Pricing Information

We have horses in all price ranges. Price does not determine the quality of the horse. The need to sell the horse determines the price. If you see a horse you are interested in, CALL. We will not send prices by e-mail or post them on our sites. Please do not e-mail asking the price. CALL.

  • The horses still at the track can be free (usually due to an injury) or up to $5,000.
  • Most prospect horses are priced between $2,500 and $4,500.
  • Small horses, mares, older horses, horses with former injuries are less but any sound horse is going to be more than $1,000. We sometimes give away horses to former buyers who have proven to offer good homes to our horses. We never give a free horse to someone we do not know. This is how horses end up at the auctions. Watch for people looking for free horse if you are a seller. Sometimes people have a wonderful story about the great home they can offer and as soon as their trailer is filled, they are off to the auction house. Our trainers have told us many horror stories and that is why we can get good horses at great prices. Our sellers know we will follow their horses and help them find a new home if that becomes necessary.


If your budget can’t buy the horse you want, wait and save up. It costs the same to feed a $2,000 horse as a $5,000 horse. Wait and get the horse you want. Read the More Pricing Information page to see why our horses are priced the way they are.


  • Big sound geldings able to compete at the higher levels cost more. Everyone wants this horse and the trainers know this too. Why should they give away what people are willing to pay for? Need to sell and time of year can influence pricing but this horse is never a $1000.
  • Horses at our farm are priced by the amount of training they have received and by if we think it is a good match.  We bring in the best of the best Thoroughbreds and often buy them from their breeders. We will not sell a horse to anyone just because they have the funds. If we really like the match we will make it happen. We are not a sales barn that flips horses as soon as we can. The horses at the farm are our special horses and they will only go if we feel that someone will love them as much as we do. We do not get our horses from rescues or low end tracks.

These are not rescue horses. If you want a rescue horse, we have a list of Thoroughbred rescue organizations for you to call on our Links page. If you can’t buy a Thoroughbred now, think of helping one by donating to one of the many Thoroughbred rescue groups.


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