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How We Pay for the Horses We Sell

There is no money in selling horses so we have to work for a living. Our “real” business is doing Web design and creating multimedia presentations. We do not have to sell a horse to support ourselves and that is one of the big differences in purchasing a horse from Bits & Bytes Farm. We make our money on computers and spend it on horses! We know that most equine businesses are working on a tight budget and the Internet is a great way to get your message out without spending a ton of money.

Every equine business needs to learn how to market on the Internet. When was the last time you looked in the Yellow Pages to find a business or service? Google is the new Yellow Pages. If Google cannot find your Web site, or if you do not have one, your business is suffering.

We are horse people who make our living creating Web sites and multimedia presentations. We have been involved with advertising since 1977. We know how to use the new tools to properly position your business on the Internet. Our advertising and marketing background will help you put the proper message together to reach the your market. Our Search Engine Optimization skills will get your Web site found.

We can even talk to you about FREE ways to market your equine business on the Internet. Read Elizabeth’s presentation “How to Market Your (Equine) Business on the Internet” from the Equine Affaire to learn more and then give her a call.

We have been involved with Web design and multimedia since the beginning. Many of our clients are major corporations. We now bring this experience to the horse owner with a limited budget. We do more than equine sites but we know horses and technology.

Here are a few examples of the custom Web sites we have created.



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