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Buying Our Horses

How do you start the process of buying a horse from Bits & Bytes Farm?

First determine whether you want a horse directly from the track (the least expensive) or from our farm or a resale from an owner who needs to find a new home for his/her horse.

Read our Pricing Information page to understand how these horses are priced. Our horses are not rescue horses. If you have a very limited budget, please check out our links to the Thoroughbred Rescue Web sites.

When you call . . .

Call ASAP on any horse you see that you have an interest in but please read the other pages under Buying our Horses BEFORE calling. We do not sell horses for a living and our time is limited do to the necessity of working for a living creating Web pages. We are happy to talk with you between the hours of 9 AM and 9 PM East Coast Time. We are located in Atlanta, GA so please remember that when calling from other time zones.

  1. When you call, tell us your experience with training horses.We will not sell a Track Prospect to someone without the experience to train a young horse unless there is an experienced trainer who will be involved. We would love to hear stories about all the horses you have previously owned but we don’t have that much time to spare. Tell us which horses you like and what your budget is.The prices are set by the sellers. We will tell you what horses are in your price range.

We often have horses under $2500 so even if your budget is limited, you can get a good horse at this time of the year. We are not a rescue and we know the backgrounds and owners/trainers of the horses we sell. We have been doing this since 2001 and our OTTB Success Stories Web site is dedicated to their stories.

We look at many horses but only the best make it to our Web site. The rest we help get to the Thoroughbred rescues who work so hard placing horses that may have run out of options. If you are looking for a horse only to do light riding, please consider rescuing a Thoroughbred. Most of the horses we offer for sale are sound enough to have a competition career. We look for safe, sane and sound horses for our Web site and we welcome owners and trainers of these kinds of horses to call us so that we can place their horses in suitable new careers. Jockey Club names are not usually listed on the site as the sellers do not want calls from people who have not been screened by us for having the skills to help these horses into new careers. Most horses come with their Jockey Club papers and we will be happy to provide links to their race records and pedigrees when you make the decision to move forward with a purchase. Horses' whose names are in quotes are not the actual name of the horse. That is the nickname we have listed the horse by.

Information to understand before buying our horses . . .

  1. Buy a Prospect horse directly from the track . . . Read our "Buying a Track Prospect Horse" page before calling.
  2. Buy from Bits & Bytes Farm . . . Read the pages "Buying a B&B Farm Horse" page and "Visiting Bits & Bytes Farm" then call us.
  3. Buy a Resale horse from a current owner of a horse we have placed.
  4. Visit our Thoroughbred-Horses-For-Sale.com site to see the newest horses for sale directly from the race track. On each horse's page is an FAQ list to answer even more of your questions.

Horse Buyers Checklist
Compare Buying a Horse From Bits & Bytes Farm. There IS a difference when you purchase a horse from Bits & Bytes Farm.

Click for a printable copy of the Buyers' Check List above.

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