Boarding at Bits & Bytes Farm

Bubba and his mom Melanie Eberhardt enjoy watching a lesson in the arena.Bits & Bytes Farm is a horse boarding stable located in Canton, GA, just 45 minutes north of downtown Atlanta in the heart of Georgia 's equestrian community in Cherokee County. We are minutes away from the cities of Roswell, GA and Alpharetta, GA.

We are the landowners and professional horse people. We care for your horses like they are our own. We don't go to sleep at night until we have done a night check on the horses, thrown hay and checked the water buckets. Are we obsessive? Crazy? You bet! Our lives revolve around satisfying the needs of the horses on our farm. We feed on a strict schedule and the horses let us know if we are even five minutes late!

Hold the Drama!

Our boarders include fox hunters, eventers, dressage and pleasure horses. There are no clicks or politics allowed. This should be the place where you come to relax and enjoy your horse. Our boarders love their horses and enjoy taking care of them as much as training and competing with them.

Common Interests Common Goals

Our boarders are adults who come to the farm to relax and enjoy being with other people who love their horses. As a group, we  enjoy hunter paces, trail rides and cross country schoolings. We also go to watch high level competitions like Rolex and the World Equestrian Games. We are a fun group that enjoys horses and cherishes the friendships that are made at the barn.

We are not in competition with each other. We do not care how well you ride, only that you are trying to be a better rider and horse owner. We are not a show barn where you are pushed to go to shows and compete. Many of our riders do compete but it is not a requirement of boarding.

In Unison Farm Hunter Pace - March 12, 2016
In Unison Farm Hunter Pace - March 12, 2016

We offer free training to anyone who has purchased a Thoroughbred through our program. We also welcome outside trainers and have trainers at our farm. We are sorry but time does not allow us to train outside horses but if you want to board here, we have a trainer that can help you with your horse.

We are not a "lesson mill" or trail riding facility. We do have a trainer and a few horses available for those who are thinking of getting back into riding or who want to take a riding lesson on an ex-race horse. They are safe and sane - but we warn you, you might just fall in love and become addicted to riding these sensitive Thoroughbreds and want to own one for yourself! We specialize in "Re-Riders". What's a Re-Rider? Someone who used to ride and wants to ride again but wants to ride more than a trail/dead lesson horse. We are not going to push you to show or do more than you want. We want you to get back to what you love in a non-judgmental and safe environment. We sometimes have horses available for partial or full lease. We don't push you to buy, but you might push us to help you find a Thoroughbred of your own after taking a few lessons. You have been warned...

Group Photo
Boarders from Bits & Bytes Farm on a trail ride to Garland Mountain

Our feeding program is designed around the special nutritional needs of Thoroughbreds. We do welcome other breeds and we will adjust the feedings to their requirements. All feedings are custom mixed ahead of time by the owners.  We have senior feeds, low starch and high fat feeds. If we can keep a Thoroughbred looking good, we can keep any breed round and healthy. Most boarding facilities do not give enough quality feed and supplements to keep a Thoroughbred fat and shiny. You will not need to purchase extra supplements because most are included in your board.

Our horses are turned out about 12 hours per day so they do not have to be ridden daily to stay sane. When you add up the savings in supplements, training and lessons, you will find that our boarding rate is more cost effective than other boarding facilities yet our rates are about the same price for a facility with the same amenities -- and, you will not be required to take lessons or go to shows. We do not nickle and dime you by charging a fee every time we put on a blanket, apply medicine to a cut or wrap a leg.


Our rate changes based on the market and availability. Our boarding rate is discounted for people purchasing Thoroughbreds from Bits & Bytes Farm. We offer temporary boarding and training to Thoroughbreds purchased through our program to give you a quick start on training your new off-the-track Thoroughbred. Please call to discuss your needs. If our farm is not a match for your needs we will be happy to recommend other quality boarding stables. We ARE NOT EXPENSIVE but our the quality of our care is priceless. Find directions to Bits & Bytes Farm here.

Saint Lawrence at a dressage show
Saint Lawrence at a dressage show

Boarding your horses at Bits & Bytes Farm includes:

  • A Tranquil Setting
  • Oversized 12 X 18 Stalls
  • Customized feeding up to three times per day
  • High-quality Triple Crown, Buckeye, and Purina feeds
  • Western Alfalfa & local fescue hay
  • Checking horses for loose shoes/injuries daily (no extra charge)
  • Treating minor cuts (no extra charge)
  • Removing twisted shoes (no extra charge)
  • Stablewide worming program
  • 100 X 200 LED lighted arena with jumps
  • Cross-country fences
  • Wooded trails
  • Round Pen
  • Daily/nightly turnout on grass pastures
  • Indoor/outdoor wash racks with hot and cold water
  • Friendly supportive atmosphere
  • Blanketing as needed
  • Farrier visits weekly
  • Monthly chiropractor visits
  • Vets scheduled for you
  • Restroom/Lounge
  • Owners live on the premises
  • Over 60 years horse care experience
  • Full board only
  • Trainers available. This is not a lesson-mill boarding facility.
  • FREE training and lessons if you purchase a Thoroughbred with the assistance of Bits & Bytes Farm and board at our farm.
  • Clinics with outside trainers are given several times a year for our boarders and "Friends of Bits & Bytes Farm".
  • We have fun at away from the farm events such as Poker Rides, Hunter Paces, Trail Rides, Dressage Shows Combined Training Events, and Fox Hunting.
  • Call for availability
  • The best way to get to board with us, is to buy one of our horses!
  • Bits & Bytes Farm specializes in the special needs of Thoroughbreds and older horses.

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