Navigating Our New Newz

How to use this section of our site

There are pages and subpage menus, under the header photo, that takes you to information that does not change often. The Newz button takes you to the latest postings on the site. It will replace the "What's New" page from the main site. You can also see the most recent posts on the left side of the page so if you have not been to the site in a few days, you can quickly get caught up with what is happening at Bits & Bytes Farm. There is a Search button so that you can search for a horse by name or find training information by topic. The Newz drop down menu shows different categories of information available in this section of the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site.

The old Bits & Bytes Farm Web site is still active!

Don't worry. You can still see all our old content and it will always be there. The content that changes frequently will be moved to this section of the Web site to make it easy to keep the site updated and for you to be able to find what you are looking for more quickly.

What content will be in this section?

What's New? - The page that tells you what is new on the site has become our Newz page. This format will give us the ability to add a quick message or note similiar to our site: . The new posts will be dated and searchable. The new Search box (upper right corner of this page) will allow you to search on any word, horse name or topic and all the pages and posts that match that search will be instantly displayed for you.

Prospect Horses - The Prospect Horses For Sale page will move to this section. We have lots of new ways to display their photos and we think finding what you are looking for will be easier.  Remember that Search box we just mentioned? Type what you want in there;  grey, bay, 16 hand etc. Separate multiple terms with commas: 16, bay, gelding. The results will bring up all horses that match your search including: Prospects, Horses at Bits & Bytes Farm or resale horses.

Bits & Bytes Farm Horses will also move here as well and are searchable. We will be able to quickly add training notes about each horse or post a story about an outing.

Training Notes from Elizabeth will be here as new ones are added. The older Training Notes from Elizabeth are still on the site in the same location.

Resources for off-the-track Thoroughbred owners will be expanded in the coming months to offer more help and assistance to new owners of ex-racers.

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