Visiting Bits & Bytes Farm

We welcome visitors to Bits & Bytes Farm to meet our Thoroughbred horses for sale. Bits & Bytes Farm is not a sales stable but rather the home of Barry and Elizabeth, the owners. We love to show our horses to visitors and the horses look forward to meeting new people. Barry and Elizabeth run their Web design and multimedia business from the farm and therefore we hope that you will respect our time. We pay for the horses we sell by working at our “real” job – Web design and multimedia presentations. We have two pages with maps and directions so that you can plan your visit. Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.

We try to keep weekends available for out-of-town visitors. Please do not just “drop in” unexpectedly. Our time is tightly scheduled by the needs of the horses, our “real” work/client demands and the desire to be available for serious buyers to try our horses. We wish that there was more time in the day or a large staff to help with the work load – but, the reality is that Bits & Bytes Farm is a mission to help promote and place ex-race horses who are sound enough to have a second career. This is not a money making venture. We need to work at our Web design and multimedia business to bring in the money to pay for our horses.

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