Reign Day’s Photo Gallery

Read Reign Day’s training diary to learn what it is like to take a horse directly off-the-track and re-train him to be a sport horse. Follow along day by day as Elizabeth takes a Thoroughbred just one week away from his last race and trains him to the point of riding at a hunter pace in just six weeks. You can also click on a photo gallery below and go directly to that day of training.

Reign Day - February 7, 2010

Reign Day leaves his breeder's farm to start his new career as a sport horse in training at Bits & Bytes Farm in Canton, GA.

Reign Day - February 8 - Turn Out

Reign Day - Day Two - First turn out at Bits & Bytes Farm

Reign Day - February 8, 2010 - First Ride

Reign Day - Day Two - First Ride

Reign Day - February 9 - Play Day

Reign Day is settling in. Today we free lunged in the arena and played with a giant ball.

Reign Day - February 10 Lunging

Day four is a lunging lesson for Reign Day. Most Thoroughbreds off-the-track do not know how to lunge. Reign Day learned very quickly.

Reign Day - February 11 - New Shoes

Horses at the race track race in aluminum shoes. Reign Day has these replaced with his first set of steel shoes. He is very good for our farrier.

Reign Day - February 11 - Second Ride

The second ride on Reign Day included trotting over a pole, bending and a mini-trail ride. Photos of Day Five of Reign Day's Training Diary.

Reign Day - February 12 - Day Six Snow

Reign Day gets a snow day. An unusual southern snow storm put training on hold on day six.

Reign Day - February 13 - Day Seven

The third ride on Reign Day is in a snowy arena. The snow was wet and balling up in his feet so we worked on walk/halt transitions, backing and leg yields.

Reign Day - Chiropractor

Reign Day gets his first adjustment. Most horses just off-the-track benefit from a chiropractic adjustment.

Reign Day - Day Eight - Valentines Day

Reign Day is a sweetheart for sure. He is now exactly two weeks away from his last race! It is a Valentines treat to work him each day. He is a quick learner and very laid back.

Reign Day - February 14 - Week Two Begins

Reign Day celebrates his mom's birthday by wrapping himself in a red ribbon and giving her his heart.

Reign Day - Feb 18-19, 2010

Reign Day becomes a lesson horse, learns to walk over poles and do leg yields. He did not care that I raised my arms over my head to stretch - even with a dressage whip in my hand.

Reign Day - Feb 20, 2010 - Reality Check

Test ride on Reign Day. Loui Padgett takes Reign Day for a ride.

Reign Day - Feb 21, 2010

Three riders in one day for Reign Day. Reign Day becomes a lunge line lesson horse for Kriston.

Reign Day - Feb 23, 2010

Reign Day continues to build on his training getting stronger and more balanced every day.

Reign Day - Feb 27, 2010 - First Canter!

I cantered him for the first time yesterday and he was like a rocking horse!

Reign Day - March 1 - Night Riding

Just a quick ride in the dark to keep up with the training.

Reign Day - March 5 - Draw Reins

It has been a bad week of weather for riding but I got on Reign Day and rode him for the first time with draw reins and it really helped him get better with the contact and his head. You can see how he improves in the photos. Today another milestone!

Reign Day - March 6, 2010 - First Trail Ride

Wow! What a week! We cantered for the first time, rode in draw reins and we went on our first trail ride!

Reign Day - March 7, 2010 - Gymnastics

Reign Day learned to do gymnastics! He worked over poles on the ground and cross rails. First with one jump and then with two. He trotted in and trotted over the cross rail and trotted out over the second fence with no problems!

Reign Day - March 9, 2010 - Ride Along

Take a ride on Reign Day through our trails.

Reign Day - March 13 -  Hunter Pace

Five Thoroughbreds from Bits & Bytes Farm attended a hunter pace after a week of rain. The trails were flooded but Reign Day had learned how to plow through and keep on going. He was the best behaved of the five horses and he even jumped a ditch that several other horses refused and had to be lead across.

Reign Day - March 16, 2010 - The Last Ride

Elizabeth's last ride on Reign Day before his new owners arrive on Thursday.

Reign Day Meets His New Family

It was quite exciting when Reign Day's new family arrived! Besides his two legged family they arrived with a six month old mule and two dogs.

Reign Day - March 19 - Julia's First Ride!

Julia gets to ride Reign Day for the first time. It was love at first ride!

Reign Day - March 19 - Julia's Trail Ride

Julia takes Reign Day on a trail ride. The crossed water, went up and down steep hills and stepped over logs.

Reign Day - March 20 - Leaving Bits & Bytes Farm

Reign Day left Bits & Bytes Farm on March 20, 2010 to begin his life as a Pony Club mount. We would have liked a little more transition time with Julia but the weather necessitated the Reynolds family to leave a few days early.

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