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Yes, it’s true. We will not spam you with unwanted emails. Really.


Be the first to learn about NEW Thoroughbred Horses For Sale from Bits & Bytes Farm by Joining Our Mailing List

In the past we have used Facebook to first announce a new Thoroughbred Horse For Sale. Facebook has recently decided that they will not send out new posts to all the people who 'Like' a page - just to a small fraction of them. What does that mean to you? Just because you have 'Liked' the Bits & Bytes Farm Facebook page, there is no guarantee you will see the new horses on YOUR timeline when we list them on our Facebook page. Facebook only sends out notices to 2% of the people who 'Like' our page. You may be one of the 98% of the people who do not get the notification of us posting a new Thoroughbred horse for sale. You can manually go to our Facebook page and then you will see them but they will not automatically show up on your Facebook timeline.

If you sign up for our EARLY RELEASE mailing list, you will get an e-mail announcing the new horse before it is announced publicly. We will not sell our list or share it with any other person or company. We respect your privacy. We are creating this list for those who are in the market for a Thoroughbred and don't want to miss out on the chance to get one of our pre-screened horses. Many times they sell very quickly and this will allow our most loyal followers to not be left out. There is always  an opt out option on all e-mails. That way you can be removed from the list if you are no longer in the market and don't want to receive our e-mail.

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