continue the 'She loves me, She loves me not' theme started by Melanie with the save the date card. The Thoroughbred was in the front pasture with 'She loves Me!' painted across both of his sides and had a flower with a single petal painted on his butt. He and the balloons announced to the guests that this was where the wedding was to be held.


Melanie Eberhardt's artwork for the wedding invitation was used as the theme for the wedding.
Melanie Eberhardt's artwork from the 'Save-the-Date' card and Wedding Invitation were used as the theme for the wedding.

Centerpieces and chair were provided by Andie Krakovsky (Styler) and decorated by our wedding coordinator and boarder Lisa Holton (TB- Ace) with help from the bride's friends.

Tables and linens and groom duties at the wedding were provided by Loui Padget - K.O. River Crossing whom she purchase from B&B five years ago. Loui also strung lights on the arena and pathways to the party at the tent in front of the house.

Music for the wedding was planned and coordinated by Suellen Slockbower - Monarch's Reign and Detroit Iron aka 'AndyMan'. Two more OTTBs purchased from B&B. Deb Ingram of Kennesaw Mountain Biscuits (owner of OTTB Katzmetec) in Marietta provided us with professional staff that made the party run smoothly.

Wine and Centerpieces for the wedding

What would a party be without wine. Wine for the wedding was created and bottled by our own farrier - Chase New. The wine labels were created by Bits & Bytes Farm - wine names provided by the Bride and Groom. . .

White Horse painted to announce wedding location

Beautiful Fall mums were provided by the Ladyslipper Rare Plant Nursery in Canton, GA for wedding decor.
Beautiful Fall mums were provided by the Ladyslipper Rare Plant Nursery in Canton, GA for wedding decor.

Another HUGE thank-you goes out to Ladyslipper Rare Plant Nursery for providing us with enormous amounts of yellow mums to make the whole event colorful and fall like despite the 80 degree temperatures! Professional photos (not these photos) were taken by Erin Michelle Photography. She specializes and equine photography.

It was a real family effort to pull off this wedding in just SEVEN weeks! Thank you to everyone who helped make this day special!

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