Baroness Von River and Audible the Mule

The Baroness and the Ass

Baroness Von River and Audible the MuleBaroness Von River introduces herself to Audible the Mule

. . . as narrated by Elizabeth

Baroness  Von River jumped up on Audible’s stall in the aisle window to introduce herself. Audible turned to look at her and then she walked over to the window.

Audible looked Baroness up and down with an expression that said,  “Who do you think you are jumping up on my stall window?”

Baroness answered,  ” I’M the ‘Head Assistant Trainer’  here at Bits & Bytes Farm!”

At that point,  Audible gave Baroness a “no-nonsense”  push with her nose and unceremoniously dumped Baroness to the ground outside her stall.

I placed Baroness back up to get a photo of the two interacting (see the photo above). As I finished taking the shot,  Audible reached over and bit (not nipped) Baroness on the tail.

“I TOLD you to get down!”  I heard Audible exclaim.

Baroness to jumped to the ground outside the stall.

She looked up at Audible and said,  “What an ass. I’ll be back tomorrow to teach you some manners!”

With that,  Baroness Von River then marched down the barn aisle away from Audible’s stall with her head and tail held high.


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