Running Tall – The Training Begins


Running Tall meets Gina
Gina met Running Tall for the first time at the race track.

Running Tall was a former Bits & Bytes Farm Prospect Horse for sale from the track. He was purchased by Gina Swope of Evans, GA in March 2011. Gina rode with us to pick him up at the track in Kentucky. On our way to the track, we stopped by Running Tall’s breeder’s farm so that Gina could meet his breeder.

Running Tall will begin his training at Bits & Bytes Farm in Canton, GA. We begin with ground training and progress to riding in the arena and on the trails.

Day One of training was very successful. Running Tall has proven himself to be sane and sensible with a willing attitude and some incredible movement which should suit him well in his future career as a dressage mount. We documented some of the training on video and in photos. Follow along on Running Tall’s journey from race track to dressage arena. See more stories, photos and video of retraining off-the-track Throughbreds on this site.

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