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Bits & Bytes Farm started getting  horses off-the-track in 2001. The first Web page was created in 2002 and this Web site has had many different looks. It is now almost 10,000 pages! The oldest Newz stories go back to 2001. Visit our history by clicking the button below.

The Bits & Bytes Farm Website was
Created in 2001

We first started selling Thoroughbreds back in 2001. Click on the image to go to the oldest part of the website. Through the years the site went from being coded in HTML to the current version which is a WordPress content management system based on PHP and MySQL. Today's website makes it very easy to sort and find information. Back in the early 2000's it was a lot more work to organize the content. The old content is still relevant and historical and so the old pages are still floating around on the new WordPress site. You may get lost, or you may find some links that are unlinked for whatever reason. Keeping content from 20 years has been a challenge for us and we hope that you will enjoy reading our past stories and seeing photos of horses we got off the track way back when Thoroughbreds were not so popular.

In 2009 we started using a content management system which allows searching and archiving of the stories easier. See the sidebar and view by month or use the Search box at the top of the page to search by horse name or whatever you like.

Bits & Bytes Farm Website Early 2000's
Bits & Bytes Farm Old Website
Bits & Bytes Farm Website 2019
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